Your Preschooler Bible: The most authoritative and up-to-date source book on caring for toddlers and young children

Your Preschooler Bible: The most authoritative and up-to-date source book on caring for toddlers and young children


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Sharing life with a child involves a great many challenges - particularly in our digital age. In addition to keeping your child safe and healthy, 21st-century parents have to contend with things unknown to previous generations, so have little to go on when it comes to making decisions about advice gleaned from the Internet; whether a child should be allowed to use electronic devices, and if so, for how long; how to moderate the effects of celebrity culture pervading both the television and playground, as well as how to handle the current epidemic of childhood obesity.

It's therefore time for a fresh approach to managing pre-school children and their care so as to ensure they are ready for school and able to relate well to their peers and teachers. Here, in addition to comprehensive advice on meeting their child's daily needs, the reader will find information on the normal course of development, how to spot problems early and be seen by the appropriate specialists, how to achieve success when dealing with negative, recalcitrant or destructive children and how to manage difficult family situations.

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ISBN-13: 9780600632191
Publisher: Octopus Books
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 11.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Dr Richard Woolfson PhD PGCE MAppSCi CPsychol FBPsS is a child psychologist with expertise in childhood development, parenting problems and family issues. He has written widely on child development and family life and is the author of several books on the subject. He also contributes to websites, appears regularly on radio and television and runs training workshops for parents and early-years professionals.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 You and your preschooler 6

Sharing your life with your preschool child 8

How your child changes during the preschool years 14

What you need to do 17

The importance of routine 20

Likely flashpoints 22

Age profiles

3 years old 24

3½ years old 26

4 years old 28

4½ years old 30

5 years old 32

5½ years old 34

Chapter 2 Daily Care 36

Nutritional needs 38

Managing mealtimes 43

Meal planner 46

Dressing and clothes 52

Keeping your child active 55

Movement games 58

Hygiene matters 60

Care of the hair and nails 63

Care of the teeth 65

Care of the skin 67

Play 71

Special: party time 74

Special: your child at play 80

Sleep and bedtime 83

Chapter 3 Developmental changes 86

Physical abilities 88

Special: taking care of herself 90

Intellectual and mental abilities 93

The emergence of personality and the growth of emotions 101

Social development 119

Special: your child and his friends 122

Chapter 4 Parental Challenges 128

Managing bad behavior 130

Special: disciplining your child 140

Parenting and the internet 144

TV viewing 146

Phone and computer use 150

Encouraging your child's independence 153

Getting your child ready for nursery school and kindergarten 156

She doesn't want to go to school 159

Chapter 5 Family matters 162

When dad is the caregiver 164

Making the most of grandparents 167

Involving your extended family 170

Financial considerations 172

Moving to a new home 175

Special: being helpful around the house 176

A new brother or sister 179

Two children at home 183

Special: your child and his siblings 184

Adopting a preschooler 189

Living with a child with special needs 192

Sickness, separation, and divorce 196

Helping your child cope with bereavement 199

Chapter 6 Your child's well-being 202

Keeping your preschooler safe 204

When you are away from home 211

Preserving your child's health 217

When your child is unwell 221

First aid for minor injuries 230

First aid in an emergency 234

Infectious diseases 246

Respiratory illnesses 252

Skin conditions 257

Gastrointestinal problems 261

Mouth and tooth conditions 264

Ear and eye problems 267

Nervous system problems 270

Genitals and urinary-system problems 273

Bone, muscle, and joint disorders 275

Behavioral problems 277

Index and acknowledgments 282

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