You (Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt. 3) [Virgin Bonus Track]

You (Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt. 3) [Virgin Bonus Track]

by Gong

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Release Date: 12/28/2004
Label: Caroline
UPC: 0724386655226
catalogNumber: 66552

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Gong, in their seventies heyday, were a space rock/progressive rock band based on the warped vision of ringleader Daevid Allen. One listen to this record is all the proof an average person needs to decipher that Gong were a lot of things during the recording of this album - sober certainly not being one of them. According to Allen, the band were frying on saved up quantities of acid at the time. Their reasoning was probably a need to recapture Allen's self-created universe of "Gong" and its mythical characters, which came to him in a prior LSD trip he had had. It's been said before and it's true - Gong was Allen's trip...literally. Now, I've given this album five stars, but frankly, that rating only applies if you're trying an Albert Hoffman experiment of your own during the listening process. I am not suggesting people put this on their list of things to do -taking drugs is a decision that I believe adults can only make for themselves. All I'm saying is that listening to this album sober is a bore and a chore - unless you're looking for music to fall asleep to. If you are a user and LSD is not available to you, a little help from a pothead pixie wouldn't hurt. Speaking of pothead pixies, they are just one element of the eccentric, cornball mythology that Gong feebly attempt to incorporate into the album. It's suppossed to be the third concept album installment in the "radio gnome trilogy," or whatever. I'm not trying to knock Gong too hard (in their states of being, it's amazing they were able to record anything, really) but most concept albums tend not to have half of their compositions serving as squandered instrumentals. If you're high as a kite, you'll hardly care, but the sobering truth is that the vocal sections are too sparse to create much of a coherent story or statement. They do say something about how you never blow your trip forever, but such talk from a band like Gong is fairly predictable. Some folks prefer Gong to more established drug music like Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead. "Dark Side of the Moon" or "Dark Star" this is not. If you go in with those expectations, you will be let down. Enjoy the album for what it is, just don't wind up like Allen. At one of the shows on the "You" tour, Allen refused to go onstage in a fit of drug-fueled paranoia. He claimed there was an invisible force-field preventing him from going onstage; as a result, he left the band that very night. "You" remains for listeners to hear as a glimpse into his madness, plain and simple.