Youthful Matters

Youthful Matters

by Johanne Arsenault


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Youthful Matters is a children's guide to living a happier and more compassionate life. The diverse topics include nature, diversity, respect, fear, charity, tolerance, reflection, and the overall fundamentals of a good life. This book is for children of all ages, and for the adults who read it to them, because we're never too old to learn. In order for the world to become a better place, we must first become better humans-better little humans. This book aims to break down barriers of judgment and misunderstanding by opening the minds and spirits of children and their parents and educators. With its accessible messages scattered with grains of ageless wisdom, Youthful Matters will affect its readers in many positive ways; everyone will be able to relate to the topics contained within, and everyone will feel encouraged to deeply consider how they act or react to other people in any given situation. The end result of this book is a vision of a gentler world, developed with patience over time and built upon our natural capacities for empathy and care. I'm launching the English and French version, Sujets Jeunesse, simultaneously. I will continue with Spanish and other languages in the near future....

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ISBN-13: 9781525530487
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 11/09/2018
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.08(d)

About the Author

Johanne Arsenault is a Canadian writer, mother, and grandmother. Always a conscientious person, she feels saddened when she witnesses certain human characteristics that she believes are the result of a lack of education or ignorance. Youthful Matters is not only based on her personal experiences, but also on those of her children, as well as her observations of the behaviors of others. Arsenault was brought to tears many times upon remembering the difficulties she overcame as a child. She did not have anyone to reassure her or explain possible solutions to her concerns. She had faith and hope that everything would be okay, because those were the survival tools she inherited from her parents. She hopes that Youthful Matters will serve as an educational tool and an emotional resource for children, helping them navigate their struggles with a heart of love and charity....

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