Your Wildest Dreams

Your Wildest Dreams

by Tawdra Kandle


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I don't do love.I don't do relationships. But then Eli Tucker came back into my life. Football is everything, but love is the only game that matters. When Eli Tucker meets Zelda Porter on the first day of their college freshman year, he thinks she's vaguely familiar. But he'd remember a woman like her, wouldn't he? Zelda's blonde, built and beautiful . . . just Tuck's type, back when he had a type. Back when he was a football star. Back before he snapped his spine and ended up paralyzed. Zelda's memory of her first encounter with Tuck is all too vivid, but that was a long time and many guys ago. She's not interested in long term or love. Men exist to meet a temporary need, and that's all she wants. Even if Eli Tucker still stirs something in her heart, she can't afford the pain that might come from allowing him closer. Still, even though Tuck can't run for touchdowns anymore, he knows what wins the game: Hold on tight to what matters most. Use the element of surprise to your advantage. Fight like hell for every down. And, no matter what, never give up.

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ISBN-13: 9781386273943
Publisher: Tawdra Kandle
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)

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Your Wildest Dreams 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 28 days ago
Tawdra did it again. I love this series, great story lines about friendships, love and football. In this book we meet Zelda again a strong woman who doesn't want just one man, she wants freedom. But people judge harshly when women do this, but men are accepted. Anyways when she meet Tuck again there is still something between them. Although Zelda still remembers their meeting back then, Tuck doesn't, will they find their way back to each other?? Love this story! Tawdra writes so beautifully, she even attacks the story with Tuck being with a physical disabilities. you do want to pick up this series!!
catlou More than 1 year ago
When Zelda first meets Eli Tucker, she’s a naïve, innocent 15 yo, and he’s a self-assured, cocky HS football star. This meeting has unexpected consequences for Zelda, having a profound effect on her life. A few years later, they meet again, this time as college freshmen. Only now Eli, whose friends call him “Tuck,” is in a wheelchair and doesn’t quite remember why Zelda seems familiar. Zelda who is now a brash, sassy, promiscuous young woman, remembers him quite well. Zelda wants nothing to do with Tuck, but he feels drawn to her and is determined to break through the wall she’s built against him. They eventually become friends, then friends with benefits, and from there their relationship is a roller coaster ride with its intrinsic twists and turns and ups and downs. This is a very emotional story, full of anguish, sorrow, heartache, and pain, but there’s also hope, joy, passion, and love. Zelda has felt unworthy of love, and her previous experience with Eli only exacerbates that feeling, which drives the choices she has made and continues to make. She has created walls against developing any personal relationships, and, although Tuck had begun to break through those walls, she again pushes him away. Tuck’s football injury has a profound effect on his life. Other than the obvious, it also has given him the opportunity to recognize that his previous behavior as a HS jock was callous and self-serving, and he has come to regret those actions and become a better man. He is willing to do whatever it takes to have Zelda in his life, even if it means letting her go. Zelda and Eli’s story is one of everlasting love. Not only for them but for their friends as well. As we watch their story unfold, we also get a glimpse at the lives of the other characters in this series. The interweaving of all the characters’ stories is seamless and adds a depth to an already very enjoyable storyline. Although there are the interwoven storylines, this book can be read as a standalone. I strongly recommend that you not miss it, and while you’re at it, go ahead and read the rest of the series. You won’t regret it!!