Your Coach (in a Book): Mastering the Trickiest Leadership, Business, and Career Challenges You Will Ever Face

Your Coach (in a Book): Mastering the Trickiest Leadership, Business, and Career Challenges You Will Ever Face

by Robert Hargrove, Michel Renaud


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Your Coach (in a Book): Mastering the Trickiest Leadership, Business, and Career Challenges You Will Ever Face by Robert Hargrove, Michel Renaud

Coaching has proven to be one of the most powerful and effective ways for leaders to develop and improve their performance. Yet working one-on-one with a coach is not always possible. If you want the experience of masterful coaching, Your Coach (In a Book) provides a time-efficient and affordable solution.

Based on the authors' highly successful Masterful Coaching approach, Your Coach (In a Book) is designed to help you master your trickiest leadership, business, and career challenges.

Throughout, master-level coaches Robert Hargrove and Michel Renaud engage the reader in a "coaching conversation" about your most important goals, pivotal decisions, bothersome issues, and dilemmas. Your Coach (In a Book) simulates the experience of working with a personal coach, drawing on thousands of hours of coaching conversations. It gives you the insights you need to set aspirational goals, master the corporate chessboard, and create new openings for action where you are stuck or ineffective.

Your Coach (In a Book) offers leadership lessons that are powerful, profound, and practical. Follow along, as if you were attending regular sessions with your own coach, or reference the information as needed to deal with a particular situation.

Each section of the book addresses a typical situation you are likely to encounter in mastering your leadership journey, provides a teachable point of view that will help you see things differently, and offers a template for action.

Your Coach (In a Book) offers a new paradigm of leadership development based on coaching leaders in real time to achieve leadership and business breakthroughs, versus abstract training programs.

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ISBN-13: 9780787971281
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 06/11/2004
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.32(w) x 9.33(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Robert Hargrove is chairman of Masterful Coaching, Inc., ofBrookline, Massachusetts, and a former director of the HarvardLeadership Research Project. Hargrove focuses on inspiring andempowering executive leaders in business, government, and nonprofitsectors to make a difference in their world. He is the author ofMasterful Coaching (from Jossey-Bass), Mastering the Artof Creative Collaboration, E-Leader, and other books.

Michel Renaud is a senior partner in Masterful Coaching,Inc. He is the mastermind behind the acclaimed "Action Coaching"program, which is for people in groups.

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Table of Contents

Preface: Our Leadership Manifesto--Better Leaders, Better Worldxi
Introduction: Democratizing Coaching1
1What's the Opportunity in Coaching for You?8
Part 1Your Extraordinary Business Challenge23
2Declare an Impossible Future--That Captures People's Imagination39
3Face Reality--Identify What's Missing That, if Provided, Will Produce a Breakthrough46
4Create a Source Document--Vision, Major Milestones, Key Initiatives, Guiding Principles, and Methodologies53
5Get Everyone to Formulate a Significant Business Challenge--Create Line of Sight to Strategic Goals62
6Desperate to Break Out of the No-Growth Morass?--Blow Up Your Business Model Versus Tinker at the Margins69
7Looking to Get a Chunk of Capital at Your Next Board Meeting?--The Best Presentation Is the One You Never Make77
8Create Customers Who Brag About You--Shift from a "Me" Point of View to a "You" Point of View84
Part 2Your Extraordinary Leadership Challenge91
9Be an Extraordinary Leader--Recognize That Your Winning Strategy has Gotten You Here But May Not Take You Where You Want to Go107
10Stand for Something!--Leadership Arises in Discovering Yourself as the Stand You Take114
11Get Your Grand Design Over the Line--Vision Is Not Enough! Execute on Your Source Document Until It Exists Independent of You121
12Become a Master Politician--The Art of Politics for Non-Politicians127
13Lateral Leadership: How to Lead When You Are Not in Charge--Build Coalitions That Increase Support and Diminish Opposition137
14Take an A Player in Every Job--Coach B's, Redeploy or Release Chronic C's144
15Stop Being a Victim of Your Calendar--Start Focusing on What Makes a Difference, Not What's Merely Important or Trivial151
16Get Ready for Big Meetings Like a Championship Game--Focus on Who You Need to Be and On What You Need to Do159
Part 3Your Extraordinary Career Challenge167
17Do You Have a Burning Ambition?--Seize the Crown, Stop Being Just a Good Soldier in the Long March of History177
18Network to Match Your Ambition--Power Comes Not from Your Position but from How Connected You Are183
19Sourcing a Powerful Relationship with Your Boss--The Art of Managing Up to Get Ahead190
20Create an Extraordinary Career in a Turbulent World--Go for Mastery, Not Competence197
21Dealing With Derailers--Shine Your Light, Manage Your Darker Side205
22There's a Conversation Out There About You That's a Career Wrecker--Publicly Acknowledge It, Take Responsibility for It, Campaign to Change It211
23Beat Burnout--Get to the Source of Frustration First, Then Deal With Overload218
24Fed Up with Your Job? Take the "Go to America" Attitude and Get Out--Write a Resume That Is a Ticket to a New and Better Universe225
Glossary of Concepts235
About the Authors243

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From the Publisher

“Imagine reading stories about extraordinary coaching conversations with leaders who have faced issues and problems just like yours—conversations that led to simple, powerful, but nonobvious solutions. Imagine the eye- opening insights and new openings for possibility and action that could be triggered in you as you read with your own commitments at stake. . .your own red-hot issues! We wrote this book with you in mind.”
—From the Introduction

"Your Coach (In a Book) provides bang for the buck in terms of in-depth insights into the leadership, business, and career dilemmas that managers in all organizations face."
—Tom Kaiser, president, Arch Insurance

"You can read Your Coach (In a Book) cover to cover so as to simulate a year-long coaching program, or flip through it with your issues in   mind and find the golden nugget and run with it. In either case it really delivers.”
—Richard Severance, senior vice president, ConocoPhillips

“Robert Hargrove and Michel Renaud's Your Coach (In a Book) will make you feel like you have hired a masterful coach—at an affordable price—who will give you tremendous power and velocity in reaching your goals.”
—Debby Pindar, senior project manager, Khimetrics Inc.

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