Youthoria: Adolescent Substance Misuse - Problems, Prevention and Treatment

Youthoria: Adolescent Substance Misuse - Problems, Prevention and Treatment

by Phil Harris


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ISBN-13: 9781905541829
Publisher: Russell House Publishing
Publication date: 01/31/2013
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements viii

Introduction ix

Who is this book for? xiii

Chapter 1 How Common is Substance Use in Young People? 1

Introduction 1

Historical trends 2

Prevalence rates of tobacco, alcohol and drug use 4

Prevalence of alcohol and drug related problems 11

Variation in substance use across cultures 15

Informal cultural control of use 19

Young people's use and the media 22

Variation within cultures 25

How young people acquire drugs and alcohol 31

Summary 33

Chapter 2 What is Adolescent Development? 34

Introduction 34

The evolution of the modern family 34

Perspectives on adolescent development 37

Parent and adolescent interactions 39

Developmental processes of adolescence 44

Puberty: physical changes 45

Puberty: cognitive changes 47

Life tasks 50

Identity formation 56

Changing relationships 59

Developmental delay and substance use 61

Adolescent mental health 66

Summary 68

Chapter 3 How Do Substance Misuse Problems Develop? 71

Introduction 71

Models of cause and effect 72

Risk and protection factors 73

Key issues in risk and protection theory 76

Age of initiation 80

Gateway Theory 81

Substance abuse trajectories 84

Trajectories and mental health 88

Identifying sub-trajectories 93

Summary 97

Chapter 4 What is Problematic Use in Young People? 99

Introduction 99

Origins of diagnosis 100

Substance abuse 103

Dependence 106

Young people and diagnostic criteria 108

The rate of acquisition of substance-related problems 111

Screening 112

Comprehensive assessment: overview 116

Comprehensive assessment: dependence 117

Comprehensive assessment: social functioning 120

Comprehensive assessment: treatment planning 123

Future developments in diagnostic criteria 126

Summary 126

Chapter 5 Can Substance Use be Prevented in Young People? 128

Introduction 128

Prevention and education controversies 129

Defining drug and alcohol prevention and education 130

School-based approaches to prevention and education 131

College and university based approaches 138

Family based prevention approaches 142

Mass media campaigns 143

Diversionary programmes 146

Multilevel community approaches 148

Targeted interventions 150

The outcomes of prevention and education programmes 154

Core elements of effective programmes 160

Summary 163

Chapter 6 Does Treatment Work for Young People? 165

Introduction 165

Treatment outcomes with young people 167

What really matters in treatment? 175

Comprehensive treatment pathways 182

Specific modalities: Pharmacotherapy 183

Specific modalities: Controlled drinking programmes 187

Specific modalities: Motivational Interviewing 190

Specific modalities: Cognitive Behavioural and Behavioural approaches 192

Specific modalities: The Twelve Step Approach 196

Treatment matching interventions 197

Treatment for externalised disorders 200

Treatment for depression 202

Treatment for anxiety disorders 203

Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 204

Treatment for suicidal young people 205

Family involvement in treatment 206

Family involvement: motivating young people for treatment 207

Family involvement: family therapy 211

Family involvement: Family Conferencing and Network Therapy 215

Aftercare 217

Summary 221

Epilogue 223

References 226

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