Your One Tool to Life, Your Swiss Army Knife!: No.1 Life Tool Handbook

Your One Tool to Life, Your Swiss Army Knife!: No.1 Life Tool Handbook

by N K Fuller


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YOU WILL INSTANTLY RELATE TO THIS BOOK! THIS FUN HANDY MANUAL WILL REMIND YOU OF ALL YOU CAN ACHIEVE AND ALL YOU DREAM OF!WANT SOMETHING QUICK THAT WILL HELP YOU STICK TO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF? Then do not pass up on grabbing a copy today!Well my comrade, are you looking for ANSWERS? Looking for a handbook that will inspire you from the first pages?Want to be the best version of yourself?Something you can refer to quickly, then get back to living. But LIVING the LIFE you CHOOSE.Then YOUR One Tool to Life is closer than you think.Simple Quick Chapters that get to the point and give you what you need.This little handbook is a light-hearted reminder to us all on how to get the best out of life.We know what a Swiss army knife looks like, so we are half way there, now let us use each arm to represent something to us.IT'S EASY TO REMEMBER, CLEAR AND CONCISE AND QUICKLY PUT INTO PRACTISE.This fun guide will show you that you don't have to be RELIANT ON OTHERS.Help you to TRUST YOUR INTUITION.Remind you THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and THAT YOU CAN DO IT!Know that you should NEVER BE AFRAID OF CHANGE and be open to POSSIBILITIES, as each is an OPPORTUNITY.Help you to REMOVE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE THAT DON'T MAKE YOU EITHER HAPPY OR SUCCESSFUL.Show you how important it is to be KIND TO YOURSELF.And that having FUN shouldn't be a guilty pleasure and that REST is compulsory, after all it's the best medicine in the world! And it's FREE!Even if we think we are doing things right, it doesn't hurt to be reminded. So as if we are carrying around a Swiss army knife in our back pockets this book in its place will delve into what each arm means to you and me.Whether it's right now or your 'go to' handbook, take this little book in your left hand, take your Swiss army knife in your right hand and raise them up and say with me, with your shoulders back, "We can do this!"...And Again! This time with conviction, because it is all possible, "WE CAN DO THIS!"What others said!"I knew quite a lot that was in here but still found it fun and handy and has helped me to remind myself on occasions." J.Whitely"A lot of this is common sense but when you have something to relate it too, it does act as a helpful and powerful tool." N.Matthews"Read it in an hour but liked the theory behind it. It doesn't hurt to keep yourself accountable." I.PadleyThis little red book will have you focusing on what REALLY MATTERS. It will show you that things CAN BE DONE and that if you believe and stick with your plans, happiness, success and results will follow.From the One Women Series of Books. OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES:ONE WOMAN vs LIFEONE WOMAN'S PRIVATE LIFE SHAREDTHE SAMBUCA QUEEN CLUBwww.sleepinglionspublishers.comReal books for real people that give us insight and help where we need it and the feeling that you are not alone.Scroll up and grab a copy and BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF TODAY!

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ISBN-13: 9781545503874
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/20/2017
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.11(d)

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