Your Secret Weapon: Creating the Ultimate Business and Career Relationship

Your Secret Weapon: Creating the Ultimate Business and Career Relationship

by Byron G. Sabol


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What do people say about you when you are not around? This is a question I have thought about for most of my career.

Realizing that no one works alone and that we achieve so much of our successes in life with and through other people, why not develop a systematic method for taking relationships to a higher, more meaningful level?

This book is not about just connecting, collaborating, or thriving with individuals who are important in your life. Specifically, the seven steps described in this book guide you through a precise but easy-to-apply method for achieving the ultimate emotional connection with those individuals who impact your business success, your career, and your life.

By creating advocates-those individuals who will say great things about you when you are not around-you are creating business and career relationships at a more highly valued level, which is a win-win for all involved. Three entities benefit from this process: (1) you, (2) your stakeholders, and (3) your organization.

The first six of our seven steps are attitude, knowledge, mission, value, advisor, and personal. Each progressively builds in support of the seventh step, emotion, which is the ultimate measure of our relationship with others. Grounded in emotion, your relationships soar to a higher and more meaningful level.

When you implement the knowledge contained in Your Secret Weapon, your business and career relationships will be taken to unprecedented heights.

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ISBN-13: 9781637100370
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