YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 6: The Dark Tournament

YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 6: The Dark Tournament

by Yoshihiro Togashi
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YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 6: The Dark Tournament by Yoshihiro Togashi

The Four Beasts

They call themselves the Black Book Club: a consortium of billionaires who gained their wealth and power by dealing with evil demons. One of them has kidnapped a beautiful ice spirit named Yukina, tormenting her for the sake of her priceless crystal tears. Can the law-abiding entities of the Underworld tolerate this depravity? Of course not! That's why Yusuke, teenage delinquent and part-time Underworld Detective, has been dispatched to rescue Yukina and break up the Black Book Club.

Fighting alongside Yusuke is his friend and rival Kuwabara, who has fallen in love at first sight with Yukina. But if Kuwabara knew her family connections, he might not be so hot for the ice maiden. And Yukina's kidnapper isn't about to give her up without a fight. To destroy Yusuke and Kuwabara, he's hired nothing less than the Brokers of Darkness, demons so powerful that even the Underworld fears them. Yusuke and his friends are about to find themselves in the center of a demonic battle royale...

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ISBN-13: 9781421571386
Publisher: VIZ Media
Publication date: 11/26/2013
Series: YuYu Hakusho Series , #6
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 205
Sales rank: 546,701
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About the Author

Yoshihiro Togashi's manga career began in 1986 at the age of 20, when he won the coveted Osamu Tezuka Award for new manga artists. He debuted in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1989 with the romantic comedy Tende Shôwaru Cupid. From 1990 to 1994 he wrote and drew the hit manga YuYu Hakusho, which was followed by the dark comedy science-fiction series Level E and the adventure series Hunter x Hunter. In 1999 he married the manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yu Yu Hakusho is the best manga ever. His goofy rival, gone friend, Kuwabara can never beat him in a fight, but that doesn't stop him from trying. In the sixth installment of the series Yusuke has to compete in the Dark Tournamentto beat the most evil demon (that used to be human) that he has ever seen. All he has to do is defeat his opponent witout dieing! But, he has to wake up before he does anything! With his team of Hiei, Kurama (both of which are demons), Kuwabara, and the mysterious Masked Fighter, he may stand a fighting chance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buy Yu Yu Hakusho the SECOND you can get your hands on it,it is mega awesome!!!!!! The characters (especially the two demons, Hiei and Kurama) are MEGA-intense, the action is everywhere and always rocking, and you'll find comedy in the oddest places! A must-have for the actin fan in everyone!