Youth and Public Policy in Kyrgyzstan

Youth and Public Policy in Kyrgyzstan



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ISBN-13: 9781617700521
Publisher: Internationa Debate Education Association
Publication date: 09/12/2012
Pages: 130
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Table of Contents

List of Acronyms viii

Executive Summary 1

1 Background to Pilot Review 13

1.1 Rationale for the Pilot Review

1.2 Rationale for the Review in Kyrgyzstan

1.3 Approach and Methodology

1.4 Team Reflections on Drafting the National Report

1.5 Assumptions Underlying the Research Process

2 The Situation of Young People 23

2.1 Socioeconomic Challenges and Labor Migration

2.2 Education

2.3 Health Care

2.4 Corruption and Criminalization

2.5 Traditions and Values

2.6 Religion

2.7 Language

2.8 Access to Information

2.9 Conclusions

3 The Policy Context 54

3.1 The Broader Context

Geography: Mountains and the North-South Split

Demography: Youth Bulge and Ethnic Tensions

Political Context: Unpredictability as a Constant

Socioeconomic Context: Migration vs. Dependency

Culture and Gender: Working Women, Sustainable


3.2 Key Definitions Underpinning Policymaking

3.3 Visibility of Youth in Society

3.4 Rights and Responsibilities Addressed by Policies Pertaining to Youth

3.5 Needs of Young People Considered in Policies Pertaining to Youth

3.6 Conclusions

4 Policy Realities 92

4.1 Existence of Policies

4.2 Policy Implementation and Delivery

4.3 Policy Coverage and Equity

4.4 Recognition of Youth in Policy

4.5 Policy Coherence

4.6 Policy Alignment with Regional and International Frameworks

4.7 Evaluation and Monitoring of Policy

4.8 Conclusions

5 Impact of Policies, Particularly on Achievement of Young People's Rights 129

5.1 Observations on the Outcomes of Policy Implementation

5.2 Access to Rights and Opportunities Guaranteed by Policy

5.3 Effectiveness of Policy Implementation

5.4 Efficiency of Appropriated Resources

5.5 Youth Participation

5.6 Conclusions

6 Intersectoral Coordination and Cooperation in the Youth Policy Field 149

6.1 Existence and Implementation of National Action Plans for Youth Policies

6.2 Existence and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

6.3 Specific Intersectoral Coordination Mechanisms

6.4 Conclusions

7 Recommendations 159

Bibliography 164

Appendix I Field Research Plan/Interviews and Meetings 169

Appendix II About the Authors 174

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