Yours to Keep

Yours to Keep

by Serena Bell
4.0 31

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Yours to Keep 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Growing up in miami, this happens everyday. Great book.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
A sweet, touching romance… Ana Travares is an illegal immigrant. She tutors high school students and adults in Spanish. Her visa expired when she was a young child and never renewed as her mother was too ill to do so and then died leaving her 16 year old son to raise two younger sisters. They have lived under the radar ever since, to avoid deportation to the Dominican Republic. Ana came here young enough to now be assimilated to her new country. She has no memories of life in her country of birth. She once trusted a man with her secret, a man she was involved with, who ran away after learning her status and so trust does not come easy. There is something about Ethan that draws her and gets her to take a chance. But being what she is can she fit into his world? Ethan Hansen is a pediatrician with a teenage son. He lost his wife years ago. His son Theo is at the rebellious stage and Ethan is having difficulties getting through to him until he hires a Spanish tutor, a woman he rescued, who brought out his protective instincts on the day they met. Ana breaks through Theo’s shell and also brings life back to Ethan. The more he learns about her the more he wants her but when the truth is learned will he stay the course?  This is a sweet touching romance of two people from diverse backgrounds falling in love and the issues they face. The author did well describing the problems that illegal immigrants face on a daily basis. There was though an overabundance of stereotyping that detracted from the story for this reader. I also wondered why as adults they never tried to see if they could legally change their status as they did not, and there was no intent to, enter the country illegally. I liked the banter between the hero and heroine; there was definite chemistry between them and each had a strong sense of family. Both were strong and independent characters. ARC provided by the publisher. 3.5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
romancenovelsincolor1 More than 1 year ago
A story that explores tnightmarish situation This is Ethan, Ana and Theo’s story. Ana is from the Dominican Republic; she moved to the US on a valid visa with her mother and older siblings. Her father was to follow shortly thereafter. Due to tragic and unforeseen circumstances, Ana loses her mother and the children are left to fend for themselves and their valid visa runs out and is not renewed. Ana finds work tutoring Spanish to high school students privately and adults in the mornings and evenings to earn money. She lives with her brother, sister and her three children. They are poor and all live in a two-bedroom apartment, trying their best not to be discovered by the authorities, or else all the adults will be deported back to their country of origin. Ana has lived like this for twenty years. Ethan is a widower raising his son, Theo. Trish, Theo’s mum died when he was around seven years old, and so he clearly misses the love of his mother. Ethan is a pediatrician and works long hours in a busy practice. They live in a nice area with a lovely home and neither Ethan or Theo wants for anything. Their only hardship is that their relationship has broken down because Ethan does not know how to reach out to his son, and his son feels neglected by him. Ethan comes to Ana’s rescue when her superior tries to blackmail her after he becomes aware or surmises the true status (undocumented) of her stay in the US. Ethan and Ana’s journey to love commences when Ethan hears a commotion and goes to investigate. This then leads to Ana tutoring Theo who becomes instrumental in bringing Ethan and Ana together. The story explores the nightmarish situation of what it is like to be an undocumented person in the US; all the fears and hardships that need to be dealt with. I enjoyed the story, it was beautifully told. However, I felt the pace of the story could have been a lot quicker and I felt disappointed that although the couple’s feelings for each other were very strong they were not able to be more honest and open about their feelings and insecurities regarding the relationship and Ana’s true legal status. Regardless of that, the story was very romantic and has a happy ending! Definitely worth a read! -Reviewed by Marcia
kitkat-loves-to-read More than 1 year ago
A Story that will warm your heart. Ana Travares U.S visa expired when she was a young girl. Now as a adult she lives her life guarded always looking over her shoulder and living with the fear she will be sent back to Dominican Republic. Her heart was broken by a man who she thought loved her but as soon as he knew she was not in the U.S. legally he broke up with her. Scared to let another man get close to her she built up walls around her heart to protect her. Working a few different jobs to help out her family is not easy with no I.D of any kind. Ethan Hansen is a amazing pediatrician great with his patience but when it comes to his own teen age soon nothing seems to help him. Ethan being told his son dropped out of Spanish when he forged his dads name to do so, decides to hire a Spanish tutor. Ana seems to bring out something in both Theo and Ethan that has been missing for awhile. Hiring Ana seemed to bring father and son closer. The chemistry between Ana and Ethan is amazing they cannot seem to stay away from each other. Ana brings out a strong feeling lust and protectiveness that Ethan hasn't felt sense his wife passed away. Finding out that Ana was not a U.S. citizen has him devastated. He tries to figure out a way to help her stay not only to help herself but to help him save the woman he has fallen in love with. Must read book! it was sweet and sexy. You will love Ethan! ARC was giving to me in an exchange for a honest review by Netgalley
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Realistic story line! Ethan is a widower, a father to a teenage boy, and a Pediatrician. Everything he is does not stop him from being super sexy in words and deeds with Ana. Just hearing him say naughty words to Ana was a huge turn on. They have the most amazing chemistry. The whole background to this story is Ana's illegal citizenship and how she, her family, and eventually Ethan and his son, deal with it. It's about lies, fear, honesty, love, and family. Thank you Serena Bell for a fantastic read. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The love story in this book is to die for!! The author really made thus book come to life by the language she used!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written and great character development. The topic of immigration was well thought out. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the characters, especially Ethan! I am such a hopeless romantic. Looking forward to rasding another one of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good book. Cheap buy. Definitely worth it!!!
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
I picked this book to read as it sounded different. I was right. Serena did a fantastic job of covering a couple of unmentionable problems. They are mixed color families and illegal immigrants. Ana' s family was left alone when their mother died. They fly under the radar but are always looking over their shoulder and can't relax. Ethan is the Upper Class white doctor, father of one son and a widower. He saves Ana from a letch who is blackmailing her and then they start dating. There is lots of tension in both families. He loves her and she loves him but they hold it inside. It all breaks loose on Thanksgiving. I hated to put this down.It just flowed so smoothly. Please read this book!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
The fear of deportment for an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic threatens to become reality, until her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue she is cornered by her manipulating boss. Not only has pediatrician Ethan Hansen helped her out of a bad spot, but Ana now has the opportunity to return the favor by tutoring Ethan’s rebellious son in Spanish. The story of their growing love is filled with joy, heartache and the likelihood that they can never be together. Yours to Keep by Serena Bell is a heart-warming love story of two lonely people from different worlds who must fight against odds in an attempt to find happiness. Will the forces working against them be too much? Should they fear the government removing Ana from the country, separating this pair or will her family plunge the final wedge to drive them apart? Serena Bell has written with feeling and depth, creating a very realistic world for her characters to live in. Ethan is truly a hero. Ana is far from a weak damsel in distress, she is strong, intelligent, but in a precarious situation as an illegal immigrant in this country, even though she fights every step of the way to earn her keep and independence while staying under the radar. Ms. Bell has penned a wonderful romance filled with just the right mix of tension, heat and emotion. I received an ARC edition from Loveswept in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Living your life filled with fear sounds like a terrible way to go through your day, but that is how Ana and her family live. Living in America and not being able to enjoy all of the rights and privileges most Americans take for granted must be very hard. Ms Bell is able to draw you into this existence with grace.  Neither, Ana nor Ethan is really living a full life. They are each missing connections in their lives. Ethan has withdrawn because his wife died and has lost connection with his son and has no life outside of his medical practice. Ana has her family and her students, but her livelihood is always on the edge of complete collapse. When Ethan steps in to defend Ana from being harassed and propositioned she is shocked that someone has taken stepped in. Ethan and Ana are taken by surprise by their reactions to each other. They are both strong, in control and caring characters. Ms Bell has a wonderful way of creating characters you instantly care for. The story of their love, the struggles of combining two such diverse worlds is realistically and sensitively done. I loved this Knight on a white charger book!  I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
Ana is from the Dominican Republic and has been in the United States since she was a little girl. She never got her visa renewed and is illegally in the country. She works tutoring others in Spanish or English. They wanted her to fill out the CORI "Criminal Offender Record Information" which she couldn't do. A man helped her to get out of the office and asked her if she tutored for Spanish because his son Theo needed one. Ana got Ethan's address and set a time to start tutoring. Ethan is a pediatrician and while working he can't get Ana off his mind, since his wife died years ago and he hasn't dated much. Ana tries to hide her feelings Ethan because she knows it can't last, if she gets caught she will be deported. Ethan finally talks Ana into going out with him and they can't keep there hand to themselves. Ana's brother threatens Ethan to break things off or he will hurt his son. Ana is heartbroken and doesn't understand. Ana's nephew has a football accident and she calls Ethan. He told her to get him to the hospital, he needed surgery. Ethan saved Ana's nephew life and her brother came clean. Told her what he said to Ethan and Ana goes ballistic. Ana and Ethan have some hurtles to go through but they have there happy ever after.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Yours to Keep was a great story with an endearing romance, strong sexual chemistry and a moral lesson to boot. Ethan, oh Ethan, might just be the perfect man. He accepts Ana for who she is and doesn't judge her by her social economical status or her differences. There is no other way to describe Ana but strong. She faces what ever comes her way and takes it head on for the benefit of her family. She also is a devoted and talented teacher. This is the first book I've read by Serena Bell, but it won't be my last. She writes characters that you'd want to call your friends. This is a true love story where two people finding happiness in each other and not the person they want each other to become. Yours to Keep was a charming, emotional enriching romance with insight into the life of illegal immigrants.  I received this ARC copy of Yours To Keep from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication November 11, 2013. Written by: Serena Bell Print Length: 323 pages Publisher: Loveswept  Publication Date: November 11, 2013 Rating: 4 Stars Genre: Contemporary Romance Age Recommendation: Adult
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
Great love story! My first book by Serena Bell but will definitely not be my last! I really enjoyed the take my breath away romance between Ethan and Ana. Their immediate attraction and the build up of their relationship was easy to believe and to root for their success! Ethan Hansen (or Dr. Handsome as his patients' mothers call him) was a gorgeous, tall, powerfully built, kind, pediatrician raising his teenaged son as a single dad after his wife died. He had mostly kept to himself and focused on his son, Theo, and his practice. Looking for a Spanish tutor for his son he inadvertently comes upon Ana in a dangerous situation and intervenes, but wonders if it is her who has rescued him. He tries to maintain a professional distance but can't get the sexy Ana out of his head. Bell's heroine, Ana Travares, is from the Dominican Republic and still in the states despite her expired VISA. She helps support her brother, sister, nephews and niece by teaching ESL classes and tutoring students in Spanish. Ms. Bell gives a very realistic account of the fear of being found out and sent away from your family, the lengths one must go to in order to keep yourself and your family safe, the sacrifices that must be made. Ana is also very drawn to Theo's dad, but knows getting involved with him would make it hard to maintain the low profile necessary to keep her family safe. This was in parts a very eye-opening, realistic and heart-wrenching story, but also a very touching, romantic story of two people from different worlds falling in love. Ethan and Ana were fun together, both have a great sense of humor and Ethan was quite verbal and direct about what he wanted - I love a man who is good with his mouth! Ethan's son Theo's character was a strong addition to the story as well. All in all this was very well written and difficult to put down. *I received this ebook free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I love love love this book. I always like coming across new authors to add to my most loved list and Serena Bell is my new addition. In this book the author writes a wonderful love story that deals with realistic everyday issues. Perhaps not issues in everyone's lives but for those affected by immigration issues and biracial loves, they can face overwhelming obstacles that most of never give thought to. The story of Ethan (upper middle class doctor) and Ana (undocumented immigrant)is heartwarming and thought provoking. It is also a read everyone should enjoy. Well done Ms. Bell
Gina_M More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable, quick read The United States is seen as the land of opportunity. For many, coming here was the best move they could have made for their family. For others, however, the move to America may become anything but the “promised land.” This story was a little different than the usual romance. We were given a glimpse into the struggles illegal immigrants are faced with every day. It was a little slow in spots but overall a touching love story where cultural differences should not stand in the way of true love. No car, no paper trail and avoiding direct questions is how Ana Travares and her family have stayed under the radar for the past 20 years. They have been living in the fear of being deported back to the Dominican Republic. They came to the US legally but circumstances that happened when their mother died has left them with expired Visa’s. Ana is working as a Spanish tutor and adult ESL teacher to help take care of her family, but it never seems to be enough. As a pediatrician, Ethan Hansen is great with his patients. At home, it’s a daily struggle with his 15 year old son, Theo. Since his wife died, 8 years ago, he really isn’t “living” and doesn’t have much of a relationship with his son. They don’t communicate well and seem to have a disconnect. When Ethan hires Ana as Theo’s Spanish tutor, everything begins to change between Ethan and Theo. Ethan discovers he has feelings for Ana and Theo comes out of his shell and begins to open up more and more about his feelings. They both are happier when she is around. Things were going great until Ana’s freedom is threatened and the circumstances that pursue threaten to destroy their happiness. Ethan will do anything to protect Ana and their journey together is both touching and emotional. Persistence, tolerance and acceptance……true love is unconditional. ARC courtesy of Loveswept via NetGalley