You're Still Not Doing This?!: 25 Well-Established Ways to Elevate Your Health, Happiness, and Overall Awesomeness

You're Still Not Doing This?!: 25 Well-Established Ways to Elevate Your Health, Happiness, and Overall Awesomeness




A funny, illustrated guide that will help you maximize your life, improve the world, and understand why all of this great “holistic health and wellness” stuff has become so popular.

Using scientific and historical evidence, Bryan Andrew Moore has condensed 25 of the best self-improvement tips out there into one hilarious little book. It includes practical exercises that can actually change lives and the world at large. Jen Aranyi’s colorful illustrations bring the pages to life and make the reading experience even more fun.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • reduce stress
  • boost your mood
  • enhance your sex life
  • improve your health
  • be more productive
  • help humanity
  • and much more!

By the end of You’re Still Not Doing This?!, you should have the tools you need to elevate your life and the positive motivation to get there!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999781104
Publisher: Wakebridge Publishing
Publication date: 07/20/2018
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

Bryan Andrew Moore is an writer and research monitor. He holds a master's degree in psychology and works at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD. Bryan has studied health and wellness for over 15 years and is known for his research in the field of positive psychology. He is an avid practitioner of meditation and has a second degree black belt in American karate.

Jen Aranyi is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, photographer, and entrepreneur. She earned her bachelor's of fine arts degree in illustration and her work has been featured in several books and magazines.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Get Fresh
  • Be Hearty
  • Relieve Yourself
  • Nurture Your Nature
  • Work for Nothing and Give Your Stuff Away
  • Mind Your Mind
  • See the Future
  • Move Your Human
  • Use Drugs
  • Organize the Cosmos
  • Get Well-Learned
  • Sleep Your Way to the Top
  • Write Your Story
  • Get Lit
  • Eat Plants
  • Connect with (Real Life) People
  • Jump In
  • Moderate Your Poison Intake
  • Go Limp
  • Get in the Fast Lane
  • Vibe Right
  • Sweat It Out
  • Find Your Way
  • Revel in the Awesomeness
  • Get Your Sh*t Together
  • Now What?
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • All the Answers

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