Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul's Purpose

by Nanci Shandera PhD


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ISBN-13: 9780738736013
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 06/08/2013
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Nanci Shanderá, PhD is the director of EarthSpirit Center, a trans-denominational spiritual teaching center, and holds a PhD in transformational psychology. She previously worked as a religious sciences minister at the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry, and has taught in public schools and community colleges. She is the author of The Quilt: A Woman’s Journey to Power and has been published in many national publications, including Science of Mind. Dr. Shanderá lives in Nevada City, California. Visit her online at

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Disclaimer xiv

Foreword Dennis William Hauck xv

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Calcination: Incinerating the Ego's Control 9

Calcination Meditation #1 10

Who Am I? Meditation 12

Calcination Meditation #2 15

Belief Awareness Exercise 19

Clearing the Past Exercise 20

Multiple Aspects Exercise 24

Summary Points 25

Chapter 2 -Dreams: How They Guide Us Through Transformation 27

Alchemical Themes in Dreams 33

Dream Characters as Parts of Ourselves Exercise 38

Summary Points 42

Chapter 3 Dissolution: Freeing Emotion and Intuition 43

The Magical Lake Meditation 46

Repressing Emotions Exercise 49

Dissolution Meditation 50

Summary Points 51

Chapter 4 From Fear to Fortitude: Dissolving the Root of Pain and Suffering 53

Resolving Fear Exercise 55

Disempowering Fear: Empowering Yourself Exercise 58

Summary Points 68

Chapter 5 Separation: How Our Perceptions Create Our Reality 71

Releasing Ritual 74

Separation Meditation 75

Five Exercises to Free Old Habits 80

Summary Points 81

Chapter 6 -Choosing Our Realities: Discovering the True Self 83

Soul Choices Meditation 89

Summary Points 96

Chapter 7 Conjunction: The Sacred Marriage 97

Conjunction Meditation 100

Summary Points 107

Chapter 8 The Gift in Adversity: You Have More Power Than You Think 109

Self-Acceptance Exercise 112

Summary Points 117

Chapter 9 Putrefaction-Fermentation: Learning How to Allow Limiting Beliefs to Die 119

Putrefaction-Fermentation Meditation 122

Summary Points 129

Chapter 10 -The Shadow Knows: The Healing Power of Light and Dark 131

Discovering Your Shadow Exercise 136

Summary Points 139

Chapter 11 -Distillation: Refining the True Self 141

Distillation Meditation #1: The Silver Tower 144

Distillation Meditation #2: Integrating Past and Future with the Present 145

Distillation Meditation #3: Changing Your Perceptions of Yesterday 146

Distillation Meditation #4: There Is No Future-There Is Only Now 147

Distillation Meditation #5: Remodeling the Past, Embracing the Present Moment 148

Summary Points 150

Chapter 12 -Living the Distilled Life: The Soul as Our Guide 151

The Sphere Meditation 154

Summary Points 157

Chapter 13 Coagulation: Wholeness and Happiness 159

Sacrifice and Soul Exercise 165

Coagulation Meditation: The Golden Tower 168

Summary Points 170

Chapter 14 Actualized Alchemy: The Transformed Ego-Bound Consciousness 173

Summary Points 187

Appendix A The Gold Within You Process: The Way to the Philosopher's Stone 189

The Gold Within You Process 190

The Gold Within You 200

Sample Defenses Chart 201

Appendix B Writing a New Job Description for Your Ego-Protector 203

Unearthing Your Original Job Description 203

Original Job Template 205

New Job Description 207

Appendix C Alchemical Art Projects 211

Alchemical Art Project #1: Calcination 211

Alchemical Art Project #2: Dissolution 212

Alchemical Art Project #3: Separation 213

Alchemical Art Project #4: Conjunction 213

Alchemical Art Project #5: Putrefaction-Fermentation 213

Alchemical Art Project #6: Distillation 214

Alchemical Art Project #7: Coagulation 214

Recommended Reading 215

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