Your Natural Medicine Cabinet A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments

Your Natural Medicine Cabinet A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments

by Burke Lennihan


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ISBN-13: 9780983443025
Publisher: Green Healing Press
Publication date: 09/01/2012
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Burke Lennihan, RN, a graduate of Harvard University, is a featured Health Expert on Dr. Mehmet Oz's She spent 15 years running a natural food store before becoming a holistic health care professional. She has helped thousands of people with the natural remedies described in this book and has empowered thousands more to use them for home care, through classes and her TV show A Healer In Every Home.

Table of Contents

Discovering Natural Healing 1

Part 1 Creating a Strong Foundation

Bottom-Line Basics for Healthy Eating 11

Simple Suggestions for Daily Supplements 21

Healthy Emotional Expression 31

Mental Clarity 34

Support Your Body's Healing Energy 35

Get Strength from Nature 37

The Power of Mind-Body Medicine 39

Part 2 Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments

What's Safe to Treat at Home 45

Acid Reflux (GERD) 50

Acne 51

Allergies/Hayfever 52

Anxiety 54

Arthritis 57

Athletes Foot 59

Back Pain 60

Bedwetting 63

Bleeding and Bruising 65

Blisters 66

Breastfeeding 67

Burns and Sunburn 68

Cancer Treatment, Side Effects of 69

Canker Sores 71

Colds and Nasal Congestion 73

Constipation 75

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack 79

Coughs 81

Cuts and Scrapes 82

Diarrhea 83

Ear Problems 84

Earaches and Ear Infections 85

Emotional First Aid 87

Eye Problems 88

Fatigue 89

First Aid 91

Flu 92

Gas (Intestinal) 94

Gout 96

Hair, Thinning or Graying 97

Hemorrhoids 100

Herpes and Shingles 102

Hormone Balancing for Women 104

Insomnia 106

Kidney Stones 108

Menopause Symptoms 110

Menstrual Cramps 113

Migraines 115

Muscle Cramps 116

Nails: Cracked, Split, or Fungal 117

Nausea and Vomiting 118

Nerve Pain and Frazzled Nerves 119

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia 120

PMS 121

Sciatica 122

Splinters and Embedded Objects 123

Sports Injuries 125

Sprains and Strains 126

Stings, Hives, and Itchy Skin 127

Surgery: Pre-Op and Post-Op 129

Teething 130

Thumbsucking 133

Tooth Problems 134

Travel Tips 136

Tummy Troubles and Food Poisoning 138

Urinary Incontinence 139

Urinary Tract Infections 140

Varicose Veins 144

Vision Problems 145

Warts and Skin Tags l46

Part 3 Stocking Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Starting Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: The Short List 151

Combination Remedies: Quick and Easy 152

A Handful of Healing Herbs 156

Flower Essences for Emotional Rescue 160

Cell Salts for Gentle Mending and Strengthening 168

Homeopathic Medicines: A Starter Set 182

Part 4 How to Use Homeopathic Medicines

Buying Homeopathic Medicines and How to Use Them 201

How Do the Remedies Work? 212

What Does the Label Mean? 219

For More Information 223

Part 5 Your Support System

Learn to Check for Yourself 227

Find Your Kindred Spirits 230

The "Internet Doctor" 232

Partner with Your Primary Care Doctor 234

Find a Holistic Health Care Professional 237

The Journey Continues 241

Acknowledgments 243

Notes, References, and the Fine Print 245

Index of Conditions 251

Index of Recommendations 255

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Your Natural Medicine Cabinet A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BarbaraHSF More than 1 year ago
This Natural Medicine book is a very helpful and well-written & researched guide to using natural and homeopathic remedies. There's information for all ages and seems to cover the most common issues. It also includes a broad spectrum of "fixes." It is full of sound and thoughtful advice from teething babies to flu remedies and explains it all in clear language. First-time users of natural, drug-free remedies will find it very user-friendly. I have used some of the remedies and learned information that changed my practice i.e. Microwaving alters the molecules of your food so the body no longer recognizes it as a nutrient.