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Yours for Eternity

Yours for Eternity

4.1 54
by Hannah Howell, Alexandra Ivy, Kaitlin O'Riley

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In this sizzling new collection, three women fall under the spell of three irresistible vampires who promise to satisfy their every desire. . .

"Highland Blood" by Hannah Howell

When Adeline Dunbar finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep, she sets out to find his clan. Attacked by a group of demon hunters, Adeline tries to flee her rescuer, vampire


In this sizzling new collection, three women fall under the spell of three irresistible vampires who promise to satisfy their every desire. . .

"Highland Blood" by Hannah Howell

When Adeline Dunbar finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep, she sets out to find his clan. Attacked by a group of demon hunters, Adeline tries to flee her rescuer, vampire Lachann MacNachton. But escaping Lachann proves useless—as does denying the primal hunger he stirs deep within her. . .

"Taken by Darkness" by Alexandra Ivy

The daughter of a witch, Juliet Lawrence has inherited magical powers—powers that could be quite useful to Victor, Marquess DeRosa, London's most powerful vampire. But that's not all Victor desires of Juliet. He wants the unpredictable beauty in his bed—and he is accustomed to getting what he wants. . .

"Immortal Dreams" by Kaitlin O'Riley

Beautiful widow Grace Sutton is haunted by recurring dreams of a past life and a mysterious, handsome stranger. When Grace meets Stuart Phillips, Lord Radcliffe—the vampire who has been searching for her for over a century—her sensual dreams soon come true in the most unforgettable way. . .

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This trio of vampire romances starts off strong with Howell's "Highland Blood," a compelling and complex tale of a scattered clan of half-vampire children who must be rescued by humans who fear and loathe them. Adeline Dunbar, feared as a witch but begrudged a marginal existence for her healing abilities, rescues a vampire child, Osgar. Lachann MacNachton is on a mission to rescue lost vampire children and bring them back to repopulate the sterile vampire clan. His attraction to Adeline grows quickly, resulting in a passionate tale of a man torn between bitter experience and the hope that this time it will be different. Ivy's Regency-era "Taken by Darkness" features Victor, a vampire and notorious rake, and his obsession for Juliet Lawrence, a half-imp witch who denies her passion for Victor out of fear that he sees her as just another conquest. Superior writing elevates this tale beyond the stalker-esque plot. In O'Reilly's "Immortal Dreams," widowed Grace is plagued equally by dreams of a mysterious lover and the reality of her mother-in-law, an overbearing zealot. This tale falls flat, adequate overall but weak compared with the others.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Library Journal
Darkly entrancing, this anthology of historical vampire romances sweeps readers from early 16th-century Scotland to Victorian England with a trio of diverse, inventive tales. A young healer saves a vampire child left to die in the woods and fights The Hunters for her life and eventually her love as she goes in search of the boy's clan in Howell's adventurous "Highland Blood." A cold, arrogant vampire lord is attracted to a witch who seems immune to his charms in Alexandra Ivy's magical demon-laced Regency "Taken by Darkness." A young widow, haunted for years by sensual dreams that are actually past-life memories, is reunited with her dream vampire lover despite cruel, malicious efforts to keep them apart in Kaitlin O'Riley's "Immortal Dreams." VERDICT Although varying in style, quality, and chill factor, these stories are perfect reading for a mysterious, uneasy Halloween night. Howell, Ivy, and O'Riley live in West Newbury, MA; Ewing, MO; and Los Angeles, respectively.

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Yours for Eternity

By Hannah Howell Alexandra Ivy Kaitlin O'Riley


Copyright © 2010 Kensington Publishing Corp.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-4737-7

Chapter One

Enough was enough. Adeline finally accepted the fact that she could not keep Osgar safe as she bathed the dirt and blood from his shaking body. For two years she had struggled to keep him hidden but she had failed. This was the third time someone had hurt him. All she had accomplished with her cautions was to make everyone for miles around think there was a demon running free in the woods. The hunts for the demon were growing more frequent. People not even from the village had joined in, strangers who chilled her blood. It would not be long before the hunters cried her a liar when she claimed that she had never seen the little demon they all looked for. They would tear her tiny cottage apart looking for Osgar.

This time the wounds Osgar had suffered were little more than scratches and a few bruises. The next time her beautiful golden-eyed boy could die. Osgar's death was what the hunters sought. Although she could not understand such fear of a child, she had to accept that it existed. Adeline swallowed the urge to weep as she sat down on the bed next to Osgar, her dream of their becoming a family in ashes.

Osgar crawled into her lap and Adeline held him close. Burying her nose in his thick raven curls, she blinked back the tears in her eyes. Love was making her weak and she had to fight that weakness. She needed to be strong enough to think only of Osgar's safety. That meant she had to be strong enough to give him up.

"I dinnae hurt this time," Osgar said.

Adeline smiled, knowing he meant he did not need her blood. "Good. Ye escaped in time but laddie, ye came too close to dying this time. Three times I have almost lost ye. It cannae go on anymore. We must leave here."

"Where will we go?"

"To your kinsmen."

Osgar looked up at her and frowned. "I have kinsmen?"

"Aye, ye do. Ye are of MacNachton blood. The last time those hunters came here to look for you, I followed them when they left. I heard them talk of a clan called MacNachton and that Anne Drummond claims ye are one of them. The men spoke of them as a clan of demons. All they said made me verra certain that ye are kin to them. There were too many similarities for me to doubt it. So, we must seek them out."

"Where are they?"

"At a place called Cambrun. 'Tis high in the mountains."

Adeline could still hear the men speaking of how others who had gone hunting there had never returned. It was not something she could tell a little boy of five, however. He lived with enough fear and she did not want him balking at going to Cambrun. The thought of going there terrified her, but it sounded like a place where Osgar would be safe and that was all that mattered.

Osgar sat up and looked around the little cottage. "But I like our home."

"So do I, love, but 'tis nay longer a safe place for us. Cambrun will be safe."

"I could keep hiding."

"Spending hours hidden beneath the floor is no life for ye, laddie. And, thrice ye have nearly been caught. Nay, we must pack what means most to us and seek out your kinsmen for help."

It proved to be a heartbreaking chore. By dawn, Adeline had reduced her possessions to a few sacks tied to the saddle of one of her ponies. She hated leaving anything behind, for everything in the cottage held a memory of her father or her mother. The only items she could call foolish were her cats, two ratty-eared felines she had saved from the cruelty of the blacksmith's sons. The animals huddled in the sturdy cage she had made for them and stared at her. Her decision to take them had wavered nearly a dozen times but she had finally, irrevocably, given in to what her heart wanted. She just prayed that she did not lose them on the journey.

"I dinnae think Tom and Meg like their cage," said Osgar as Adeline put him up on the pony they would ride.

"They would like being left behind even less." Adeline settled herself behind Osgar and took up the reins. "Who would feed or shelter them?" She checked to make sure the lead to the pony carrying her belongings was secure. "They will settle and they have that nice piece of plaid to keep them warm, aye?"

Adeline stared for another moment at the house she had grown up in. It hurt to leave even though the people she lived amongst had never accepted her. Her father and mother were buried here and it felt as if she were losing them all over again. Then she straightened her spine and squared her shoulders, knowing that her parents would understand. Osgar's life was threatened. She had no choice. Her parents would always live in her heart and memories, and that had to be enough. Whispering a farewell, she lightly kicked her pony into an easy, steady stride and started her journey north.

The moon was high by the time Adeline made camp for the night. She did not like riding at night but Osgar had to be sheltered during the middle of the day, when the sun was at its full strength. Riding into the night was the only way to make up for that lost time.

She unpacked and unsaddled the horses and then started a small fire. Osgar helped her attend to the cats, making certain they did not escape as she gave the animals food and water. Adeline cleaned out the small box of dirt she had secured inside the cage, something she felt quite proud of.

"Will we be there soon?" asked Osgar as they sat by the fire eating cold chicken and oatcakes.

"I cannae say when we will get there, laddie," Adeline replied. "I just ken that 'tis in those hills we can see to the north. Once we get closer I will try to get some better directions."

"Those are verra far away."

"A few days' ride. Nay more than that, I am thinking. Weel, a few days if we can keep going straight toward them and the weather doesnae stop us. I think if we were closer, Anne would have left ye with them."

"I am glad ye found me."

"So am I, love."

"Will my kinsmen like me?"

"How can they nay do so? They will be verra pleased to have such a fine lad returned to the clan."

Adeline prayed that was the truth. She had never met any of the MacNachton clan. Yet, if they were all like Osgar, she could see no reason why they would turn the boy away. They would certainly understand the danger the child was in while living outside their protection. The men she had eavesdropped on had called Cambrun an impenetrable fortress and that was just what Osgar needed.

She would not mind living in such a place, either. Adeline was weary of being an outcast, a woman eyed with suspicion and fear even as she was called to heal an injury or birth a child. She was always but one misstep from being decried as a witch, just as her mother had been. A shiver went through her as the dark memories of her mother's brutal death flooded her mind. It was not a fate she wished to share. She prayed that the MacNachton clan had a place for her even though she was not their kind, and not just so she could remain with Osgar. For once she would like to feel safe.

When they were done eating, Adeline spread a blanket on the ground. She urged Osgar onto the rough bed, ignoring his muttered complaints about how hard that bed was. Settling down next to him, between him and the fire, she drew another blanket over them.

It did not surprise her when his muttering soon ceased, his breathing growing slow and even as sleep conquered him. Adeline wished she could find the sweet oblivion of sleep as easily, but her mind was crowded with worries and fears. Traveling alone with a child was dangerous. Traveling to a place that might be filled with ones like Osgar, ones full-grown with all the power and cunning of men, was terrifying. She closed her eyes and sternly told herself that she had no choice.

The gray of approaching dawn met Adeline's eyes when she next opened them. Her first clear thought was one of relief when she realized she had managed to get some sleep. The snap of a twig banished the lingering lassitude of sleep. She did not move, but looked around and tensed. Four men were creeping toward her. They were armed and grim of face.

Adeline yanked her knife from beneath the blanket she rested on and leapt to her feet. "Osgar-run."

Osgar stumbled to his feet and stared at the men. "Maman?"

"Run, Osgar. Now."

Even as she spoke Adeline knew it was too late. Two of the men moved quickly to get behind her and Osgar, cutting off all chance of the child escaping. There were four of them against one of her. There were four swords against her one knife. They were free to move as they pleased, while she had to protect Osgar. Adeline wanted to scream in fury. She had failed Osgar once again.

Lachann MacNachton idly rode along the rough drover's track. He would easily reach the next shelter before the sun was high, even at his leisurely pace. For two long months he had searched for ones carrying MacNachton blood but found only one. He had sent the young boy home to Cambrun with Martyn and continued the search on his own. Now he was finally headed home, eager to be back amongst his own kind. He was tired of constantly needing to find shelter when the sun was high and of hiding who he was.

The clan had been ignorant of the Lost Ones, those of MacNachton and Outsider blood, for far too long. For every Lost One they found, they heard of too many others who had met with brutal deaths. It made his heart sore. So many of their people lost and far too many of them killed before they even had a chance to truly live or defend themselves. He yet again cursed all the fools who had never taken the time to be sure that the seed they had so freely spilled everywhere they went had not taken root.


It was only a whisper on the wind but it yanked Lachann out of his dark thoughts. He halted and looked around, idly stroking his mount's neck to keep the animal quiet. Lachann waited to hear more, to discover where the voice was coming from.

"Run, Osgar. Now."

Not far, Lachann thought as he dismounted and secured his horse's reins to a branch. Unsheathing his sword, Lachann began to silently make his way toward the voices he had heard. One did not tell someone to run unless there was some danger. He was not sure why he was compelled to walk into what was none of his concern, but he did not resist the urge to do so. That first word told him that a child was involved. The second voice had been a woman's.

"Now, lass, do ye really think ye can stop us from doing what we must with that wee knife? This be God's work ye interfere with."

The man's voice was coarse and weighted with scorn. Why would men attack a woman and child? Lachann wondered as he slipped into the shadow of a tree and studied the scene in a small clearing only a few feet away. A small woman with a young child clinging to her skirts stood within a circle of armed men, a knife in her hand. Her rough gown revealed a slender yet fulsome figure but it was her hair that fully drew his gaze. Gloriously red, it hung in thick, wild waves to her nicely curved hips. His palm actually itched with the urge to touch it. The expression on her pale, beautiful face was one of cold determination. She had no chance at all of fending off four men armed with swords but obviously intended to try. Lachann was just as determined not to let her die. The strength of that determination, one that went far beyond the simple need of a man to protect the weaker, was something he would think about later.

He stepped into the clearing and smiled at the four men who looked at him in surprise and then horror. Lachann made no attempt to hide his fangs, the urge to kill now running strong in his blood. "Ye best leave the lass and the bairn be. If ye do, I just may allow ye to live."

"So, the demons come to collect their spawn," said the tallest of the four men.

Lachann was intrigued by that statement, but his gaze on his enemies never wavered. He would consider the meaning of the words when the battle was done. "Four men against a wee lass and a bairn? Such bravery."

"She is naught but a witch, bred of a witch, and she now protects the devil's spawn. Can ye nay recognize your own?" The tall man turned all his attention on Lachann, his men quickly doing the same.

"What I recognize is four swine who badly need gutting." Lachann tossed his sword from hand to hand. "Brave enough to face a mon?"

"Aye! Brave enough to do God's work and cut down one of Satan's dogs!"

Adeline stared at the man who challenged her enemies. He had appeared out of the shadows without making a sound until he spoke, his deep voice cutting like a well-honed knife through the tension that had held them all in place. She was spellbound, his height and broad shoulders heralding a champion in her eyes. Then she saw his fangs and nearly gasped. Was he like Osgar or was he, too, a threat? His black hair hung past his shoulders, rippling slightly in the dawn breeze. He had a face to make a woman's heart beat faster, despite those inhuman teeth. Even in the dim light she could see the glint of gold in his eyes.

Shaking free of her bemusement with her rescuer, Adeline realized no one was watching her or Osgar. She began to edge away from the men, nudging Osgar along behind her. Guilt pinched at her heart. She was leaving the man to face four armed men alone, but she quickly smothered the feeling. Osgar was not able to defend himself. His safety had to be first and foremost in her mind.

She was almost to the trees when the men attacked her rescuer. He moved so fast that she could barely see each deadly move, only heard the cries of the men who had meant to kill her and Osgar. Two of those men fell to the sweep of her rescuer's sword before they had even fully engaged him in battle. When another man leapt on her rescuer's back as he faced the leader of her foes sword to sword, Adeline prepared to throw her knife in an attempt to help him, but he saved himself. He swiftly trotted backward and slammed the man clinging to his back into a tree. The sound of breaking bones made her gasp.

Adeline scooped up Osgar, her mind ordering her to run, but she could not completely break free of her fascination with the battle. Then her savior attacked the last man with a speed and furious skill that quickly disarmed him. Adeline was just thinking that she could stay where she was now that she had a protector, when her savior sank his teeth into the last man's throat. She ran, praying she had the speed to escape the seductively beautiful dark angel who had just slain all her enemies.

Chapter Two

Lachann rose from the man he had just fed from and cursed. He had not meant to do that but the bloodlust of battle had claimed him. Though his wounds were small, they had bled freely and his body had demanded he feed. It did not surprise him to see that the woman and child had fled. He had loosed the beast every MacNachton had within him, and few Outsiders could face it. It struck him as odd that this time that fear should cause him such a sharp pang.

He cleaned his sword on the dead man's clothes and sheathed it. The woman had left behind all her belongings, he realized as he looked around. Lachann suspected she would not go far but he was in no mood to chase after her. He was, however, strangely reluctant to leave her. It was because she and the child were unprotected, he told himself, and a little voice in his head scoffed at his claim. Ignoring that voice, he glanced up at the sky and decided he had the time to wait for her to creep back before he would be forced to seek shelter from the sun.

After dragging the bodies away from the area and settling his horse, Lachann stood with his eyes closed and just listened, certain he would hear her approach, for Outsiders could not move silently enough to evade the keen hearing of a MacNachton. A moment later he frowned. Why was he hearing cats? Lachann opened his eyes and walked toward the sound. Hidden from view by the pair of sturdy Highland ponies was a cage with two cats in it.

Lachann smiled even as the cats hissed at him. The cage was large, and dishes for food and water and even a small box of dirt were all tied securely to the bars. An odd scrap of blanket was also set inside for the comfort of the two battle-scarred cats. The woman would definitely return. No one who took such care of two such ragged animals would then desert them.

"Lass, I ken that ye havenae gone far," he called out. "There is no need to fear me."

Adeline almost answered, reminding the man of how he had just killed four men and supped on one of them. That was enough to make any sane person fear him. She had not run far, knowing it would be both dangerous and foolish to leave behind the ponies and supplies. As silently as she could, she had crept close enough to be able to hear it when the man rode away. She had just prayed that the man would not take all her things when he did leave. Now, after what felt like hours, it was becoming clear to her that he had no intention of leaving. She was immediately wary of his reasons for lingering. Telling herself that she was now facing one foe instead of four did nothing to ease that wariness.

"If ye make me wait too long, lass, I could become hungry, aye? They say cat tastes much like rabbit and I have always been verra fond of rabbit."


Excerpted from Yours for Eternity by Hannah Howell Alexandra Ivy Kaitlin O'Riley Copyright © 2010 by Kensington Publishing Corp.. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Yours for Eternity 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 54 reviews.
skyryd More than 1 year ago
The paranormal romances have been very interesting to me lately and I was desperate for new reading material so I picked this up without looking at it too closely. Many times these collections have some good material in them and some not-so-good. I was happily surprized to find all three stories extremly entertaining. Each one was different, each author wrote in a style that was engaging and I thouroghly enjoyed the entire book. I'm now going to search out books by each one of these authors and am exited to have some good new reading material to look forward to. This was a great way to experience three authors that had not been in my reading repertoire before now.
Phyl12 More than 1 year ago
These are really good short love stories. Also, they are vampire stories but as usual, hannah writes good happy endings
Cullen18 More than 1 year ago
great love vampire romance!
ErocticTreasures More than 1 year ago
I just could not put this book down, all 3 stoires were so so good and all 3 were Men were great VAMPIRE LOVERS.
MickeyC More than 1 year ago
Loved it. Thank you Alexandra Ivy, Hannah Howell, Kaitlin O'Riley
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved all the stories and wasn't ready for any of them to end.
tigerlilly_liz More than 1 year ago
~ 4 Yours For Eternity Stars ~ I read this book a long time ago. It got me interested in reading Hannah Howell and Alexandria Ivy’s books, unfortunately I did not enjoy Kaitlin O’Riley’s story. At the time I read this I was not reviewing, now I am and have re-read Yours For Eternity. I loved Highland Blood & Taken by Darkness. I could not bring myself to re-read Immortal Dreams. Each story takes place in the past and they don’t play a part in the series, so easily they can standalone. If you have not tried out the Guardians of Eternity by Alexandra Ivy or the MacNachton Vampire by Hannah Howell, then this will give you a great taste of the series and writing by these two authors.  5/5 Stars - Highland Blood by Hannah Howell This is part of Hannah Howell’s MacNachton Vampire series, but can be read as a standalone. I loved re-visiting these characters. It has wet my appetite to go back and re-read this series. Even though this series and story are in the past I still enjoyed it. I’m not big on historical reads, but something about Hannah Howell’s writing makes it pleasurable. I like the spin she does on her Vampires. It’s intriguing and different. Both characters work well together and you feel the love and understanding.  5/5 Stars - Taken by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy This is part of Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series. It does not play a part in the series and can standalone. We get to meet Victor our Clan Chef in London and Juliet his mate. Juliet and Victor make an appearance in one of the earlier books and I was curious on how they hooked up. We get action, attraction and humor. Levet of course is in this and we get all the usual humor he brings with him. I loved revisiting the Guardians of Eternity world and this line was my favorite: "My home is here...in your heart. And nothing absolutely nothing, could please me more." 2/5 Stars - Immortal Dreams by Kaitlin O'Riley I tried, but could not bring myself to re-read or finish this one again. Did not like it the first time around. I don’t like women who can’t make there own decisions and who are fainting lily’s. Immortal Dreams was not for me. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
3 stories of vampires in love, written by 3 different authors. All 3 stories are set in the past, way in the past. Alexandra Ivy's "Taken by Darkness" was the best one, in my opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love reading Hannah Howell. I been reading her for about 20 years now and her books are great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All three stories are good. The three writing styles vary in a nice sort of way. MY FAVORITE WOULD be the first story.
AshleyRB76 More than 1 year ago
This book is great. Couldn't put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago