Youth in Transition: Eastern Europe and the West

Youth in Transition: Eastern Europe and the West

by Ken Roberts, Kenneth Roberts



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ISBN-13: 9780230214446
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication date: 03/31/2009
Pages: 248
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About the Author

KEN ROBERTS is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work Studies at the University of Liverpool, UK. He is the author of many books, including Leisure and Lifestyle, Leisure in Contemporary Society 2e, Class in Modern Britain and The Leisure Industries. He is a former chair of the World Leisure Research Commission and he is currently president of ISA RC13 (Sociology of Leisure). He was a member of the HEFCE RAE Panels for Sports-Related Studies in 1996 and 2001.

Table of Contents

List of tables viii

List of boxes ix

Map of Europe x

1 Introduction 1

Eastern Europe and the west 5

Communism and post-communism 6

Youth's new condition in Eastern Europe 9

Studying youth 12

Issues in youth studies 14

Book plan and sources of evidence 17

2 Labour markets 19

Introduction 19

Shock therapy 20

Youth on the move 32

Winners 35

Summary and conclusions 41

3 Education 43

Introduction 43

Communist education 44

Euro-modernisation 48

Euro-convergence 52

The American alternative 54

The Americanisation of education in Eastern Europe 58

Gender in education and the labour market 67

Summary and conclusions: education and global youth in the 21st century 70

4 Individualisation and the reflexive self 72

Introduction 72

Individualisation 74

Reflexivity 77

Post-communism 82

Persistent systemic inequalities 86

Summary and conclusions: structured individualization 94

5 Housing and family transitions and gender divisions 96

Introduction 96

A brief history of western practices 96

Eastern Europe 100

Crisis 108

Gender 113

Summary and conclusions, and the contemporary relevance of the transition paradigm 117

6 Leisure 120

Introduction 120

Online youth 121

The legacy of the 1990s 123

Young people's leisure in post-communist Eastern Europe 125

The reforms: the leisure debits 131

Youth cultures 136

The stratification of youth lifestyles 140

Endnote 144

Summary and conclusions 145

7 Class divisions 147

Introduction 147

What is class? 147

Classes under communism 152

Class structure and social change in the west 156

Class in Eastern Europe after communism 160

Young people in the newclass systems 162

Class and political representation 164

Summary and conclusions 68

8 Politics 170

Introduction 170

Young people and politics under communism 171

1989 and what happened afterwards 173

Political generations in Eastern Europe and the west 179

The class of'89 182

Disengaged and disaffected 188

Youth in political action 191

Summary and conclusions: the historical inversion 193

9 Conclusions: global youth in the 21st century 196

Introduction 196

Under-employment 197

The expansion of education 199

Family relationships 201

De-constructed transitions 202

Youth cultures 204

Youth and politics 206

In conclusion 209

Bibliography 212

Index 236

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From the Publisher

... Ken Roberts is one of the senior 'statesmen' in UK youth research; his encyclopedic knowledge of political events, and their impact on young people since before the collapse of the Soviet Union is breathtaking.' – Canadian Journal of Sociology

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