Your Pet Called: More Than 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

Your Pet Called: More Than 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

by Monica Diedrich
Your Pet Called: More Than 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

Your Pet Called: More Than 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

by Monica Diedrich


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Our pets know so much more than we think they do. And with the help of an Animal Communicator, they can actually share their thoughts, feelings, wishes, and needs with their human companions.

Pets can communicate very effectively using a method Dr. Monica Diedrich calls “picture telepathy.”

In her sixth book, Your Pet Called, you’ll find an abundance of heartwarming true stories about some of the many pets she’s talked with in recent years. Prepare to laugh as you discover some very spunky and endearing personalities, but also keep a box of tissues handy for reading about end-of-life events and how to cope with grief.

You’ll enjoy reading about:

  • Pets who identified their own, or other’s, health challenges
  • Pesky behavioral problems and how they were solved
  • How lost pets were found
  • Life missions of pets, and how very deeply they love us
  • The spiritual growth of pets who have passed on
  • Pets who choose to reincarnate

You’ll also find a wealth of helpful information about:

  • How picture telepathy works
  • Preparing effectively for a consultation with an animal communicator
  • Communicating with pets after they’ve passed into Spirit
  • How you can learn to communicate with your own pets

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979448645
Publisher: Two Paws Up Press
Publication date: 05/06/2020
Pages: 556
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.13(d)

About the Author

Monica Diedrich knew she could hear animals speak ever since she was eight years old. Since 1990, communicating with animals has been her life's work. Improving the quality of their lives, and the lives of their human companions, is her passion. She holds the degree of Doctor of Metaphysics and is an ordained minister. Studying Eastern traditions helped her better understand the natural interconnection between humans and animals. It also showed her how important it is to be certain that healing takes place at all three levels-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to providing private consultations, and 15 minute individual introductory consultations for groups, Dr. Monica presents seminars and teaches classes. She's also written six books about her conversations with animals, how to help animals heal, and about the art of animal communication. She's often been a guest on various radio shows, and is a regular contributor to several TV shows. Her first book has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, and Croatian, and all of her other books have been translated into Spanish. All of her books are award winners.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

How do they do it? xiii

Prologue xvii

Where Do Animals Go When They Die? xvii

How Soon After Passing Is an Animal in Spirit Ready to Communicate? xx

How Do Dogs and Cats See Pets in Spirit? xxii

Your Pet Called

Troy 3

Nancy and Kay 19

Dr. Jacquie 22

Messages from Spirit Provide Heartwarming Validations

Molly Lisa 31

Ashley 44

Casper 48

Signs from Spirit

Signs from Spirit 55

Harry 56

Chobisuke-san 60

Candela 65

Sukie 72

Daisy 74

More About Signs from Pets in Spirit 76

Soul Mates and Life Missions

Rocco 81

Charlie 93

Kirby, Sukie, and Batley 99

Reincarnation, Life Missions, and Love

Rokki 115

Bella 123

Pets as Bridges to Humans in Spirit

Communicating with Humans 131

Sandy, Bear, and Sweet Pea . . . 132

Heidi 144

A Special Human Spirit Interrupts a Dog’s Communication 147

Lessons Learned and Ten Years of Growth in Spirit

Boadicea 151

Ishtar 168

Freya 180

Deuteronomy 184

Immediate Feedback

The Benefit of Immediate Feedback 193

Mardi Gras, Gumbo, Bayou, and Satchmo 196

Pluto 205


Reiki 213

Opus and Alex 230

Tinker 235

Stevie 240

He Never Does That! 242

Unique Cases

Cinco and Dion 249

Horton 252

Kismet 255

Changing a Behavior . . . or Not!

Changing Pet Behaviors 263

Plato 265

Lucy 268

Luna 272

Gaby 277

Lily Mae 286

Leo 289

Ace 293

DJ 307

Giving Suggestions and Getting Results

Spence and Harold 317

Sneakers and Georgie 320

Pets as Diagnosticians for Themselves and Others

Sully 327

Rocky 329

Bacardi 331

MacKenzy 336

Sweet Pea 342

Cali 345

Bear 351

Remote Healing

Kintaro 363

Lost, Stolen, or Presumed Dead

Why Lost Pet Cases Are So Difficult 371

Maggie’s Mexican Adventure 376

Vinny 384

Soxsie 388

Murphy 395

Moe 401

Franny 414

Timmy 418

Franklin 420

Chloey 424

Thunder Beans 430

Letting Go Is Hard to Do

Aiko 437

Paquito 444

Zac 448

Wilfork 452

Thoughts About Letting Go 456

Coping With Grief

Hana and Snow 461

Coping With Extreme Grief 465

All About Animal Communication

Picture Telepathy 475

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 478

Puzzles, Images, and PTSD Reactions 482

When Pet Parents Help to Complete the Translation 485

Conveying Difficult Information 489

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Consultation 492

Pictures 498

What About Skeptics? 516

How You Can Communicate More Effectively with Your Own Pets 519

Communicating with Pets in Spirit 521

Epilogue 524

Acknowledgments 527

Author’s Note 529

About the Author 531

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