Your 5 Keys to Keeping Weight Off: Answers that Work!

Your 5 Keys to Keeping Weight Off: Answers that Work!

by Gary Webb


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Your body automatically strives for health and strength, but you may not be cooperating very well. This little book does much more than teach you to lose weight. This author informs and inspires you to develop a lifelong set of habits to have a lean, energetic body.

In 5 Keys to Keeping Your Weight Off you will find answers to important questions like:
Does it matter when and how often I weigh myself?
What one thing can I add to my daily consumption that will make the greatest difference in losing weight and keeping it off?
How can I make sense of what's on those food labels? How can I use that to make better food choices?
What are some ways I can eat well without spending a fortune at the grocery store?
How can I keep track of the calories I consume each day? How can I know how many calories I need and how many I burn in a day?
I can't afford a gym. What simple pieces of equipment will be the cheapest and most useful for keeping my weight off?
Where can I turn for a quick checklist of weight control actions that will make me succeed this time?
What about eating in restaurants? How can I control my eating in a social setting?
After you've lost the weight (which is also covered) you can keep your ideal weight for the rest of your life! It may be challenging, but it is within your reach right now. How? By taking about an hour to read this book! The Bible says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." You cannot expect to succeed in your health goals without understanding some basics about how your body works. You don't need a medical degree, but you do need a few simple principles and the desire to live a more enjoyable life.

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