You're Still The One

You're Still The One

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ISBN-13: 9781420130928
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 03/05/2013
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 151,528
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Janet Dailey’s first book was published in 1976. Since then she has written more than 100 novels and become one of the top-selling female authors in the world, with 325 million copies of her books sold in nineteen languages in ninety-eight countries. She is known for her strong, decisive characters, her extraordinary ability to recreate a time and a place, and her unerring courage to confront important, controversial issues in her stories. To learn more about Janet Dailey and her novels, please visit or find her on Facebook at

Cathy Lamb is the bestselling author of twelve novels, including The Man She Married, No Place I’d Rather Be, What I Remember Most, The Last Time I Was Me, Henry’s Sisters and Julia’s Chocolates. She lives with her family in Oregon and can be found online at

Mary Carter is a freelance writer and novelist. Her books include London From My Windows, Meet Me in Barcelona, Three Months in Florence, The Things I Do for You, The Pub Across the Pond, My Sister's Voice, Sunnyside Blues, She'll Take It, and Accidentally Engaged. Readers are welcome to visit her at, find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @marycarterbooks.

Elizabeth Bass lives with her husband in Montreal, where she writes and astounds the locals with her makeshift French. An elderly cat or dog can typically be found in her apartment, and during the busiest day, Elizabeth usually finds time to sneak in an old movie. She is the author of many smartly written works of romance and women's fiction, including Summer Days, Life is Sweet, and Wherever Grace is Needed. She loves to hear from readers and can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@ElizabethBass), or at

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You're Still the One 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MinaD1 More than 1 year ago
Love lost and regained What I am reviewing today is an anthology co-authored by some of the most prominent names in the romance and women's fiction industry. Few authors have the ability to deliver a solid tale within the limited space of a short story without lacking intensity and emotional impact, or without rushing the narration through a poor world and character building. In this case, not only these fabulous storytellers avoided those flaws, they also succeeded in lacing the canvas of vastly exploited tropes such as star-crossed lovers and second chances with touches of humor and magic-filled serendipity. Bittersweet memories of an ill-fated love and regrets for what might have been haunt for years the protagonists of these stories, but be it a chance at love and family for a woman born on the wrong side of the tracks (The Apple Orchard), or a magic encounter in The Big Easy (A Kiss Before Midnight), a juvenile love blossomed on the stage of a high-school play (Romeo & Juliet...And Jane), or an ex-husband trying to sabotage his ex-wife's engagement to another man (The Devil And Mr. Chocolate) , true love is the undercurrent of electricity that defies time, misunderstandings, even magic spells, and brings soul mates and old flames back together. Of the four short stories featured in this lovely collection, two in particular impressed me for their originality, emotional poignancy and complex narrative structure: in The Apple Orchard by Cathy Lamb and A Kiss Before Midnight by Mary Carter, setup, conflict and resolution are more developed, emotions are more powerful. "A short story is the ultimate close-up magic trick - a couple of thousand words to take you around the universe or break your heart", reminds us Neil Gaiman. Janet Dailey, Cathy Lamb, Mary Carter, and Elizabeth Bass didn't fail in this respect. You're Still The One is a heartwarming and uplifting celebration of love lost and regained.
ILuvBooks25 More than 1 year ago
I was a lucky winner of a copy of Still the One from NetGalley, which brings together 4 different stories by 4 amazing romance authors. Having never read any of these authors’ books prior to reading this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. But right when I started reading the first one I knew this collection of 4 books would keep me hooked until the end.  The first book “The Apple Orchard” by Cathy Lamb takes place in small town where everyone knows everyone. Allie Pelletier had left her family behind after a rough childhood and went after her dream of being in the fashion industry and never wanted to look back at her bad childhood. However, after telling her boss in so many ways to take a hike and having no income she decides to go to the small little town her father called home towards the last couple years of his life.  In addition to see the apple orchard and the house that he left to her. Well not shortly after she arrives she gets injured by her dad’s horse and lands in the local emergency room. However, the emergency room visit doesn’t go as planned when she finds that emergency room doctor is the love of her life from college.  The story goes onto talk about abuse by a family member and the struggle to move on from the past to find love again.  The second story “A Kiss before Midnight” by Mary Carter was probably my least favorite book out of all four of them. The story is about love, magic and family. Rebecca Ryan went to New Orleans back in High School on vacation with three girls from school thinking that she would connect with them and they would become good friends. However, she never thought she would meet the love of her life and then never see him again after they spent one special night together. The story continues on telling you about how Rebecca gets pregnant and years later goes back to New Orleans to possibly connect with Grant Dodge the father of her son and tell him what happened. I think what caught me about the book that I didn’t like was how easily Grant forgave Rebecca for never trying to contact him about their son or telling him right away when she saw him again.  The third story was called “Romeo & Juliet… and Jane” by Elizabeth Bass. This story was unlike the first two where it didn’t go back too much into the past about Jane and Roy’s story but rather talked about how long lost love can reconnect even after years apart. Jane and Roy got together in high school after playing Romeo and Juliet. After spending most of college together they decide to separate and go their separate ways when Jane goes to vet school and Roy ends up in Seattle. Years later they reconnect when Roy brings in his mother’s dog to be put down and he has Jane as his vet. The story continues on talking about how the future can take you down a different path than what you thought it was going to be but true love can find its way back.  The last book “The Devil and Mr. Chocolate” by Janet Dailey was probably my favorite out of all three of the books. The story takes place in Santa Fe and centers around an art dealer, her ex-husband the artist and her new love Mr. Chocolate. The story starts out with Kitty talking about her new love Marcel and how excited she is to be having dinner with him. However, then barges in Sebastian her ex-husband the artist who tries to seduce her. The story brings together new love, friendship, heartbreak and laughter. I think out of all three of the books to me it was the most realistic as to what could happen in real life.  All in all I was very happy with all four books and would be interested in reading other novels from these authors. 
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
You're Still The One by 4 authors Love reading a book where there are 4 stories by 4 different authors. Gives me a chance to see what the author is about and usually add them to my favorites.. The Apple Orchard by Cathy Lamb Allie Pellitier had once lived in a trailer park across from an apple orchard. Both her parents are gone and she got fired from her job. She's now in the hospital about to get sewn back together when in walks Dr. Jace Rios. They have a past together and she was attempting to just get out from seeing him again, not fast enough.. She ends up being treated a few times in the hospital by him and then he starts checking up on her and refusing to have a meal with him. He just picks her up and takes her to his house on the hill and she fantasizes about him and knows they can't be anything more than friends. They both love the outdoors and I love that they at Yellowstone for a summer. He doesn't know why they split up, it was something that happened to her and she's not talking, yet.. We learn how she grew up with her mother and then her father. After she left when she was able to we learn of the abuse physically and most importantly emotionally. She learns what happens next by a neighbor that sells paintings... . A kiss before Midnight by Mary Carter She is in New Orleans as a junior with 3 of her senior friends and they have 3 things to do to complete the scavenger hunt. 3 hurricane drinks, make out at the cemetery and get a reading from the voodoo woman. Years later Rebecca Ryan's plane is landing in New Orleans, again... She conceived that night, Miles. She also had hooked up with Grant Dodge the great jazz trumpet player. She's going back now as a gift from Miles for her birthday, 25 years later to the city she first found love in. She is going to confront the father and move on with her life. Only 2 of the girls she originally went with had stood by her... She is also confronting the fortune teller about the curse she put on her... Book goes from the present and in the next chapter to the past. Took me a while to get the hang of which year I was in.. Love to hear about her jewelry making and what she uses for materials.. Detailed descriptions of New Orleans and the surrounding area made me feel like I was there, was so exact. She's got a lot of decisions to make... . Romeo & Juliet ..and Jane by Elizabeth Bass It's all over town Jane is seeing Roy again. She's fostering another dog til she can find a good home. They started in the school play Romeo and Juliet and he's kicking himself now as it was the best time of his life. His mom is gone now and he's settling her affairs. She now lived in what they called the playhouse along with all the animals she had. Carl the vet had stopped in also and thought maybe the yellow couch for the vet waiting room was a mistake. Her mother was after her to fix herself up a bit and flirt so she could get married. Love hearing about the 'JAM' what a festival! Roy is back in town and with the money he donated the town build a new auditorium and he is to give a speech, but he has a surprise for Jane. . The Devil and Mr. Chocolate by Janet Dailey Kitty Hamilton owned the art gallery Sebastian Cole was an artist who would appear when he wanted to borrow items because she lived right next door. Marcel makes chocolate and Kitty has agreed to marry him but how will she explain her ex husband who's helping her bath in the tub.. Lots of sexual moments that only add to this tale.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
You’re Still The One is a romance anthology with a collection of emotion invoking stories. Finding love where it was lost can be harder than you think and each book in this collection has a unique twist to this pursuit. The Apple Orchard by Cathy Lamb Allie Pellitier comes face to face to the only man she ever loves after being kicked by her horse. Dr. Jace Rios, emergency room doctor, wants to stitch up Allie’s wounds on her leg and hopefully find a place in her heart.  This was a highly emotional story, Allie comes from an extremely wounded past filled with heart ache. I laughed, cried and cheered for the characters. Cathy Lamb wrote a brilliant story that will touch your heart and soul. A Kiss Before Midnight by Mary Carter Rebecca Ryan, at age 16, told her parents she was going on a band trip. What she really did was head to New Orleans for a girls weekend. She ends up spending a single night with Grant Dodge, a jazz musician. In that night, she found her one true love. The magical connection still lives in her heart and when her son gives her a chance to return to New Orleans, Rebecca can only hope to right all that went wrong 21 years ago. Voodoo curses, a friendship that endured 21 years and family love all make A Kiss Before Midnight a spectacular romance with a paranormal twist. Romeo & Juliet…and Jane by Elizabeth Bass A vet in her home town, Jane Canfield is known for always being reliable and playing the role of Juliet to her first love Roy McGillum, as Romeo. Roy has returned to town to dedicate a new building for the school and settle his deceased mother’s affairs. The entire town is hoping for Roy to sweep Jane away…and when they have a chance meeting at the veterinarian office the entire small town is in a buzz… This was a cute story of rekindling lost love and a heroin with lots of pets! The Devil and Mr. Chocolate by Janet Dailey Kitty Hamilton is happily engaged to a Belgian Chocolatier...but her ex-husband, client and neighbor, Sebastian is determined to disrupt her plans.  A very funny and enjoyable story, The Devil and Mr. Chocolate has an extremely entertaining plot.  You’re Still the One provided a wonderful assortment of fabulous stories. Each story was thought provoking, enjoyable and extremely entertaining.  This ARC copy of You're Still The One was given to me by Kensington Publishing - Zebra in exchange for a honest review. Publish Date March 4, 2013.