Younger Next Week: Your Ultimate Rx to Reverse the Clock, Boost Energy and Look and Feel Younger in 7 Days

Younger Next Week: Your Ultimate Rx to Reverse the Clock, Boost Energy and Look and Feel Younger in 7 Days

by Elisa Zied
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Younger Next Week: Your Ultimate Rx to Reverse the Clock, Boost Energy and Look and Feel Younger in 7 Days 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I truly feel that every woman -- from college students and beyond can connect with Elisa's message in Younger Next Week. In the book’s chapters, Elisa debunks many common diet myths, answers those burning nutrition questions surrounding hot topics including coconut oil, eggs, and caffeine, and also offers her own "Stressipes" – food, fitness, and lifestyle remedies to help us better cope with stress. As a registered dietitian, I love this book as it’s not about adopting a rigid diet; it’s based on sound information and maintainable habits that will help you feel happier, healthier, and nourished. The plan includes “daily goals and weekly goals to help you move it, lift it, laugh it off, connect, reflect and sleep it off.” I love that! Great book, delicious recipes and informative, useful information.
bravewarrior More than 1 year ago
It's January, 2014, and I am a hair away from 50. I'm cleaning out closets and taking a real look (again) about my aging. So I was elated when I won this book on GoodReads. What a letdown. This book starts out with a quiz and goes downhill from there. Don't be fooled by the jacket that says it's been featured on this morning show or that. The book is filled with paragraphs that start with some study being cited, but no information on who was in the study and how old they were. There is a bibliography in back to backup all that citations). I found that sloppy at first and then it went on and on. The recommended diet is a big yuck. By the time I got to the actual diet, I was completely uninspired to want to do it. The whole grain part of the diet would require going to a health food store and spend big dollars on food that would go to waste. There were foods on the diet that can probably be found at Walmart, but where? In the produce department, deli, baking, or with the dried beans. For example, where do you find quinoa? I didn't like the part about gluten free products. It really said nothing, when, unless you have celiac disease, you need gluten in our diet. The author was on the fence about gluten and caffeine. I wanted to see if if was just me so I loaned it to my work roommate to see what she thought. She is in her early 40s. She said she wasn't getting anything out of the book that she could easily find on the internet. She gave it back after two days, unfinished. While I appreciate the opportunity to read this book, I will not recommend it. I guess it is for someone younger, say 20 or 30, who is feeling sluggish and needs a new diet. This book has no innovative ideas in stuffing food in your pie-hole, a new idea on how to make your face stop wrinkling, or a new exercise to slow down gravity. If you disagree with me, fine; I don't want to hear it. Eat that diet for a week or two and tell someone else how it's working for you.