You did WHAT now?!: travel stories, life lessons, and shenanigans

You did WHAT now?!: travel stories, life lessons, and shenanigans

by Roseanney Liu

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Marching to the beat of her own drums, Roseanney Liu shares her first half-life memoir You did WHAT now?! that details many experiences that shaped who she is today - a straight shooter giving and tolerating no BS, able to see the humor in most things, and a boundless curiosity and energy that enable her to explore the possibility in everthing that piques her interest.  You did WHAT now?! gives detailed account Liu's close encounters with wild animals that almost cost her dearly, why certain teachers she had as a youngster were fantastic, her oh-so-many jobs that finally landed her where she is happy today teaching and writing, how her independent nature was fostered in childhood that's led to bravado and strength in adolescence and adulthood.  Included are lists of random things in life Liu loves and finds annoying, as well as a few short essays on different topics ranging from parenthood, encounters with strangers, hot topics in media, and charitable work.

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ISBN-13: 9780998334417
Publisher: Scorpius LLC
Publication date: 01/10/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 212
File size: 523 KB
Age Range: 10 - 13 Years

About the Author

Roseanney Liu is an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher for adults and a freelance writer who lives in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with her husband and two children. When not teaching or researching for a writing project, you can find her chilling on the beach with family, swinging semi-acceptably at the local driving range, or not perfecting any poses at a yoga studio. She also Netflix-binges (with partner in crime, a pint of Cherry Garcia) as much as she plans for her next adventure-filled vacation. She is the co-author of "How to Survive Elementary School: An informative guide with parents' and a 4th grader's perspectives" which she co-wrote with her daughter, Morgan Getting.

Table of Contents

I. Childhood 1. Choosing the Parent 2. The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From... 3. Close Call 4. Teachers 5. Bad Habits End in "Four Eyes" II. Random Annoying Shit III. Teens 6. Making Paper 7. Procrastinating is a Death Wish 8. Take Your Lost Key and Shove It 9. By the Good Grace of Strangers 10. On Being Stupid IV. Adulthood 11. Travel Stories 12. Hotshot Ad Exec I'm not - followed by a lengthy list of jobs 13. And Then, Falling in Love with Teaching 14. Crazy Bitches 15. The Lure of the Big-Ass Closet 16. Oh Shit! But I'm In a Wedding Gown! 17. On Customer Service 18. When I almost burned down my dining room V. Random Stuff I Love VI. Short Essays on The 'Hood - Parenthood, That Is 19. Middle School - Separation of Sexes 20. Pay to Play (This work has been previously published) 21. Hands on Art (This work has been previously published) VII. Short Essays on Other Stuff 22. Supercuts Lady (This work has been previously published) 23. "Boys Will Be Boys" Doesn't Cut It Anymore 24. The Thing About Fundraising Acknowledgements

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