Your Complete Guide to College Success: How to Study Smart, Achieve Your Goals, and Enjoy Campus Life

Your Complete Guide to College Success: How to Study Smart, Achieve Your Goals, and Enjoy Campus Life

by Donald J. Foss
Pub. Date:
American Psychological Association


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Your Complete Guide to College Success: How to Study Smart, Achieve Your Goals, and Enjoy Campus Life

College and real life aren't the distinct worlds they're often made out to be. With the proper skills, knowledge, and attitudes you can tackle college work and cope effectively with issues you'll encounter for the rest of your adult life, such as: Learning in the most effective and efficient way Figuring out the social scene Defining your goals and accomplishing them Creatively adapting to the changing world Your Complete Guide to College Success is an up-to-date, evidence- based book that provides a roadmap for how to be successful in college — and afterwards. It covers a comprehensive set of academic and personal topics, and distills research results and advice into a student-friendly, readable package. In this book, you'll get insider advice on how to get free tutoring on any topic, how to look for help with your courses before it's too late — and what to do if it is. You'll also get concrete recommendations for everything from selecting a major and an appropriate career to dealing with roommate problems and how to cope when personal matters go wrong. This book incorporates interviews with students and key staff members at numerous colleges and universities, as well as the author's 25 years experience as an academic leader. It will show you the best, most practical ways to achieve college success while also giving you more time for fun.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781433812965
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 10/28/2013
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 295
Sales rank: 812,089
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

I Orientation 1

1 From Green to Grad 3

What Are the Confident People Thinking? 5

College and the "Real World" 6

A Voyage of Self-Discovery 7

What Are Other Students' Deepest Concerns About Coming to College? 8

What's Up Ahead? 11

Where Does the Advice in This Book Come From? 16

Summary 18

Take Action-Another Voyage of Self-Discovery 18

Explore Your Campus 19

2 The Mental Maps to Success: Space and Time 21

Your Place and Space 23

A Guide to Managing Time and Predicting the Future 24

Time Urgency 32

Class Time, Course Time, and Work Time 33

Creative Procrastination? 35

Time to Get a Life 36

Summary 37

Take Action-Navigate Your Future 37

Explore Your Campus 38

Self-Test Items and Self-Reflection Items 38

II Acing Academics 39

3 How to Study Effectively 41

What Do You Actually Do When You Study? 42

Goal: Goal-Oriented Active Learning 44

How to Learn and Remember Most Efficiently 48

Effective Studying and Desirable Difficulties 55

Summary 59

Take Action 59

Explore Your Campus 60

Self-Test Items 60

4 Strategic Reading 61

Understanding Your Goals and the Author's Goals 63

Six Steps to Strategic Reading 69

Reading and Studying: Putting Them Together 71

Summary 72

Take Action-Navigate Your Textbooks 72

Explore Your Campus 73

Self-Test Items 73

5 Going to Class With Class 75

Getting the Most Out of Lectures 76

Spotting the Main Points 83

Taking Notes: Additional Techniques for Success 84

Reviewing Your Notes-Three Ways They Can Help You 89

Any Questions? 90

F2F and Hybrid Classes 91

Summary 92

Take Action 93

Explore Your Campus 93

Self-Test Items 93

6 Testing, Testing: Will This Be on the Test? 95

Test-Wise Tips for Multiple-Choice and Essay Exams More on the Testing Effect 101

What Did You Expect to Get? What Did You Earn? 103

Test Anxiety 104

Summary 105

Take Action-Navigate Around Test Anxiety 106

Explore Your Campus 106

Self-Test Items 107

III Mapping Yourself 109

7 Self-Knowledge, Attitudes, and Excellence 111

Managing Your Attitudes About College 112

Feedback and Feelings: The Role of Goals and Subgoals 114

Managing Your Social Interactions 116

Coping With Negative Attitudes 120

Summary 125

Take Anion-Explore Your Comfort Level 126

Explore Your Campus 126

Self-Test Items 127

8 Your Interests, Your Major, Your Career 129

Choosing a Major: Your Major ≠ Your Career 131

Your Career Planning Strategy 134

The Campus Career Center 140

One Approach to Career Assessment 142

From Major to Career 144

Your Résumé: Start Now 146

A Career Planning Timetable 147

Summary 148

Take Action-Explore Your Interests/Navigate Your Campus and Beyond 149

Self-Test Items 149

IV Mastering the University's Resources 151

9 How to Choose Courses and Get Free Tutoring 153

Courses and How to Select Them 154

The Core: Obstacle or Opportunity? 155

Upper Level Courses: Three Ways to Shrink Them 159

Teaching Stars 161

The Quality of Teaching and Class Policies 162

When Your Notes (and Your Head) Are a Mess-You Need a Tutor! 166

Summary 170

Take Action 170

Explore Your Campus 171

Self-Test Items 171

10 Who's Who-and Who Helps You Be Successful 173

The View From the Blimp: Understanding the University's Organization and Culture 174

Lifting Off: Initial Advising 175

Going Up: Departments and Their Faculty 177

The Higher Administration: What's a Dean? 181

The Even Higher Administration: President and Vice Presidents 184

The University Staff: More Problem Solvers 186

Success: The View From Above 187

Summary 189

Take Action-Navigate Your Standards for Success 190

Explore Your Campus 190

Self-Test Items 190

V Conquering Challenging Courses 191

11 Solving the Mathematics Course 193

Recognizing and Acting on a Problem-In Math and Elsewhere 195

Mathematics: Hard or Easy? 197

How Math Problems Work and How to Work Math Problems 203

Homework, Quizzes, and Exams 207

Summary 209

Take Action 210

Explore Your Campus 210

Self-Test Items 210

12 Comprehending the Writing Assignment 211

Writing Skill and the Writing Process 213

The Paper Versus the Reader 216

A Four-Step Solution to the Writing Problem 217

Volunteer for the Draft 223

The Successful Product 224

Summary 226

Take Action 227

Explore Your Campus 227

Self-Test Items 227

VI Your Campus/Commuting Life 229

13 Your Campus Life: The Dorm and the Drive 231

Life in the Residence Halls: Imaginary or Real? 233

Your Home Away From Home-Or Is It? 236

When to Send an SOS 241

Commuter Life 243

Summary 245

Take Action 246

Explore Your Campus 246

Self-Test Items 247

14 More Campus Life: Steps to Social, Financial, and Physical Success 249

Campus Involvement 250

Financial Health: Money Is Nice 255

Physical Health: Feeling Good and Doing Well 261

Some Common Roadblocks to Success 262

Mental Health 267

Summary 268

Take Action 268

Explore Your Campus 269

Self-Test Items 269

VII Commencement 271

References 275

Index 283

About the Author 295

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