Zaremba: or Love and the Rule of Law

Zaremba: or Love and the Rule of Law

by Michelle Granas


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Cordelia is a shy and high-minded polio victim who lives a life of seclusion caring for her odd family in Warsaw. Her father is an academic with no life skills, her brother never leaves the villa, and her mother has dementia. Cordelia too would prefer to hide her disability from outsiders, but she also longs for a broader existence-until a chance encounter expands her world in a stunning manner. Zaremba, a wealthy businessman, is fleeing arrest-unjust arrest, he says-when he stops in his flight to save the life of Cordelia's father. Cordelia is grateful, but distrustful; Zaremba has a plan to turn the tables on the authorities and he needs Cordelia's help. Her reluctant agreement plunges her into new realms of emotion and a struggle against political corruption and abuse of power. But it is only when Zaremba disappears that Cordelia must gather all her courage and pursue the truth. Reflecting real events in Europe and topical human rights issues, this is yet primarily a love story, intended for readers who enjoy language, conversation, and human relationships. It contains no graphic sex or violence.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988859203
Publisher: Michelle Granas
Publication date: 01/28/2013
Pages: 518
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Michelle Granas was born in Alaska and lives in Warsaw. In addition to writing novels, she works as a translator, including for UN and EU bodies, past and current presidents and prime ministers, and various Nobel nominees.

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Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Exciting read till the end! I enjoyed the descriptive narrative of Poland's ways of life, apples fell to the ground added their ripe scent to the air. Always noises of someone working on their home or farm, hammering or sawing or mowing or running power tools, or rounded older women passed on squeaky bicycles. Cordelia a life, a complacent life despite her physical disability she managed to be the head of the household of her family. Cordelia accidentally meets a man when her car gets in a situation where help is needed. Now Cordelia's life will forever change the dynamics of it. Intrigue, excitement and fascination enters, along the way, "love." Zaremba swaggered in Cordelia's life bringing about the hunt, the cynicism of politics and the way governments intricate workings. What I notice about his story the author wrote a book that could easily be two separate stories, two books, a sequel. Sometimes Zaremba could sound like an arrogant man but self assured is more like it. For instinct I found this statement quite funny, "I'm a self-made man. Naturally I'm pleased with my own creation." How can you not like the characters of Zaremba and Cordelia. This story I felt I had seen replays of it on recent news report, international espionage. The place of origin, Poland, the beginning with secretive CIA operations and tactics of the Law and Justice Party. Zaremba surely brought about government wheeling and dealings into Cordelia's life now she becomes the savior to his existence. So much fascination of intrigue and detrimental elements of surprises. Two different stories could be formed here with the relationship Cordelia and Zaremba and the other the espionage, political side. A story that will entertain you mind and keep you there until the end. Great writing, exquisite writing! Thank you. I won this book on BookLikes. Thank you, Darlene Cruz