You. The Marketing Professional Next Door. Opportunities. Growth. Money.

You. The Marketing Professional Next Door. Opportunities. Growth. Money.

by Neeraj Upadhyay


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You. The Marketing Professional Next Door. Opportunities. Growth. Money. is my answer to where marketing has come from, where it is today and where it is likely to go tomorrow.

I wrote The Marketing Professional Next Door to help those who are new to marketing and aspiring to get into the line, make the right decision. Should you take up marketing as a career?

To strengthen your foundation and help you understand the traits that define the best marketers, I have summarised the history of marketing and explained how it stands in the context of other key business functions like finance and sales.

In The Marketing Professional Next Door, I have busted the myth that you need the gift of the gab to excel in marketing. Within marketing, there are many niches that aren't customer-facing, where people with an analytical mind can do wonders.

I will tell you why marketing is a more accessible field than say, engineering or medicine. I will also tell you how to go about learning marketing.

A mentor can make a significant difference to your prospects. I explain why, and suggest who might make a good mentor.

Which marketing channels have existed since the last century, which new channels have emerged and gained popularity alongside the internet and how has the evolution of digital impacted the evolution of marketing?

With the rise of satellite internet, global apps and internet users, the global digital ecosystem is changing before countries are able to bring in any digital regulation. Digital marketing-founded in what I call digital snooping-has only strengthened after Covid-19.

In fact, the rise of digital noise and information overload has made it very challenging to distill the information needed to take a call on marketing as a career. A course that may seem like the stepping stone to a promising bright career could turn out to be a white elephant. I will help you figure out if a career in marketing is worth your while and how to prepare for it, in an arena where the game changes every so often.

A few interview smashing tips to help you land a job despite the competition, and successfully negotiate your way through the corporate maze will follow. Finally, I will share my vision for marketing to help you assess what kind of jobs may come up five years from now.

When you step into new territory it helps to hear from those who've been there, done that, and made it good. There are plenty of tomes on marketing out there, I know. So how is The Marketing Professional Next Door different? I offer you a pithy narrative based on my millennial perspective and cross-country experience straddling the marketing department of corporations as well as running a business. Marketing is all I have been doing since I graduated.

You may be...

A high school student considering what line to get into,

A graduate looking to identify skills you can quickly acquire to land yourself a job,

A junior or middle management executive wondering if a career switch to marketing would be the right move,

An entrepreneur wanting to know the basics of marketing to grow your own business,

Someone looking for an interesting job that keeps you on your toes, or

A person wanting to know if you can make good money in marketing,

... The Marketing Professional Next Door will answer all these questions and much more.

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