YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business

YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business

by Ines Temple


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ISBN-13: 9781473688858
Publisher: Quercus
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Ines Temple is a career transition expert and best-selling author with a proven track record of success building her own platform and generating widespread interest in (and sales of) her Spanish-language book, Usted S.A. Empleabilidad y Marketing Personal, now in its fifteenth printing with over 100k sold. Ines has a robust social media presence with over 95k Facebook followers, 27k Twitter followers and nearly 30k LinkedIn followers. She has been recognized as among the top 30 business leaders in her home country of Peru and is among the top 3 business leaders ,male or female with the most online influence. She is a popular speaker at conferences and universities around the world and a guest columnist for several gobal magazines and newspapers with over 450 articles and video blogs published. Ines is an active member of YPO-WPO an international network of 25,000 top CEOs and other business leaders.

Table of Contents

About the Author xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xvii

Chapter 1 The Only Constant Is Change 1

Companies Have Changed 2

"It's for Life" Is Now "As Long as It Works for Both of Us" 5

"Unemployed" Is Now "In Transition" 7

Job Security Declines the Higher You Go 9

Your Success Is Your Happiness 10

You Need to Stay in the Game 12

You Are a Service Provider 15

Employability Anchors Stability 18

Chapter 2 Employability 23

What Is Employability? 23

Employability Raises Your Options 26

How to Measure Employability 30

It May Be Unfair, but It's Reality 34

What Makes Us More Employable? 35

Soft Skills Matter 37

Chapter 3 Improving Your Personal Competitiveness 39

Job Skills 40

Recognize the Value You Add 41

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Trends 43

Learn Multiple Languages and Experience Many Cultures 45

Social Skills 48

Maintain Integrity 49

Manage Personal and Professional Relationships Well 52

Satisfy the Boss 55

Be Cooperative, Proactive, and Flexible 59

Appear Competent 64

Keep Your Word 64

Be Consistent 67

Communicate Well 68

Radiate Energy, Enthusiasm, and Passion 69

Continue to Learn 70

Chapter 4 You, Incorporated 74

Your Name Is Your Brand 75

What Does "Your Career is Your Business" Mean? 78

What Are We Selling, and What Are They Buying? 79

You Are the CEO of Your Career 80

Define Your Career Path 86

Make a Life Plan 88

Identify Your Dream 89

Go for the Medal 91

Harness the Power of Ambition 93

Identify Matches for Your Services 95

You as Your CFO 96

You as Your Head of Research 97

Be Loyal to You 97

You as Your Research and Development Manager 99

You as Your Marketing Manager 102

Others Know Who We Are 104

Build and Promote a Solid Reputation 105

You as Your Head of Sales 109

Chapter 5 Personal Marketing 111

Make a Good Impression 112

Practice "Positive Complicity" 116

Create Your Halo of Success 117

Project an Image of Success 121

Own Your Attitude 122

Sell Your Enthusiasm 124

Develop Contacts and Relationships 126

Build a Network of Trust 127

Recognize that No Contact Is Too Small 132

Build Ties Before You Need Them 135

Don't Disappear from the Scene 136

Manage Your Personal Brand in Social Networks 137

Overcome Barriers 139

Create an Action Plan for Success 141

As We Wrap Up, Let's Remember… 143

Epilogue 145

Appendix 147

Additional Resources 149

Infographics 155

Endnotes 183

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