Young, Restless And In Love

Young, Restless And In Love

by Santosh Jha

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Young-Restless-In Love is a life-living situation that lands you in randomly probabilistic eventualities beyond your control. The potential this combination unleashes, needs great amount of preparedness and ultimate readiness, as most life possessions are squandered for want of proper usage. This latent energy can destroy your life-living wellness, if not handled dexterously. Read the way out.
You are young, energetically restless and quite naturally already in love, or intend to be deep down in love. That makes a colossal possession of life. This combination of youthful energy, with the most blissful emotion of life called love and intimacy makes you a huge potential. However, this potential is too big and complex to be taken lightly. This potential, which this combination of ‘Young-Restless-In Love’ unleashes, needs great amount of preparedness and ultimate readiness, before it is too late as most possessions of life usually are squandered for want of good and proper usage. In fact, this potential of the combination has the latent energy to destroy your life-living wellness, if not handled dexterously.
It is common knowledge that more powerful the energy, more care and caution it needs in handling. This is possible only when you know about the nature and mechanism of the working of the energy. Youth is major energy. Globally, all cultures pin big hopes on youth as their creative energy has major potential. However, youthful energies need the caution most as this energy is largely reactive and usually misses systematic channelization. The cultural benchmarks of self-worth and success the society makes you pursue madly make you restless and this in turn transforms the youthful energy into an asymmetrical and disorganized force. Moreover, you are also in love or intend to be in love, as it is not only a body-brain requirement but also a cultural benchmark of wellness and success. Love is another huge energy of potentials. The combination, ‘Young-Restless-In Love’ is such a life-living situation that lands you in such randomized probabilities, which may not be in your control. You need to gear up for randomly probabilistic multiplicities of eventualities, as you are young, restless and in love!
However, if you care to know and understand some key life-living realism, you may be in better control of your potential and may lead them better for enhanced life-living wellness and personal excellence. Just accept and understand a few key aspects of the combination of ‘Young-Restless-In Love’ and you shall definitely be in better shape of things.
Understand Love and also understand how your Consciousness works. This makes you lead your life well as your own subjective self alone can make a model of subjective wellness for yourself. The world shall always remain how it has been since ages. We however can create our own subjective wellness and excellence within this world and its popular culture of meaningless utilities. You must understand how much of you is cultural compulsions and how much of you is purely your own discretionary and definitive self. This is the only safeguard against the possible catastrophe that this powerful combination of ‘young-restless-in love’ has the potential to unleash. This book is about understanding your empowered consciousness as well as the dynamic mechanism of love to enhance your life-living wellness and personal excellence.

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Publisher: Santosh Jha
Publication date: 10/08/2014
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About the Author

Find me as an affable, affectionate, compassionate and sincere confabulator.
People say, what conspire to make you what you finally become are always behind the veil of intangibility. Someone called it ‘Intangible-Affectors’. Inquisitiveness was the soil, I was born with and the seeds, these intangible-affectors planted in me made me somewhat analytical. My long stint in media, in different capacities as journalist, as brand professional and strategic planning, conspired too! However, I must say it with all innocence at my behest that the chief conspirators of my making have been the loads of beautiful and multi-dimensional people, who traversed along me, in my life journey so far. The mutuality and innocence of love and compassion always prevailed and magically worked as the catalyst in my learning and most importantly, unlearning from these people. Unconsciously, these amazing people also worked out to be the live theatres of my experiments with my life’s scripts. What I share with you as a writer is essentially a very modest way to express my gratitude for all of them. In my stupidities is my innocence of love for all my beautifully worthy conspirators!

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