You're Already in Heaven

You're Already in Heaven

by Dr. Robin L. Futoran


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ISBN-13: 9781449081683
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/30/2010
Pages: 224
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You're Already in Heaven

By Robin L. Futoran


Copyright © 2010 Dr. Robin L. Futoran
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-8168-3

Chapter One

Dreams and Our Spiritual Being

During the twilight of drifting off to sleep, consciousness heightens, our spiritual beingness loosens with greater intensity from the bounds of its material restraints and barriers of the physical world.

In this radiant time we find difficulty restraining our spiritual and highly conscious selves from rising boldly into the multifaceted fabric of the universe.

Some might intoxicate themselves with drugs, or become exhausted with unending fear of confronting a magnificent awareness of their most special, deeper selves on the way to what might simply be referred to as dreamland.

When we dream, we are anything but asleep.

We are not even "unconscious" during dreams.

A dream state is in fact the same place we travel during meditation, where we more easily create and formalize our current existence, and with the ability to bring our desires and intentions into the substance of physical matter.

In sleep, our body is resting and rejuvenating while our Spiritual Selves are functioning in a high state of awareness,

Creating, learning, studying, playing, conversing, being lively and highly active.

When we are shed of our physical body and attachments during a dream phase, we are more purely connected to our Divine Selves.

We are more undividedly assimilated within the Divine Spiritual Energy that is everything.

When our body is at rest in sleep;

We function more purely as the eternal Spiritual Beings we are.

We function within many realities.

From our dreams,

We uniquely create and embrace an abundance of action without the limitations of time or space.

We are more present to our Eternal Selves.

When daily physical matter is not distracting us, we are more attuned to our Divine Selves and abilities.

Within the limitations of language and comprehension, these multiple planes of reality might concurrently be called past, present, future, parallel electromagnetic fields, heavenly, celestial, or fields of divine energy.

In these many planes of reality, time and space are not as we understand them in this physical world.

Modes of communication and interpretation of information is vastly incomparable to what and how we learn throughout this lifetime.

Concurrently throughout a day, our brains do continually sense, hear and retrieve bits of information from many levels of consciousness without our awareness.

Unfortunately, our brains are too overwhelmed and distracted by the world of our current incarnation and physiological limitations for interpreting information, making it difficult to utilize this connection and associated information.

We could not possibly process the immensity of information.

During a dream state, we are:

Interacting with others past, present and in the future, More clearly connected to the place of our origin, Beings of energy flowing with grace and ease within the great ocean of energy that is all of us. We move through the vast universe of love and spiritual energy that is everything.

In our state of sleep and dreams without the distractions of wakefulness,

our true nature as beings of pure energy have the capability of participating in the creation of physical matter.

We are connected to the energy of our origin. We are the energy of our origin. We are the same energy of everything that lives. We are a unique extension of the energy that is everything. We are everything.

Melting into slumbering states of sleep and dreams, it is not that we detach from the consciousness of our current waking selves, but rather we just stop focusing on our present physical state.

Our Spiritual Selves loosen from the confines of the physical world, rising out of and above our conscious and unconscious mind, permitting easy transition into multiple parallel planes of reality.

As modern Quantum Physics is coming to terms with multiple parallel planes of reality, at least ten or eleven to validate the M Theory, there are signs of infinitely more levels existence.

Though our Spiritual Self functions regularly in a multitude of realities in every moment, we are far more active and more easily aware of our true nature when our physical bodies are at total rest.

It is from these other planes of consciousness where our spiritual self thrives, yielding original, unique, creative and innovative ideas.

Taping into these timeless spaces from our position within the Divine Energy Source, can be as easily achieved during a dream state as well as in waking hours if one so chose to venture in these directions.

Dreams are a channel allowing our spiritual self to function more prominently from one's place of origin, from our connection to the divine energy source that is everything.

The same capability is present during wakeful hours though suppressed by human nature's patterns of distraction, limitations in the thought process and lacking an anatomical ability for understanding.

With that purer connection to the Divine Energy Source during sleep or wakefulness;

We can more easily exercise our intentions and projections of plans that create the energy and stimulate the actions we desire to take place in our physical incarnation when we wake.

We often live and work in a more focused way during dreams while the distraction of our human-ness, and layers of learned information that have solidified this physical plane are placed aside at rest.

A dream-state acting as the conduit for our highly functioning Spiritual Self reveals an opportunity for intensified actions giving multi-tasking an entirely new meaning.

One problem arises though. The amount of information, the Language(s) and understanding of concepts from other time/space realities being accessed during dreams are mostly beyond our human capacity to understand and too overwhelming to attempt.

On waking in the morning if we choose to remember a dream, we must have something humanly understandable to remember. We might otherwise overload our neuro-anatomy with information that we can not possibly interpret.

Instead, our Spiritual Self feeds our human brain bits of images, symbols and ideas that could be interpreted in a peaceful, comfortable and understandable way.

But, that's only if we are willing to know information received from dreams in the first place.

Many people choose to avoid knowing what they may have experienced, where they had been or what might have been learned during that particular dream state.

In that initial moment of waking from sleep, we remain most attuned to our spiritual, more deeply conscious selves.

The knowledge of activities occurring during physical rest, as adventures we may have enjoyed, the experiences of our spiritual selves during the sleep-state are still close to the mindful surface.

Almost immediately though in an initial attempt to remember the vast occurrences that had taken place during dreams,

Our human-ness, neuro-anatomy and life experience in this incarnation begin placing the limited perspectives and barriers to the understanding of the metaphysical and highly spiritual spaces we ventured into.

On waking from sleep, our connection to Divine Source;

that location of one's originality, intuitiveness, creativity, and spirituality,

can so easily be distracted and thrust into the background with our attention suddenly being so overwhelmingly re-focused on this physical world.

Information gleaned in these highly energized dream activities within many realities, contain far too much inexplicable information for our current neuro-anatomy to translate in an understandable language.

Besides, many people are not willing or ready to understand even what they think they would really like to know.

Our spiritual selves understand that human nature and human neuro-anatomy have significant limitations in understanding the vast subjects of non-matter or metaphysics.

In order to feel safe, we pare down the plethora of information to just a small bit of what was experienced, seen and created during a dream state. This creates a comfortable process of allowing only information we are prepared to know or understand in that moment.

Often we have no understanding and no recollection of our dream. This tells us that we are just not yet ready to know what was revealed during that dream work.

It is our choice.

Having immortal strength, being an eternal presence, healing the sick, contributing kind words and saving the world in some way, reaching heights that seem otherwise impossible, even soaring like an eagle might all be a small part of a typical dream adventure.

Though at the first wakeful thought, while a grand feeling may linger, reflection begins to diminish into memories that are much less grand.

Rather than soaring like a eagle, the memory may be that of high effort arm flapping only to stay inches above the ground.

Our human experience with all its history and limiting thoughts need an understandable concept to grasp. Since it is learned that humans are unable to fly, we interpret a silly dream of pumping our arms up and down while relentlessly sinking slowly to the earth.

Being unable to fly is far more believable, even though far grander accomplishments and feats will have been accomplished during dream work.

As we grow a more conscious connection to the limitless nature of our Spiritual Selves, we might instead begin to live from that place of higher probability allowing it to be okay that we soar as eagles.

Our willingness-to-understand the results of dream work will be the only limitation as to what is remembered or understood in the morning.

We could choose to have the complete answer,

to discover only a small insightful bit of information,

or we might choose to remember nothing at all.

The choice is ours.

Parts of dreams may be closely connected to our current physical and understandable plane of existence.

Simultaneously in other areas of a dream our spiritual beingness is highly functioning in other realities. The many planes of existence are far too difficult for people to interpret with the logic, words and physical properties as we know them.

This is one reason dreams are misunderstood to be an involuntary series of images, thoughts, emotions, fantasies, and visions.

There is nothing further from truth.

Intentional work can be easily accomplished during a dream state.

It's Magnificent.

Dreams in the same manner as meditation might be considered spiritual field trips.

During our Dreams,

Guidance can be found on any subject in one's life.

The perfect path revealed.

Questions answered.

Health improved.

Truths seen.

All you have to do is be willing and open to the truth.

Pre-sleep affirmations can guide our true Spiritual Intentions in,

Acquiring knowledge, creating positive actions and sparking those energetic thoughts that transform and generate ideas into physical matter.

A simple pre-sleep affirmation

"Tonight I'm going to dream.

The dream will be big, clear and in color.

I will gain guidance:

... in direction for ...,

... for an answer to ...,

... to resolve and understand the problem in my relationship / work,

(or whatever the life question might be).

The answer will be clear,

and I will remember it in the morning."

* * *

Whether seeking guidance for health, career, love, prosperity, a physical achievement, an educational direction, or a quest related to any other life issue, be specific about what you want to know or see.

Repeat the affirmation until you feel sure beyond words and thoughts that you will have the dream and you will remember. Keep repeating the affirmation in your mind or aloud until you feel it to be true in every cell of your body.

Know that when you wake up in the morning, you will remember and have the answer.

The answer will be there if you really want to know.

Practice nightly and a new world of knowledge, information, guidance and creation will be borne.

When interpreting a dream avoid being stuck on images and symbols that are familiar though appear completely unrelated to your intended dream work.

The rational mind will attempt to obscure any information that you are apprehensive to learn. There will always be an interpretation that feels personally true no matter what symbols are remembered. Feelings (intuition) during the dream will be much more significant than what was seen.

Say for instance you fall asleep with the intention to dream of an abundance of money coming to you from an unexpected place. When you wake, the dream you remember is that of being chased into a cave by a frightening animal where you surprisingly find family or friends and try to warn the of this pending doom though they appear un-phased. You wake feeling anxious and frightened.

This small bit of what actually transpired during the dream could seem unrelated to the intended work. Be in touch with the feeling of the situation. The fear may have been related to not having needed money and the animal representing mounting bills. Family and friends not being afraid for you or themselves might indicate that the fear is unwarranted. It may be that family and friends are the source of unexpected funds coming available. There may have been a lesson in the wealth of family and friends being greater than money.

Ultimately the result of that dream work may be that money or abundance is manifested in many different ways.

Most importantly is not to get stuck trying to understand symbols in a literal sense. There will be an interpretation that feels right and fits the intended dream work.

Record repeatedly reveals that Abraham Lincoln frequently related dreams to certain members of his cabinet. They recount his regularly gaining guidance and making important decisions during the civil war based on information gleaned in his dreams.

In the weeks prior to his assassination, Lincoln was reported to have dreamt of seeing himself being mourned at his own funeral.

In wakefulness or sleep, connecting ourselves to the Divine Source of our origin and Spiritual Self

allows us to form our own physical reality in the present and future.

When every action and thought flows naturally from the place of our origin we can perform what might be considered


Distractions from our Spiritual Selves in the physical world are unending.

There is visual and auditory stimulation, material objects, electronics, food, sleep, desires, addictions, and the endless other distractions of mind and body.

This over stimulation,

including too much food, too little physical activity, too much physical activity,drinking,cellphones,computers,television,cars,entertainment, electronics of all sorts, medication, shopping, and too much sleep,

are clearly deterrents to being continually and/or distinctly connected to our Divinely Spiritual Selves.

All these types of actions and distractions contribute to laziness of our anatomy.

A sluggishness is created in our neuro-anatomical ability to process information, to achieve higher states of consciousness and in the ability to take mental or physical action.

In effect, our physical and mental abilities become complacent. We are thereby kept attached to the world of solid matter, and to how we interpret our selves in this physical life form. This reduces the opportunities to better understand the Spiritual Beings we truly are, with an interdependent connection to the Divine Energy that is everything.


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Table of Contents


Chapter I Dreams and Our Spiritual Being....................13
Chapter II Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Soul and Spirituality....................73
Chapter III Death & Spirituality....................123
Chapter IV Spirituality, Joy & Heaven....................161
Chapter V Heaven....................201

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