Your Next Thirty Days: Finding a life of hope, faith, and love in a world of apathy, doubt, and fear

Your Next Thirty Days: Finding a life of hope, faith, and love in a world of apathy, doubt, and fear


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ISBN-13: 9781640851382
Publisher: Dean Fulks Ministries
Publication date: 12/01/2017
Pages: 186
Sales rank: 1,294,330
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Faith

Day 1 – And Another Thing

God Still Speaks

Day 2 – The Gospel in God’s Room

Why His is Yours and Yours is His

Day 3 – Yes, Lord

Your Answer Comes Before the Question

Day 4 – Jim in the Gym

How Your Have-to can Become Your Want-to

Day 5 – Sing the Song

How Fear Fogs Faith

Day 6 – How to Fight Thunder Lips

Do You Want the Product Without the Process?

Day 7 – Weed-eater Theology

How We Settle for Less Than the Best

Day 8 – Heaven

Why You Should Choose Person over Place

Day 9 – Your Emoji Life

How Really Smart People Make Really Dumb Decisions

Part 2 – Hope

Day 10 – Baby Faith

God Isn’t Out to Get You

Day 11 – LP

What Happens IN You is More Important Than What Happens TO You

Day 12 – One Whale of a Story

God Wants a Relationship with You More Than a Religion for You

Day 13 – The Daily Grind

Why Work is so Tough and so Terrific

Day 14 – The Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth

How to Handle Your Worst Days

Day 15 – The Best Rest

Your Perceived Problem and Your Real Problem are Different Things

Day 16 – The Human Race

How Unity and Uniformity are Different

Day 17 – The Pain with Pain

Don’t Get Back to Normal

Part 3 – Love

Day 18 – On the Road Again

Why Your Road Determines Your Reality

Day 19 – Filling in the Blank

Declaring What Defines You

Day 20 – A Blessed Addiction

How to Shelf Your Old Self

Day 21 – Land of the Lost

Good News from the Garden

Day 22 – Fear Itself

Don’t Let Fear Determine Your Fate

Day 23 – Freedom

Lessons from a Truck Stop

Day 24 – The Spirit is Willing

Bad me vs. Better me

Day 25 – Under the Pews

The Weakness of Your Strength

Day 26 – I Need a Hero

We Need a Bigger God

Day 27 – The Filter

The Ability of Humility

Day 28 – A Blessed Addiction

How Good Things Become God-Things

Day 29 – Stay to Go

Why Your Public Life is Determined by Your Private Life

Day 30 – Remembering

Everyday Divine

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