Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment

Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment

by Marc Gafni


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Underlying the vision behind democracy is the recognition that every individual has dignity, adequacy and worth. This democratic understanding of the worth and standing of the individual lies at the core of what the West calls enlightenment. The Western idea of enlightenment, rooted in the great vision of the Biblical prophets, is generally understood to have entered mainstream consciousness through the political democratic movements of the mid 18th century. Western enlightenment is primarily concerned with the democratization of political power.
Classical enlightenment, sometimes called Eastern enlightenment because it was greatly emphasized in the East, is about the individual merging into the greater one. The appearance of separate self is an illusion, which must be overcome as the individual realizes that are really not separate at all but part of the one.The goal of Eastern enlightenment is moving beyond the grasping ego and desperately seeking separate self by attaining a state of consciousness in which the illusion of separateness was dissolved in the greater one. This path of classical enlightenment is seen as the path beyond suffering.
Unique Self enlightenment brings the Eastern and Western understandings about enlightenment together, into a higher Integral World Spirituality embrace.Unique Self enlightenment is based on your commitment to transcend separate self into the one, even as you realize that essence sees through your unique perspective.Unique Self opens the door to the potential democratization of enlightenment. To awaken to your Unique Self is to be lived as God, which, in truth, means to be lived as love.

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ISBN-13: 9781467522779
Publisher: Integral Publishers
Publication date: 08/17/2012
Pages: 558
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.24(d)

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Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ShiraHF More than 1 year ago
The stunning thing about Marc Gafni's Your Unique Self book is the deep conversation it opens, furthers, and makes possible. With Marc Gafni's vision of democratized enlightenment and his artist-lover's touch, he has found the key-tumbler combination for a previously locked but genuinely significant moment in Western history, a moment when the Eastern and Western enlightenment traditions are greeting one another through a shared language, which is the language of Unique Self, or True Self + Perspective. This book shines precisely because it prepares the way for questions of how beauty, embodiment, love, and action are newly invited players in conversations spanning the world's nondual, mystical, and religious traditions. In Your Unique Self, Marc Gafni challenges and explains his departure from interfaith dialogues that seek common depth structures for the worlds' great religious traditions, noting instead the significance of unique depth structures specific to individual religious traditions converging now in a larger moment. The work also arrives in the personal way, offering guidance to those of us who may be struggling with fears about loss of self along the path to awakening or who may be looking for real invitations to articulate our unique perspectives and gifts. This book partners us into a world of infinite intimacy with a God we can believe in and a Cosmos that knows our name. The distinction between the personal and impersonal enlightenment traditions made here offer a potential for healing the shadows found in many forms of evolutionary mysticism and dialectical philosophy. To just say that this work offers a world-changing teaching, while true, is also to gloss over the depth, nuance, and intricacy of the movement of these teachings through the heart-mind of an artist and a friend along of those on the spiritual path. This is a rare achievement, a moment captured and accessibly articulated with authority, grace, clarity, and style, that brings the personal and transpersonal into much longed-for dialogue.
Semmelweis More than 1 year ago
... Imagine a world where the majority of humans are kind, compassionate, loving and wise. The author of this new book believes that enlightenment is a human behavior that is available to any human who takes the time to understand the dharma and who works the practices. This makes it one of the most optimistic books every written. He say that we ordinary humans aren't just capable of becoming enlightened, but that enlightenment is every man's and every woman's evolutionary destiny. In mid 2009, I dived deeply into the works of Dr. Marc Gafni, reading Soul Prints, The Mystery of Love and listening to the audio recordings of The Erotic and the Holy. Since then I have participated in many of his online courses regarding Unique Self and always found my time well rewarded. So I was delighted when I heard that Marc had completed his latest book: Your Unique Self. In it Marc explains: (QUOTE) "We live in the time of the annunciation of a new myth, the Great Story of Evolution. This Myth of Evolution is both a passion play, a morality tale, and a three-way romantic drama between the human being, kosmos, and God. In the language of Unique Self mystic Abraham Kook, this myth raises "the public center of gravity to moral heights and ecstatic joy" in a way that was virtually unattainable in previous eras. Kook and de Chardin, inspired by evolutionary philosophers like Sri Aurobindo and Luria, embrace evolution as the highest and most noble expression of the ethical meaning of our lives on Earth. "Kook writes, "The deep understanding of the evolutionary context in forming our vision of the future exalts man to a moral pinnacle of spirit, radically raising the bar of his ethical responsibility." "Aligning with the evolutionary impulse and taking responsibility for the entire process was, for the last several hundred years, limited to a very small circle of elite mystics. ... "We are now entering the time of the Shift. The Shift is from private to public, from the realm of the elite to the democratization of the New Enlightenment." (END QUOTE) Marc teaches us, that we each have our own unique perspective of what can make things better for all of us. That unique perspective helps us remember, recover, and retrieve our unique gift that we are here to share with all our brothers and sisters. Elsewhere Marc has explained: (QUOTE)"Once you understand that your uniqueness is not a historical accident but an intentional expression of essence, then you realize that enlightenment is a genuine option for every human being. Including You. When you realize that your Unique Self is the God having a You experience, everything in your experience of your life changes." (END QUOTE) There is an enormous amount of wisdom in Gafni's book, and I am hopeful that this book can communicate effectively with all my brothers and sisters on the path. I have purchased extra copies for my family and friends. For I agree with Marc, it is time for humanity to grow up. As he says, "There are no extras on the set." GOD needs every one of us to heal ourselves and our planet. --Timothy Wilken, MD