You're Never Too Late: A Second Chances Sensual Romance Special

You're Never Too Late: A Second Chances Sensual Romance Special

by Sandra Ross
4.3 11

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You're Never Too Late: A Second Chances Sensual Romance Special by Sandra Ross

Christa met her ex boyfriend Ethan days before her wedding to her fiance Barry. She realizes she still loves him as he's still in love with her. But years before, he'd left her without an explanation and a goodbye. What if he leaves again? And why did he leave then? Will she ever know? What about Barry? He's a good man. How could she break his heart knowing how much that hurts?

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BN ID: 2940044987463
Publisher: Sandra Ross
Publication date: 09/10/2012
Series: Sandra Ross Erotic Shorties Collection
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Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 720,983
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About the Author

The moment Sandra Ross held her first romance novel when she was ten, she knew she was going to write romance. At thirty now, a prolific reader and a freelance writer, she's since then expanded her preferences from just romance to romance with a dash of now trending sub-genres—paranormal , fantasy, sci-fi even, and erotica. She loves challenging herself and would write on a dare. On a normal day, she would be found in her herb garden collecting spices for her kitchen or ingredients for her potions; in her huge eclectic Provencal kitchen with the big modern oven cooking pots and pans of food for her family of one husband and three kids (an ardent daughter and two boisterous sons) that'll probably last for weeks; in her library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and an e-reader in her hands as she reads the latest erotic hit; or scribbling pages upon pages of different erotic lifestyles, searching for the one that feels like it was inspired by just the right mix of passion, story line, and sex. Aside from these activities, the rest of the time she'd be found in front of her laptop typing the latest Sandra Ross concoction for her readers.

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You're Never Too Late: A Second Chances Sensual Romance Special 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Syramoon More than 1 year ago
You're Never Too Late isn't as cliché as I had thought upon first glance. While the description makes it sound like your run of the mill romance, it's anything but. Ross has done an incredible job at creating a story that stands uniquely on its own and surpasses those bound together by cliché. The story begins with the main character Christa about to get married, but like most brides she's having cold feet. While it isn't unusual for a woman to have last minute doubts and anxieties, it is a bit unusual to still be in love with another man. The man in question is Ethan Mallory, Christa's ex-boyfriend. Christa and Ethan had a wonderful relationship even if their upbringings and lifestyles were utterly different. Now, this wasn't over done like a lot of books do with the subject. It was stated and the story continued, unlike many other books. Their relationship was fine until Ethan decided he wanted out of the small town that had held him back his whole life. He left to make his way in the world, leaving Christa behind to mend a broken heart. Though it wasn't an easy task Christa thought she had accomplished, after all it had been years since Ethan had ran off. Then Christa's world gets turned upside down by Ethan's return to their small hometown just days before her wedding. Her heart flutters and he makes her feel alive, like her fiance, Berry, never has. To make things worse Ethan feels the same way. He may have went out into the world and became successful, but he found out it's lonely on top. His love for Christa never died, no matter how far apart they wore. The story continues on dealing with both the fiance and family problems. There's a lot to the story that I don't want to give away, because I hate to ruin books for other people. You're Never Too Late is a sweet and heart warming erotic romance. The sex is sensual, but raw. With every touch between Christa and Ethan the reader can see their love coming to life. This is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good romance story. It's books like this that remind us that love does still exists, but sometimes we have to fight for it and follow our hearts despite the world crumbling around us.
TanyaO More than 1 year ago
Endless love... I really love such type of stories. If you read about a plot of this story, you may think: “that’s quite typical”, but just begin reading! I was impressed. Sandra Ross writes in easy language and you quickly begin to live in the world, described on these pages. The story is more realistic, than I thought at the beginning. The main character, Christa is about important change in her life – her marriage. And, same as in real life, when we are at the cusp of important actions, strange things happened. Things that bring doubt and require the hardest decision in our life. Christa knows her fiance very well, she trusts him. And everybody knows – he’s a great, successful man. But, suddenly, Christa meets Ethan, her ex-boyfrend, who used to be the love of her life. She can’t stop thinking of him even when he suddenly dissapeared some time ago. It’s a very typical situation in case if you found the one. Ethan also loves Christa, definitely. He changed a lot – now he’s reach and self-confident. What will be her next step? What should you do in this situation? Such stories are always naïve a bit, but I appreciate them, as they help me to believe in the real love – one and only.
MaryAbigail More than 1 year ago
The Choice is Yours! This was one of the books that make you say 'its crazy but it works'. I like this book because I can almost identify with Christa. I had my own love triangle a few years ago but fate made my decision for me. The guy that haunted my dreams died, so I was left with the one that I was truly meant to be with. Its because of this that I do not have any regrets.  I wasn't sold completely on this story because I found Christa's choice to be quite easy. It was obvious from the start that she would pick Ethan over Barry. The plot did not have enough obstacles except for the wedding, hateful father and financial woes. I didn't really like how Barry was painted in this book, he was basically  just a place holder. There is was no depth to him that would make her truly think twice about her decision. It would have been more interesting if Barry had a dark side and wasn't such a push over. Also I wish that when she met up with Ethan again he wasn't rich because to me that made it easier for her to choose him. Where was the trial and a bit of persecution? I didn't get the whole 'risking the wrath of her father' idea because the only reason he hated Ethan to begin with was due to his poverty, but with him rich now, I could not see how difficult it would be for the father to accept him. Its only his pride that would be affected now if he decided to recant on his disapproval of Ethan. Lo and Behold, Ethan shows up just days before her wedding. Christa did not need a sign more blatant than that. I got her Christa's anger she had a right to be livid with him because he took the decision away from her when they were younger by disappearing. What he left her with was a serious of unanswered questions and it was her need for closure that kept his memory alive in her heart. In a way it was admirable what he did by walking away because he did not want her to suffer the consequences of disobeying her father but he could have easily done it with a little more tact. With a love as strong as theirs were Christa deserved more than being deserted the way she did. What got me tickled is that when he left he found success and I would think that it was his plan all along to become successful so he could win her father's approval and be with Christa but that wasn't the case.  By doing what he did he basically forced her to settle for someone she could never truly love which was just tragic. It made me sympathize with Barry more than I should. If Barry was sadistic or controlling and she was trapped instead of settled then I would have hated him and love Ethan more because he would now become the hero in the story. This story didn't have any heroes for me. Christa did not need saving and it appeared as though even if she did Ethan wasn't truly out to save her.  All the peeving bits aside, I liked Christa's fire the dialogue between her and Ethan was sizzling. It made the book very interesting. Ethan was very presumptuous and some of his challenges seemed conceited. What right did he have to dare her the way he did? If it were me the only response he would have evoked by challenging me the way he did was a solid slap to the cheek. This book had me going because I found the audacity and gall of Ethan to be so ridiculous it was actually genius in a way. You really are never to late when you are Ethan and you are loved dearly by someone like Christa. This was a nice read. 
RLeigh More than 1 year ago
Love is forever The love triangle is a classic situation of turmoil and I know I have definitely been stuck in that scenario before so I can definitely relate.   I really like it when I can relate to a story, it makes me feel more personally involved and wraps me up in the story all that much more.  Christa is about to marry a wonderful man, Barry Candler.  Barry is the perfect man in every way, except… for the fact that he is not Ethan Mallory.  Christa does love and appreciate Barry but there is just something missing for her, a niggling feeling nibbling away inside her.  Ethan is Christa’s old love and just before she is about to get married he suddenly pops back into her life – is it chance… or destiny? I feel that this story is quite well written because Sandra captures the emotional turmoil so well with the way in which she writes.  I generally find Sandra’s writing style to be quite casual from a grammatical and vocabulary perspective but what I do love about her writing is how she appeals to every person – she writes in such an emotionally accessible way that it really draws you in.  I feel that a good fiction book should be  rated on how you feel during and after reading the book… if the author really grabs you and makes you feel part of the story or not.   I would recommend this book to anybody who has been through the conflict of a love triangle, or is currently going through one, or just somebody who needs to kick their feet back and relax and escape for a while to an imaginary world.  I think this book really highlights the unpredictability, craziness and beauty of true love.  
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had chosen a different path in your life? Well Christa never has. After all, Ethan left her. He broke her heart and never looked back. Or at least she thought he never looked back. What she didn't realize was that her father played a large part in his leaving and Ethan looked back quite often. At least as much as she did anyway. But now the past is behind her. It has to be since she's engaged to another man. Except Ethan is back in town and Barry just can't compare. This book is all about second chances. Christa and Ethan were everything to each other once upon a time. They were meant to be together and that was the plan. Happily ever after. But things change when rich and poor fall in love. That's the main reason that the two broke up and now, years later, Christa is moving on with her life. Except she doesn't want to. She wants to give her ex a second chance. But can she afford to give him the chance to break her heart again? This book is about romance and love rather than a lot of the overpowering sex that most of Sandra's books are about. These two aren't simply head over heels in lust for each other. They truly love each other and have for a long time. That means that they are more determined than ever to try and see if their relationship can last and if it will work. If it can, it just might be everything they'd hoped for. Even though it will hurt her fiancé more than anything. This story talks about how two people can meet again against the odds and can have the potential to make something more out of their lives together. If you really like romance and love stories this is for you. It's not as much about sex, which means that if you're looking for the hardcore erotica of many of Sandra's books you'll be disappointed with this one. But if you like stories where two people fall in love then you'll adore this book. It's about slow romance and a process of bringing two people back together. For my friends that love romance this is a must read. It has a great storyline with two people who love each other very much. It's also got a third person in the mix. Barry is completely clueless about what's going on and you can't help but feel sorry for him. But at the same time you'll find yourself rooting for Christa and Ethan to get back together. It'll be obvious to you from the start they should be together.
Dueepjs More than 1 year ago
Sweet and sentimental love story... The moment I read a couple of pages of Sandra Ross's- You Are Never Too Late – A Second Chances  Romance special, my thought was "oh no not again, that clichéd story and theme, Rich girl's poppa not want her marrying a poor boy and she bows down to his medieval dictates... "Nevertheless, because I like Sandra Ross, I persisted and well, I liked this book. Firstly, Christa manages to get some sort of backbone when she meets Ethan again. She is now capable of making her own decision. That is, she wants a happily ever after with the person she loves truly. Unfortunately, she is on her way to marry rich and eligible Barry.  I wondered whether she would still decide to choose Ethan if he was not rich and successful, because she came across as a bit of a manageable jellyfish and a spoiled rich girl in the beginning of the story. But then I am a cynic and Sandra Ross managed to show Ethan as a person who had the seeds of success in him from Day Go. Daddy dearest's autocratic behavior was just the right incentive to show him what he was capable of doing. And after he did that he came back to town just to show 'em all. This little bit of clichéd story idea does not detract from the overall story, which has been very well written and edited by Sandra Ross. She, at the age of 30 is doing a good job of writing second chances and sweet and sizzling stories. So even though you feel a bit of pity and sympathy for Barry, because he really had no chance at all… when Ethan decides to go all out to win His Woman back...well. And then, Christa suddenly decides that she would rather have Ethan, because he is so hot, because he is so rich, he is so good in bed, and she loves him… If she had done this in the first place, she would not have hurt Barry so much in the long run by deciding not to marry him at the 11th hour. That is why this book gets a three star rating from me. Anyway, this is a good read for all those people who like sweet and sentimental with a touch of hot. Sandra Ross is slowly and steadily making her name as a writer who writes well, while expressing the thoughts and feelings of her characters in a very sensitive manner. You are Never Too Late comes in that category. I predict that Sandra is soon going to be an author very much in demand, especially because she writes well, can express herself well and even makes clichéd stories look like something new and unusual.
Lizzy81 More than 1 year ago
AN IMPORTANT CHOICE Sandra Ross has another pearl for love stories readers: "You're never too late". The main characters are Christa and Ethan, her ex-boyfriend.  Once you start reading the story, you will soon realise that Christa is in a strange situation, which both women and men could easily consider typical: she has to make an important choice, between the man she's going to wed and Ethan. So, if you consider the plot to be boring and ordinary, well, you will find yourself totally wrong. Once again, Sandra Ross has created a beautiful atmosphere, with her writing style, that helps us feeling the way Christa feels.  Her dilemma can capture our attention, discovering new emotions and situations, in which Christa and Ethan will be unknowingly involved. Maybe, the female readers will try to pretend being her, wondering what to do in her situation. Well, personally, I don't know the answer, but even if it can sound really common, I'd suggest to listen to our heart! even if it means going against the others' will and expectiations or without fearing to disappoint our loved ones. "You're never too late" can rise liking for Ethan and his courage to express his love for Christa; liking for Christa, too, but at the same time we can think she needs to have more confidence with herself, choosing what's best for her and her life: this novel is a real jubilation of emotions and feelings, that will take you into the protagonists' life, so you can start living their story as if you were them.
Ambrosia-Jefferson More than 1 year ago
Haven’t you ever had that thought about the one that got away? That niggling wondering that if you had changed one action how things might have been. Didn’t you want to try to get that second chance? Well if you have you will find yourself connecting with Christa the heroine in Sandra Ross’s You're Never Too Late. Christa is in a typical situation these days. She is engaged to be married to a man who is wealthy and can take care of her financially but she does not love him. Instead Christa loves Ethan Mallory the poor man who has always held her heart but her Father did not approve of. What is a girl to do when just before her wedding the love of her life shows up once more and this time he is not poor? Ethan has pulled himself up from his life of being poor and turned himself into a self-made man. As always Sandra Ross draws you into the characters and the story. You will find yourself contemplating the dilemma along with Christa and asking yourself what would I do if it was me? Each turn of the page will have you gripped in the story and hoping that Christa gets her happy ending.
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
Sweet, second chance romance story At first, I was put off by the whole ‘rich girl’s daddy doesn’t approve of poor boyfriend, so they break up and she finds someone more suitable’ theme of the book. I mean, this has been done so many times before, I didn’t see how it could be fresh. However, Sandra Ross has managed to make this sweet, short little story more than just another cliché, using great characters and her trademark sensuality, although in a slightly toned down version than in some of her other, raunchier books. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good piece of erotica every now and then; it helps keep things fresh in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. But, there is something, I think, far sexier about love that overcomes all obstacles, and a man who is willing to fight for the girl of his dreams. At first I didn’t like Ethan, since he had let Christa’s dad’s disapproval drive him away. Then he comes back all ‘I am a huge success, now come here, woman!’ and I thought he was a little chauvinistic. But, as I read on, I realized that he was simply becoming the man he should have been all along. There were times I wanted to slap Christa…how on earth could she let the love of her life walk away, then even consider speaking to him again two weeks before her wedding? Love makes your head go funny, I guess. It was a bittersweet story, and I did feel just a teensy bit sorry for the hapless Barry. After all, how in the world could he hope to compete with true love? This is a sweet, easy to read romance, with just enough sensuality to remind you that it’s a Sandra Ross original. I would love to see more of these books by her, since her characters are so likeable and easy to relate to. It’s easier to imagine myself in one of these books than, say, one of her fantasy erotica ones (although I adore those, too!). Her sweet romance series has been very good to date, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future books in this series. I didn’t care for the way Ethan just expected Christa to drop everything and come running back to him just because he had success and a little money. I wanted their love story to transcend each of their status in life, and although the ending was good, the path there was definitely rocky. Overall, I am giving this book 4 stars instead of 5, because I would have loved to seen a little more deliberating over Christa’s ultimate decision. This was still a really great read, though, and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
The title of this review is derived from Irwin Shaw's 1969 novel (and was later made into a made-for-TV miniseries), and serves as one of the underlying motifs for Sandra Ross's book "You're Never Too Late." Living in a society where having the financial wherewithal to do whatever one chooses in life is viewed favorably by many; on the other hand, being poor and having to struggle is a subject best avoided altogether. This dichotomy (discussed behind closed doors by gossiping tongues and bitter revolutionary types) reverberates at all levels throughout the United States: it has expressed itself via politics, religion, and music; it has assumed the mantle of cliches such as "We are the 99%" and "class warfare"; and it has shown its collective face in the form of offshore bank accounts for rich individuals, a shrinking middle class, and a pervasive corporate culture of insouciant greed and indifference to the average American worker. The specter of wealth (or the lack thereof) has influenced the choices made by the heroine of Ross's tome, Christa. She is engaged to be married to the very handsome Barry Candler---who, not coincidentally, just happens to be an incredibly wealthy man. Christa's practical-minded father has approved of the match, as his only daughter would become quite financially well-off for the rest of her life. Or so it would seem. What has been bothering Christa for a very long time is revealed by Ross to the reader as that of a former love, Ethan Mallory. Long ago, Ethan and Christa had been lovers. Christa absolutely adored this man and was incredibly happy and content with him, despite the fact that he was very poor. Unsurprisingly, because of this socioeconomic factor, Ethan was considered by Christa's father to never be good enough for her. The pressure applied by her father to break the two of them up proved too much for Ethan to bear, and one day he simply disappeared, never to be seen again for a long time. Devastated, Christa did her best to move on, and eventually met Barry via social machinations engineered by (guess who?) her father. Despite eventually being betrothed to Barry---who in all fairness is a decent guy---she has never reconciled the long-dormant feelings she still has for her long-lost Ethan. There are people in this world who are, simply stated, unhappy and dissatisfied with themselves and their lives. It doesn't matter if they live in a tony suburb or a shabby apartment. Their internal locus of contentment, savagely out of kilter, causes them to rely upon external things---expensive trips and gifts; work promotions; extramarital affairs, etc.---in order to feel loved and accepted. Christa lacks the inner stability and focus necessary to feel complete and happy because the abrupt severing of all ties with Ethan has led to her constant sense of unease and isolation. Ross weaves a nice little social web of intrigue, miscommunication, and submerged passions that envelop all three major characters (Christa, Ethan, and Barry) to varying degrees. "You're Never Too Late" is a good title for the story. Ross seems to imply to the reader that, regardless of the poor choices people can make in their lives, there is always room for reconciliation, no matter what may have transpired long ago. The story allows the characters to discover aspects about themselves that they had previously ignored and/or minimized, and provides a stage for being true and fa
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
You're Never Too Late' tells of the classic situation where a woman is faced with the dilemma of marrying a man who is more than wealthy enough to take care of her, but she doesn't love him. The sweet and sensual romance takes you through the situation with Christa and brings you through the twists and turns that finally bring her to happiness. As always, Ross writes with a certain sort of ease and certainty that you will feel from her words. It was almost as if she was romancing me, because I ended up falling in love with the book. Christa's situation is never an easy one. I can't count how many times I may have fallen into a relationship like that. Sometimes, not with a wealthy man, but a man that you just don't `love'. I'm sure that this book will be one that many other women will be able to relate to. And, finally, when Christa gets what she really wants and deserves, then all the women reading will breathe a sigh of relief...maybe wishing it was them. If you are in a relationship `only because' then this is the book for you. It will be like seeing your life on paper...with just a few minor differences. Ross writes so well, how can you not picture yourself in Christa's position. You won't be able to resist it. I couldn't. That's a thing I have come to look forward to in Ross' books...her ability to connect with me as a reader.