Yours Truly, Thomas

Yours Truly, Thomas

by Rachel Fordham


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For three years, Penny Ercanbeck has been opening other people's mail. Dead ends are a reality for clerks at the Dead Letter Office. Still she dreams of something more--a bit of intrigue, a taste of romance, or at least a touch less loneliness. When a letter from a brokenhearted man to his one true love falls into her hands, Penny seizes this chance to do something heroic. It becomes her mission to place this lost letter into the hands of its intended recipient.

Thomas left his former life with no intention of ending up in Azure Springs, Iowa. He certainly didn't expect a happy ending after what he had done. All he wanted to do was run and never look back. In a moment of desperation, he began to write, never really expecting a reply.

When Penny's undertaking leads her to the intriguing man who touched her soul with his words, everything grows more complicated. She wants to find the rightful owner of the letter and yet she finds herself caring--perhaps too much--for the one who wrote it.

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ISBN-13: 9780800735388
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/02/2019
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 123,915
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Rachel Fordham is the author of The Hope of Azure Springs. She started writing when her children began begging her for stories at night. She'd pull a book from the shelf, but they'd insist she make one up. Finally, she paired her love of good stories with her love of writing and hasn't stopped since. She lives with her husband and children on an island in the state of Washington.

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Yours Truly, Thomas 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
KrisAnderson_TAR 7 hours ago
I enjoyed going back to Azure Springs in Yours Truly, Thomas. The residents of the town are welcoming to newcomers. It is like visiting old friends. Penny Ercanbeck works in the Dead Letter Office where they try to get letters to their intended destinations. She is particularly taken with love letters and dreams of having a man write to her one day. When Thomas’s letters to Clara come across her desk, they touch her heart. She feels like she knows Thomas and wants to help him. Penny ends up traveling to Azure Springs where she takes up residence in Margaret Anders yellow boarding house. What follows is a sweet story that will touch your heart. I thought Yours Truly, Thomas was well-written, and it progressed at a gentle pace. I enjoyed the letters that were interspersed throughout. Lettering writing is a lost art today which is such a shame. I remember looking forward to getting correspondence when I was younger (pen pals). Penny’s dog, Honeysuckle (aka Honey) is a sweetie who provides comfort to Penny as well as a listening ear. Honey’s antics in Azure Springs had me chuckling (and happy my dogs do not like mud). Penny’s first encounter with Thomas as well as her second provided plenty of giggles. I always enjoy a book that brings out a variety of emotions as did Yours Truly, Thomas. I like how Thomas’s backstory was slowly revealed. As I got to know him, I understood why God led him to Azure Springs and why Penny was sent to aid him. Friendship, understanding, love, forgiveness, grief, family drama, heartache and humor in one thoughtful, heartfelt story called Yours Truly, Thomas.
FHlady 13 hours ago
Penny Ercanbeck is a clerk in the Dead Letter Office in Washington DC. Her job is to try and return letters that have been misaddressed or the person has moved to the correct person. When she comes across a set of love letters from a Thomas to his love, Clara, it sets her life in a direction she never expected to go. She wanted to have a love and receive letters just like Thomas was writing. There were so many things to like about this book. I loved revisiting the town of Azure Springs, Iowa. It was filled with an old time small town feel and warm, caring and supportive citizens who definitely looked out for one another. Margaret the B&B keeper was such a wise and motherly figure to both Penny and Thomas. Honey was a rascal of a dog who added humorous touches throughout the book. Add in a very unlikeable villain who spent his time drunk, badgering the townspeople, or picking on his wife. Finally, a sweetly developing romance between Penny and Thomas that made me want to cheer for them as they overcame the obstacles that beset them. And topping this all off the unique use of letters throughout the book. Fordham also included a good spiritual thread that depicted the growth that both Penny and Thomas made as they learned self-forgiveness and dependence on God's will. Penny's father's gems of wisdom were also a delightful touch. Put this all together, and Rachel Fordham created a read that I couldn't put down. This book reads well alone even if you have not read Fordham's first book, The Hope of Azure Springs.
Phyllis4707 2 days ago
This was a wholesome romance novel with a side order of mystery, and while reading you can't help but hope everything will work out happily ever after. No spoilers here - but the story is well-plotted, the main characters are three-dimensional, and the premise is engaging. Beginning in 1883 Washington, D.C., 22-year-old Penny works at the dead letter office where her job is to try to track down the recipients. When she comes across several undelivered eloquent, apologetic letters to a young woman (Clara) from a man (Thomas) in the Iowa town of Azure Springs, she makes it her mission to track down Clara and deliver the letters. After learning about Clara's whereabouts, the naive and romantic Penny travels to Azure Springs to find Thomas. The theme of writing and letters continues throughout the novel, with an undercurrent of faith and healing. Thanks to LibraryThing and Revell - @RevellBooks - for a copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
Teadrinker 2 days ago
Penny Ercanbeck was once a member of the local high society. After her father passed away and her finances dwindled, Penny went to work in the dead letter office. Penny has a romantic view of life and sometimes longs for the letters she reads to come to a happy conclusion. When she comes across a letter from Thomas to his true love, Clara, she seeks to find the lost letter's home and reunite the lovers. However, Penny's search to find Clara turns out a little different then she expected. You will want to find out about Penny's search in Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham. Yours Truly, Thomas is a sweet historical romance that you won't want to miss. I enjoyed this second book in The Hope of Azure Springs series. I truly enjoyed getting to know the characters and watching them make changes in their lives. I also enjoyed reading some of this story through the various letters in the book. I felt like as the reader, I could get in on a little of Penny's fun. I thought the plot was different than other books and I liked that a lot. One of the other aspects that I especially liked about this book is the spiritual aspect and how the characters made some spiritual growth and they also grew to be a little better people through some of their challenges. I think that can be an encouragement to anyone reading the book. I confess that I was also drawn to the Yours Truly, Thomas cover and I am glad I was. I liked how the artist depicted Penny. Now I am looking forward to more books in this series. I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a review and all opinions are my own.
amybooksy 2 days ago
Yours Truly, Thomas is a great read. This is the first tine I have heard of the Dead Letter Office. So, it was fun to learn something new. I enjoyed getting to know Penny and admired her determination to find the recipient of the dead letters. I found her story to be entertaining. Yours Truly, Thomas gets five stars from me. I highly recommend this book for readers who love sweet and clean historical fiction. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
Phyllis_H 3 days ago
Living hope from the Dead Letter Office My rating is 4.5 stars While this isn't the first time I've heard of the Dead Letter Office, it is probably the first time I paid attention to what it would be like and what happens there. I loved learning about the people who are letter detectives, trying to figure out how to correctly redirect a misdirected letter or package. And, oh, how I loved the characters! Combining tender moments with light humor, spiritual growth, and elements of mystery and danger, Ms. Fordham has written a story I highly recommend for readers of Christian historical fiction. Read my review of Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham at I was given a copy of this book. I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review. All comments and opinions are my own.
cristal6 3 days ago
This was a truly enjoyable book. It didn’t take me long to get into it – and then I couldn’t put it down. You get caught up in the lives of Penny and Thomas. They both have pasts that they are running from and are in need of facing and dealing with them. Then Thomas’ life takes a turn for the worse after he buys the Old Dawson place. A neighbor will stoop to nothing to get rid of him. Of course, it comes to a climax at the end. The sweet part of this whole book is Penny loves to read letters. That is what she did before she came to Azure Springs. So, the question remains, will they get together? If it is up to the boarding house owner, Margaret, the answer is yes. But you will need to read the book to find that out! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for this review.
parmilespages 3 days ago
Penny Ercanbeck works in the dead letter office in Washington D.C. Her job title seems to describe both her job and her current life. Left without anything after her father’s death, she is forced to leave her privileged life and make a living for both herself and her mother. Living vicariously through the letters she reads, she dreams of having her own life of romance. Then one day a letter from a brokenhearted man named Thomas, to his beloved Clara back home, catches her imagination and she becomes bent on making sure Clara receives the letters intended for her. The quest of finding Clara leads Penny on a mission of her own of self-discovery and love. I thought this was a creative plot and clever story line. The setting leads the reader to Azure Springs the same location as Rachel Fordham’s pervious book, The Hope of Azure Springs. Although some of the same characters appear in the story, this book is independent of the pervious book and can be read on its own. There were a good variety of characters, such as the villain, the best friend and confidante, the noisy and meddlesome older woman, the disobedient dog, etc. which added dimension to the narrative as they interacted with the two main characters. The romance was sweet and innocent and it unfolded in a serendipity way. The story was a bit slow at mid point in the book, as I was anxious for Penny to reveal who she was and why she came to Azure Springs. There was also a bit of mystery to the plot when unexplained incidents take place on Thomas’s newly purchased farm. I thought this was a great story and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes historical romance.
BirdhouseBooks 4 days ago
It all starts at the dead letter office with a lost letter ... Penny Ercanbeck's story begins in 1883 in Washington, D.C. She is working as a clerk at the dead letter office. Her job is to read letters that have not reached their recipient and send them on to their rightful owner if possible. She finds a letter from a man named Thomas Connor. He writes to a woman named Clara whom he loved and lost. There are more letters from Thomas to Clara that follow. Since Clara's address is nearby Alexandria, Virginia, Penny makes a day trip to try to return the letters. When that proves impossible, she decides to travel to Azure Springs, the small town where Thomas has relocated. She realizes her interest has grown beyond the letters to the man who wrote them. I wanted to read Yours Truly, Thomas from the description. I have always loved letters and love epistolary novels. I find the idea of a dead letter office with someone long ago sorting and redirecting mail fascinating. Penny is a very likeable character. She's kind and genuinely cares about others (perhaps to the extent of taking her job a bit TOO seriously!). She has had a difficult time since her father's death, and has tried to turn her life around with her work and friends. She even has a lovable dog named Honey (short for Honeysuckle). Thomas is also a very sympathetic character. He has endured a tragic loss and moved to rebuild his life. The connection between Penny and Thomas is immediate, and I enjoyed their interactions. That said, I did get a bit frustrated with Penny with her lack of directness. I wish she would have been more forthcoming with Thomas about her reason for being in Azure Springs. Which brings me to Azure Springs -- what a delightful little town! I enjoyed reading about it - the boarding house, the town dance, the caring, small town atmosphere. Yours Truly, Thomas is inspirational fiction, and fans of Christian historical fiction will enjoy this novel with a unique setting and premise.
MelissaF 6 days ago
This was a nice read. I enjoyed Penny’s spirit and her determination. At times she came across a bit immature but I think as the book went along that changed and she developed more into a woman. Thomas had a backstory I was dying to know more about. Who was he before he came to Azure Springs and what happened with Clara? The other characters in Azure Springs adds interest and life to the story. A copy of this book was given to me through the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Perrianne 7 days ago
Penelope “Penny” Ercanbeck works in the dead letter post office in Washington DC. After her father’s death leaves Penny and her mother rather destitute, she has been forced to work. She actually enjoys working in the dead letter office. Her best friend and co-worker, Dinah is always there to encourage her. Her mother would like for her to move in with her uncle who is very controlling and looking for a “good match” for her. Penny is looking for love and romance and wants no part of her mother and uncle’s schemes. She comes across some fascinating letters that a man named Thomas writes to his fiancée, Clara. After she reads a few letters that Thomas wrote to Clara, she begins a mission to bring the two back together. But that mission will prove to be more difficult than she could ever imagine. Return to the bygone days of the hand written letter. The words of the author are not so important as the feeling and warmth of the letter writing that is sprinkled throughout the novel. Do you remember the days of writing letters? If not, come join the folks in Azure Springs and capture the long-lost art of the old -fashioned letter and how it can reach and touch people more than you would ever imagine. The richness and heart of the story are in Thomas’s letters that wind up in the dead letter area of the post office. These letters are truly life changing for both of them. This is a story of love and forgiveness and accepting that change as a gift from above. See how Thomas struggles to transform his life in an effort to become a better person. Penny’s life will also change as she saves a life and endangers her own life. Oh, and don’t forget about a cute little dog named Honeysuckle, nicknamed “Honey.” I have to admit that the beginning of the novel moved rather slowly for me. But as the letters were more prolific in the novel, I began to become more engrossed and had a better grasp of what the author was trying to get across through the letters. Note: The Hope of Azure Springs is Rachel Fordham’s debut novel and we do return to this quaint little town for this novel, but it certainly could easily be a stand-alone. However, I highly recommend the first novel, as you will miss meeting Em and Elizabeth and some other key characters from the first story. It’s a fabulous debut novel! 4.5 Stars I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
WifeandMomtoFive 8 days ago
I LOVED Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham! (In other words, I couldn't put it down and read it in 3 days!!!!! This is excellent historical fiction! Penny works in the dead letter office. This is the office where letters that cannot be delivered end up. It is up to those in the dead letter office to either find the intended recipient, or dispose of the letter. One day Penny reads a touching letter from Thomas to his love, Clara. She knows she must find Clara and even attempts to deliver the letter in person. However... No spoilers here. I throughly enjoyed Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham It is the first book I read by Rachel Fordham, but I will be on the lookout for more! It is an enjoyable historical fiction that captures the readers attention! I would HIGHLY recommend Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham!!! Beach reading, weekend reading, waiting for appointments reading, etc! I was given a free copy by the publisher for my honest review. I am more than trilled to do just that!
BookReviewerTG 8 days ago
I have become so enthralled with dead letters. What happened, where is the person who expected the letter to go through, and is there a mystery or an ending? But best of all Penny's job is to open other people's mail. Ahh many a dream come true! This book/story did not disappoint. I loved the story of Penny and Thomas. Penny is one of those women who is looking for a little excitement or mystery so when a dead letter comes across her desk and she opens a letter from Thomas. Thomas has sort.of given up on life. But, wait! there's more. Penny feels that the recipient of this letter needs to read this letter because Thomas pours his heart out on paper and writes a letter that explains his heart brokenness and it ends up in the dead letter office! Penny feels that this could be her mission to right something. She goes in search of the correct recipient of the letter and while on this mission she finds that she is falling for the writer of the letter. Such a wonderful, well written story. I loved it! And think you will too. *This book was provided for review by Revell Reads*
Belovedbrat 9 days ago
Title: Yours Truly, Thomas Author: Rachel Fordham Pages: 322 Genre: Christian Historical fiction Rating: 4 stars Can you fall in love with someone through letters? This was a question that I never really thought about till I read Yours Truly, Thomas. This new book by Rachel Fordham answered that question and then some. The dead letter office played a huge part in the story. I knew that the dead letter office was a modern thing I didn't realize that it had been a part of the USPS since almost the beginning. Apparently there have always been lost letters. Two of the characters are bought together thought a letter that ended up at the dead letter office. All in all, this book was a sweet read. I am looking forward future books from this author. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley as part of a blog tour. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
AngelN1 10 days ago
This is a sweet story. I enjoyed the main characters very much. As I enjoy books with letters, this was right up my alley, but the letters are judiciously spaced in the book so those that don't prefer this style can still enjoy the story. This is an historical romance, with a bit of mystery involved. It was easy reading, but I did find that the characters had substance and would stick with me, even though the story was predictable. I was fascinated to discover that there was once a Dead Letter Office, and I love that the author used that as a basis for this book. This is billed as Christian fiction, and while it is a very clean romance and does mention God, I didn't feel that it was overtly religious in content. This made for good light summer reading, and I did enjoy it. I received this book from the publisher, Revell, for the purpose of writing a review, but all opinions are my own.
Bringingupbooks 10 days ago
I simply cannot get over how effortlessly lovely this book is! Yours Truly, Thomas was a like a breath of fresh air! Not only was this plot completely captivating, but the characters in this story are heartwarming and genuine with deeply felt emotions that leave the pages and settle on your heart.
KiahJT 11 days ago
5 stars Yours Truly, Thomas is just an incredible book, I read the first one in this series last year and loved it. I was so beyond thrilled to be able to receive the second one set once again in Azure Springs, Iowa. If you haven’t read the first one in the series, do not let that stop you from reading this one. Yours Truly, Thomas can be read as a stand-alone. I absolutely adored Penny, Mae, Millie, Thomas and Margaret and Penny’s mud loving dog Honeysuckle. Rachel Fordham has an incredible way with words. I was drawn into the book, the characters and the town from the very first page. There is little better than an engaging, well-written clean book! I so highly recommend this book and I truly hope there will be more in this series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. The views given are my own. #YoursTrulyThomas #NetGalley
Anonymous 11 days ago
At first glance, Rachel Fordham's novel is a simple love story with a hint of mystery. And it is that. But there is another layer, thoughtful and pure, that I appreciated. Penny is a hopeless romantic when we meet her -- and she still is at the end of the book. But in between, she learns that there is so much more to love than fairy tale kisses and roses. She learns the role that both joy and hard times play in drawing two people close, and that no one's past defines them. Thomas is a mature hero, and even though he could have been fleshed out a bit, he's a gentleman and I liked him. The fact that he writes letters is pretty neat, too! And Margaret -- well, where would the world be without wise mentors to snap sense into characters who should know better? And chase muddy dogs out of the kitchen? The storyline is simple, as I said, and I caught a few typos/weaknesses in the spinning of the tale that kept it from being truly great in my opinion. Yours Truly, Thomas is a wholesome, altogether sweet story. If you're looking for a easy-on-the-eyes Western read with a different twist, maybe this one has your name on it!
swissgranny 12 days ago
From the dead letter office in Washington, D.C. to the plains of Azure Springs, Iowa, Rachel Fordham’s book Yours Truly, Thomas took me on a romantic adventure to remember. The settings are unusual and interesting, and I felt an urge to travel to Azure Springs and meet the people there. The main characters, Penny and Thomas, both have hurts and problems in their past to overcome, but they are engaging and well-drawn. The stellar cast of supporting characters adds flavor and color to the story. I especially liked Margaret with her managing, but loveable, ways. Fordham’s writing is descriptive, clear, and concise, and her idea of letting the letters tell part of the story was brilliant. Themes of redemption, faith, and forgiveness of self and others run through the tale and give it depth and an added dimension. With adventure, romance, a bit of suspense, and a whole lot of heart, this book is one to savor and enjoy. 4 ½ stars! I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Faye_reviews 13 days ago
Penny Ercanbeck has been opening and reading other people's letter as part of her job in Washington D.C. at the dead letter office. One day she comes across a letter addressed to a woman named Clara, from a man called Thomas in Azure Springs. She is intrigued by their tragic romance, and with each letter her interest grows, and she goes in search of the mysterious Clara, following her conclusions to Azure Springs and Thomas. Thomas began writing to Clara after a tragic accident as a means of coping, the last thing he was expecting was a reply. The story follows both Penny and Thomas as their paths grow ever closer to each other. Penny has many huge decisions in her future, she is a determined and compassionate person, her heart instantly goes out to the author of the letters to Clara. She is very clever and enjoys piecing together the clues in order to solve the mysteries that her job brings. Thomas was originally a businessman, but since ending up in Azure Springs he realizes that he enjoys working with his hands on the land. He is trying to come to terms with the tragedy that made him start writing the letters to Clara. He makes many friends in Azure Springs, who encourage this step in a different direction. Overall, a well paced plot with a lot going on and multiple characters, I really enjoyed returning to Azure Springs and seeing many familiar face, even though it is not strictly a sequel--more like a stand alone companion. Good interaction, and it really surprised me how much I liked it since, it did end up taking while for Thomas and Penny to meet in person. An enjoyable read, with great characters, and personal growth from Penny and Thomas. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
TrixiO 13 days ago
“You don’t want to miss the love that’s perfect for you just because you’re too busy searching for a fairy tale.” I’m fascinated with letter writing because it’s a skill that’s sadly lacking in today’s world, what with the instant communication of text or video chat, or FaceTime or any number of other things people use talk to each other. I find the old fashioned way of reading someone’s words on a page, ones they took time out of their day to sit and write, much more meaningful. So “Yours Truly, Thomas” was already a hit in my mind. Not only did the cover draw me in, but the beautifully penned words Fordham used to create a story kept me embedded in the pages. I also never knew the dead letter office existed. I can’t imagine so many letters without a proper place to send them to were destroyed! And neither can Penny, it seems, as an imagined love story she thinks needs reconciling leads her on an adventure in Azure Springs, Iowa. I loved the character growth of Thomas and Penny in this second installment of Rachel Fordham’s. That was the biggest complaint I had of “The Hope of Azure Springs” and I’m glad the author reconciled that in this one. To me, it’s the most important aspect of any story, seeing how the characters stretch and adapt to changes. Penny started out quite naïve about the world having grown up in a rich and well-to-do family. Circumstances eventually lead her to run far away from all she knows in pursuit of something better. Thomas wishes to outrun the man he had become and seek the solace of Azure Springs when his wagon broke down outside of town. Seeking solitude, he soon finds himself sinking in despair and haunted by his own poor choices. Only Margaret—the boarding house owner—sees something good in both of them. With her wisdom and practical advice, perhaps God had a hand through her in healing these two hearts and making them better people because of it. They definitely learned life-changing lessons and came out stronger for it. The lack of a stronger faith message was disappointing. Calling things “fate” was a bit off-putting for me in a story labeled as Christian fiction. I absolutely believe God has a hand in orchestrating all things in our lives. I saw Penny & Thomas trying to solve things on their own quite a bit throughout the story and it really made me wince. I NEED to see struggling characters rely on the Lord when things get rough because it gives me hope in my own struggles! I am in no way perfect about doing this ALL the time myself, so I really want to see imperfect characters relying on a perfect God for everything. That is my only complaint with “Truly Yours, Thomas”. I’m sure my own personal taste and level of a faith thread is different than other readers, so don’t let my review sway you from reading this. I like to say, be your own judge of a book; what appeals to me may not appeal to you and vise versa! I think it’s saying something on how good a book is when I sit down to read it and finish it that same day because I couldn’t put it down if I wanted to! “Truly Yours, Thomas” is an engaging & heartwarming accidental kind of love story where two people “meet” on a sheet of paper in the form of a letter, and it grows into something beautiful from there! I think you will fall in love right along with Thomas and Penny. *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own. *
vics49548 13 days ago
I loved returning to Azure Springs in this second book by author Rachel Fordham. I have been anticipating this story and I wasn’t disappointed at all. (If you haven’t read her first book, The Hope of Azure Springs, you really need to.) Fordham writes in a way that brings her characters to life. I’d love to visit Azure Springs and have coffee with the residents. They are so warm and welcoming I’d have to stay awhile. Penny is an upbeat romantic working in an office where she tries to piece together missing information so letters can find their way. It was fun to read about the dead letter office, which I didn’t know about. Trying to deliver letters to Thomas took her on a journey she didn’t expect. Penny was grieving loss, as was Thomas, and I enjoyed the way that Fordham realistically weaves in genuine faith, bringing them through trials and danger to healing and wholeness. A beautiful story of second chances, I highly recommend it. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
SarahSundin 15 days ago
With an intriguing concept, Yours Truly, Thomas delivers a sweet and appealing romance with a healthy dose of humor. Rachel Fordham‘s characters grapple with grief and guilt and becoming a new person, which adds depth and heart to this warm story. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and prepare to lose yourself in this delightful story.
MaureenST 15 days ago
We are back in Azure Springs, Iowa and have visits with former characters from The Hope of Azure Springs, and it is beginning to feel like home! We first meet Penny when she is working in the Dead Letter Office, a different sounding job, and they are on the lookout for valuables to the delight of the Government, but she is drawn to a letter from a man she has yet to meet, Thomas. Thomas is running from his past, but fate has placed him in Azure Springs, and he seems to like it here, but danger does lurk! Now fate enters with bold moves by Penny, and these two are places together, and you will have to see if a relationship can take place between these two. There are surprises here, and they keep unfolding right up to the end of this story, and you will be quickly immersed here. I for one would love to continue, and I thank the author for the epilogue! I received this book through LibraryThing, and was not required to give a positive review.
Shonda Fischer 15 days ago
A story that will peak your interest and pull you in, leaving you breathless! I loved Penny and her sweet character. Penny’s romantic heart and love for others pulled on my heart strings. Penny went through some pretty hard times but she cared more for a strangers hurt and despair. Rachel Fordham writes with feeling, taking her readers on a magical trip where love and friendship abounds. I found that I was holding my breath in anticipation to the events that were unfolding on the pages before me. A beautiful romance that kept me smiling along with the friendships forged along the way. A new author you want to keep your eyes on, her books are ranking high on reader’s list! Was given a complimentary copy from Revell. All opinions are my own.