Your Eureka Not Mined

Your Eureka Not Mined

by Christopher T Keaveney


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Poetry. Chris Keaveney's debut poetry collection is a litany of the almost, "What the leaves in the bottom of the cup / should have said, / had we but waited for them to settle." But if he often writes of arriving late, of stopping just short, of ideals nearly believed in, of songs learned save for a single chord, there is nothing left wanting in his language, which is exquisitely precise, full of catch-your-breath moments. Through these deceptively gently poems we learn to pay attention to the details that unmask the mysteries, like a grandfather who knows "the difference between lacquer and varnish", or "the way / rain clung to pine that morning / like a drunken lover's / apology", and to arrive at what is for each of us — as in the closing word in the book — "precious." There is much wisdom on offer here, but none better than the reminder that "The only promises that matter. / are the ones we make to ourselves."

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ISBN-13: 9781937968311
Publisher: Broadstone Books
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Christopher T. Keaveney received his undergraduate degree in English from Manhattan College and his MA in Japanese Language and Literature and PhD in Comparative Literature from Washington University in St. Louis. He also pursued graduate studies at Tsukuba University in Ibaraki, Japan and at Fudan University in Shanghai and taught abroad in American Samoa, Japan, and China. Keaveney currently teaches Japanese language and East Asian literature and film courses at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon and is the author of three books about Japanese culture and Sino-Japanese literary relations. His poetry has appeared in many literary journals, and several of his English language haiku have appeared in the Mainichi Daily News. He lives in Portland with his wife Shigeko and his daughters Bridget and Erica.

Table of Contents

I Intimates of Light 1

In the Attic of Small Remembrances 3

An Unhurried Luminescence 5

Boy Wonder 6

Ballad for One Who Tenders the Bas-Relief 7

From the Recently Discovered Sonnets of Du Fu 9

I Stand Corrected 10

A Brief History of Desertification 11

Lemmingesque 13

Medea as Portrayed by a Youngish Janis Joplin 13

Sharks 14

That Which the Water Embraces 15

You'll Remember Matilda 16

The Cruciverbalist's First and Last Clues 17

Secret Handshake of the Lesser Bachs 19

Springtime in Watertown 21

Tenement with Falling Woman 22

To a Collector of Seismographs 25

II Just Short of Alighting 27

The Actual Cost of Forgetting to Dance 29

The Slouch that Came to Define the Beekeeper 30

In the Local Language 32

Duly Noted 33

Gutta-Percha Blues 34

Hunkering 35

III Equipped to Resolve an Echo 36

Ode to the Least Remembered of Jupiter's Moons 37

Consider It Done 39

The Short Version 40

The Final Stage of Incognito 41

Selective Memories of the Hoedown 42

The Dismal Paean of St. El Zilcho 43

The Stones' Last Good Album 44

The Word for the Smell of Tatami Before the Plum Rains 45

III White Knuckled in My Adoration 47

A New Improved Version of the Life Raft Conundrum 49

Redbank 50

Anatomy of My Finer Moments 51

Guff 52

The Swiss Cabinet Maker 53

Kid You Not 54

Open Mike Night in the Back Room of Mr. Muck's 56

Deadpan 57

Heart Mark Where the Sky Was 58

One Man's Tribute to Arboreal Creatures 59

Summerstock: A Triptych 60

You are Forgiven 61

The Difference Between Lacquer and Varnish 62

IV Mind Your Eureka 63

An Even Finer Kettle of Fish 65

Snake Oil 66

Earth Calling Dickey Betts 67

Having Failed to Memorize Even the Mission Statement 68

My Own Beeswax 69

Nearly the Complete Opposite of Checkmate 70

The Fine Art of Shenanigans 71

Hard Bop 101 73

The Secret Lives of Punctuation 74

Notes from an Unredeemed Son 75

Why Maybelline 76

Pulling Ivy 77

Relative Truths About the Objects of My Affection 78

The Burden of the Double Yolk 79

Acknowledgments 81

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