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Z: Zombie Stories

Z: Zombie Stories

5.0 2
by J. M. Lassen, Scott Edelman, James Lackey, Joe McKinney, Catherynne M. Valente

When the zombie apocalypse comes, it's not just those crusty old folks who will struggle against the undead, it's the young people. What happens when you come of age during the zombie apocalypse? Z: Zombie Stories has the answer to that question.

Z: Zombie Stories gathers together some of the hottest zombie fiction of the last two decades, from authors


When the zombie apocalypse comes, it's not just those crusty old folks who will struggle against the undead, it's the young people. What happens when you come of age during the zombie apocalypse? Z: Zombie Stories has the answer to that question.

Z: Zombie Stories gathers together some of the hottest zombie fiction of the last two decades, from authors including Kelly Link, Jonathan Maberry, and Catherynne M. Valente. These stories focus on those who will inherit a world overrun with the living dead: a young man who takes up the family business of dealing with the undead, a girl struggling with her abusive father...who has become a zombie, a poet who digs up the wrong grave, and a Viking maiden imprisoned with the living dead...

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
When the zombie apocalypse comes, it's teens who will inherit the Earth. That's one thought readers can take away from this eclectic collection of 10 reprints and one new story featuring young adult protagonists dealing with all manner of zombies. Offerings range from the slice-of-life (such as Darrell Schweitzer's "The Dead Kid," which is suggestive of a more horrific version of Stand By Me) to the stomach-churning (Marie Atkins' "Seven Brains, Ten Minutes," which pushes its narrator past the point of no return). Nina Kiriki Hoffman's "The Third Dead Body" imagines a lifeline connecting those who have been murdered by the same hand, and Scott Edelman's "The Human Race" is a provocative look at what it means to be alive when those we love are dead. Leading things off is Jonathan Maberry's post-apocalyptic novella, "Family Business," which was recently expanded into the full-length Rot & Ruin; original to this collection is Thomas Roche's "Deepwater Miracle," which stages a zombie attack at sea. Often gruesome and frequently disturbing, this anthology isn't for the fainthearted, reading more as a collection of stories about teens than ones expressly written for them. Ages 14-up.
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
VOYA - Deborah Cooper
Z: Zombie Stories is an anthology of short stories gathered over the past two decades representing noteworthy authors in the field, such as Hugo and Nebula Award winner Kelly Link and Bram Stoker Award winners Jonathan Mayberry and Nina Kiriki Hoffman. The stories run the gamut of gore and contain hard-core depictions of violent killing, suicide, and sexual abuse. Underlying themes touch on friendship, dating, loss, and family relationships all within various dead-rising backdrops. Some settings are based on apocalyptic scenarios, and others are more intimately focused on one or two characters. Of the eleven stories presented, there are a few standouts. "The Wrong Grave" lifts the collection with some ironic humor, and "The Barrow Maid" is a well-crafted Viking tale with a twist. However, given the caliber of contributors, the majority of the stories are surprisingly weak and poorly executed. Many of them simply feel unfinished. Others are variations on the dead-turned-zombie-from-virus theme, with little to distinguish between them. Too many stories are stylistically bland, with an overreliance on profanity for impact. The authors missed opportunities for innovation and play it very straight. What could have been a fun and entertaining dip into the genre, with tongue-in-cheek and ironic humor, takes itself too seriously and remains steadfastly grim. The many graphically written scenes, especially those depicting abuse and killing, push the boundaries of tastefulness without any obvious purpose. Overall, this anthology is both lackluster and stomach churning, with limited appeal except for all but the most avid of zombie fans. Reviewer: Deborah Cooper
Library Journal
What is it like to grow up during the zombie apocalypse? That's the intriguing theme of this YA anthology. In Jonathan Maberry's "Family Business," a boy learns the art of killing zombies from his big brother, while in Nina Kiriki Hoffman's "The Third Dead Body," a young woman explores her feelings after becoming one of the walking dead. Other contributors include Catherynne M. Valente, Christine Morgan, Scott Nicholson, and Kelly Link. VERDICT Adult zombie fans will also want to read these 11 stories that offer original ways of approaching an increasingly popular horror topic.
Kirkus Reviews
Another anthology shambles onto the zombie bandwagon. This predominantly reprint collection sets a high bar for quality when it opens with Jonathan Mayberry's stellar "Family Business," which was rewritten as the opening of Rot & Ruin (2010). Starting an anthology with by far its best offering, sadly, makes all the other entries suffer in comparison. Despite the unflattering basis for comparison, there's plenty of solid brain-eating goodies here, from Kelly Link's tale of a boy who screws up exhuming his dead girlfriend to Nina Kiriki Hoffman's upsetting and sharply graphic tale of an abused and murdered teen prostitute looking for her own sort of closure. Scott Nicholson's "You'll Never Walk Alone" ruins a perfectly good zombie horror with its stereotypes of Appalachians as ignorant, racist hicks who can't decide if zombism is an "Aye-rab bug" or plague of sinners whose "souls are roasting under Hell." Other contributors successfully mine the gore and grotesquerie of undeath for Viking feminist empowerment tales (Christine Morgan), poignant stories of shambling love (Catherynne M. Valente), pirate adventures (Thomas S. Roche) or just gleefully gross thrills (Marie Atkins). For those zombie enthusiasts who haven't already collected the other anthologies in which most of these were previously published. (Horror. 14 & up)

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Z: Zombie Stories 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The entire book, huh? As to what, a third of it?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book i have the entire book here at home