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Springer Netherlands
Zdenek Kopal's Binary Star Legacy / Edition 1

Zdenek Kopal's Binary Star Legacy / Edition 1

by Horst Drechsel, Miloslav Zejda


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ISBN-13: 9781402031311
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 04/29/2005
Edition description: Reprinted from Astrophysics and Space Science journal, Vol. 296/1-4.
Pages: 488
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.13(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction: Reminiscences and Appreciation of a Great Astronomer.- Digging foundations for the 'Royal Road'; A.H. Batten. One fellow’s view of the 'Royal Road'; E. Budding. Reminiscences of a Japanese contemporary; M. Kitamura. RR CrB and Algol – the first and the last star in Zdenek Kopal’s life with binaries; M. Šolc. Atmospheric eclipses in WR+O binaries: from Kopal and Shapley to present days; A.M. Cherepashchuk. Part II Binary Star Morphology and Dynamical Aspects.- Resolving the Algol paradox and Kopal’s classification of close binaries with evolutionary implications; I.B. Pustylnik. Global solution of dynamical systems – a report to Z. Kopal, on what followed since; C. Goudas, K.E. Papadakis et al. Period variations of close binaries; H. Rovithis-Livianou. The eclipsing binary BX And and its period behaviour; H. Rovithis-Livianou et al. The unique binary star Alpha Coronae Borealis; I.M. Volkov. The eccentric eclipsing binary V889 Aquilae; M. Wolf, R. Diethelm et al. Triple and multiple systems; P. Mayer. Estimation of light time effects for close binaries in triple systems; W. Van Hamme, R.E. Wilson. Eclipsing binaries showing light-time effect; P. Zasche. Astrometric solution of the multiple system XY Leo; V. Bakis et al. V475 Sct (Nova Scuti 2003) – binary or triple system?; D. Chochol et al. Photometric observations and apsidal motion study of V1143 Cyg; A. Dariush, N. Riazi et al.Intrinsic variables as components of close binaries; N.N. Samus. Preliminary analysis of V and Hp light curves of 26 carbon Miras; Z. Mikulasek, T. Gráf. Non-radial pulsations in components of symbiotic stars; N.I. Bondar, V.V. Prokoféva. Orbital parameters of the binary companion in omicron And using spectral disentangling; A.Budivicova. Spectrum disentangling and orbital solution for kappa Dra; S.M. Saad et al. An outburst detected in the spectrum of HD 6226; M. Slechta, P. Škoda. Bimodal structure of gas streams in interacting binaries; Z. Sima. Energy transfer in W UMa systems; S. Csizmadia. In between beta Lyrae and Algol: the case of V356 Sgr; D. Dominis et al. Part III Mathematical physics and numerical modeling. Part III.1 Solution of eclipse light curves.- EB light curve models – what’s next; R.E. Wilson. Basic functions of the light curve analysis of eclipsing variables in the frequency domain; O. Demircan. Photometric mass ratios of eclipsing binary stars; D. Terrell, R.E. Wilson. The OGLE-TR-56 star-planet system; T. Vaccaro, W. Van Hamme. Light curve analysis of early-type clsoe LMC binaries; S. Nesslinger. New techniques and limitations of light curve analysis; P. Hadrava. A new package of computer codes for analyzing light curves of eclipsing pre-cataclysmic binaries; V.V. Pustynski. Light curve analysis of early-type overconatct systems; M. Bauer. A photometric study of the activity of SW Lac; G. Djurasevic. CCD photometry and modeling of the overcontact binary systems NN Vir and YY CrB; K.D. Gazeas, P.G. Niarchos. Radial velocity and light curve analysis of the eclipsing binary NN Vir; R.Pazhouhesh, E.G. Melendo. The overcontact binary system V2388 Oph an improved M-R relation for LTCBs; K. Yakut. AQ Psc – analysis of new light curves; A. Yamasaki. CCD photometry of the neglected contact binaries V344 Lac and V1191 Cyg; T. Pribulla et al. CCD photometry of neglected eclipsing binaries KZ Dra, LR Cam and IM Vul; O. Pejcha et al. Photometric solution of the eclipsing binary V351 Peg; B. Albayrak et al. V2213 Cyg is a new W UMa-type

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