by Wodke Hawkinson

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Zeke by Wodke Hawkinson

Zeke is a dark novel of sexual obsession, psychological manipulation, and looming peril.
Sue Cox is a naive college student who falls for the exciting new clerk at the local used bookstore. Captivated by Zeke's brooding good looks and menacing but irresistible charisma, Sue capitulates to his will, leaving her wide open for exploitation. Zeke begins to exert subtle control and entices her to leave town with him. As they travel, his behavior grows more deviant and increasingly volatile.
After Sue's car is found deserted in an outlying cemetery, the police dismiss her parents' concerns since it appears Sue left willingly. The Coxes immediately hire William Falstaff, a small-town private investigator. He begins his inquiry with only two objectives. First, to verify that Sue's departure is voluntary. And second, to provide her family with information on her whereabouts. A simple case. However, he soon finds himself locked into a chase to save Sue's life. Will he find her in time or will she become another victim of a cunning sociopath?

Advisory: Contains sexual situations and violence. Approx. 102,000 words

There is a sequel to this book titled SUE.

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BN ID: 2940014592161
Publisher: Wodke Hawkinson
Publication date: 07/09/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which multi-genre writing duo K. Wodke and PJ Hawkinson produce their co-written works. Besides the popular novel, Betrayed, Wodke Hawkinson has also published three volumes of short stories, an alternate ending to Betrayed, and various short stories.

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Zeke 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
DouglasWickard More than 1 year ago
The powerful writing team of WodkeHawkinson is addictive. I was brought into their fictional world by the novel BETRAYED and was amazed at their innate ability to realize and describe harsh, harrowing and brutal scenes. BETRAYED had me turning pages faster than lightening and unleashed a hidden understanding of my unharnessed, voyeuristic nature. ZEKE, their newest offering, proved to be NO different. I was lulled into an uncomfortable arena where a foreboding of danger lurked behind each new chapter. Sue, the protagonist of this novel is a young, naive girl from a small town trying to make good with her life. When she happens to bump into ZEKE working behind the counter of a local cafe bookstore, flames ignite in her vulnerable, romantic heart. Soon she falls headlong into an altered state, falling prey to this older, handsome, irresistible devil. Not only does Zeke kindle a match in Sue's insatiable longing, but he also frees her sexually in ways no man has ever done. Cement the deal. Little events begin to fester. The wary reader turns voyeur to this nubile girl's descent into a road-trip from hell. The last 100 pages had me zipping along to get to the book's chilling and dramatic conclusion. Not since reading Donald Ray Pollock's DEVIL ALL THE TIME have I been transported so easily and willingly into an anguished state of torture. Step into the manipulative mind of a lethal psychopath...ZEKE -- evil incarnate. You will not be able to put this book down. Comment |
stephabo44 More than 1 year ago
Zeke was one of the most horrifying characters I have ever read about. He was absolutely, certifiably nuts. The book said sociopathic but um, no. Anybody that carves up a woman like a Thanksgiving turkey, bites off her nipple just so he can have an orgasm is PSYCHOPATHIC. He chilled me to the bone. I believe he was a born bad seed that would have kept on killing and killing and killing without any remorse. Sue was so sweet, innocent and perfect prey for Zeke. He brainwashed her so well I started to believe some of the bull he said. I made sure to read this with the lights ON. What would be good is to have a book on Zeke growing up and how he became who he was before he met Sue.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW!!! This book was sooo disturbing but sooo good. I love dark and disturbing books but a couple of scenes in this one had me shocked. I stayed up all night reading because I had to know how this was going to end. Loved it. Can't wait to read "Sue".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was SO good, even though Zeke was really a sicko. I could not put this book down. I read it in 2 days. I could not believe Sue was naïve enough to let Zeke put all the thoughts into her head about her parents and her cousin. Love can do funny things to people. I also read the sequel and I was a little disappointed that they never found out Zeke's real name or his background. Maybe he was just a BAD seed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
Author: Wodke Hawkinson Published by: W.H. Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Book Blog For: GMTA Rating: 4 Review: "Zeke" by Wodke Hawkinson was some very dark suspenseful thrilled ride. Was this a love story gone bad? YES! It was of a student named Sue who falls deeply, madly in love with Zeke, who was a handsome, charismatic and smart clerk. Zeke wants to go out with her, however this soon turns to be as misfortune for Sues as Zeke starts to manipulate her in mind games. When her parents realizes that she is missing they hire a detective to fine her and this is where I say you will have to pickup this good read to find out what will happen next. Truly one thing is for sure ...Zeke is very twisted and evil with a very deranged personality. "Zeke" was definitely a good read especially if you are into a 'dark story of evil and sexual obsession. Now, with that being said this novel is not for the faint of heart! So, beware that the violence gets explicit.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OMGosh!!! This book starts off a little slow but then........BAM!!! This book will have you twisting, turning, and shouting at the young leading lady in this book.. Thank you Wodke Hawkinson... I purchased Betrayed and I hope it's as exciting as Zeke....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was very difficult to read. The situation he put/ lead her to were extermely heart winching. Would i reads this again uhh NO! Will i recommend? Not sure. The only thing i that was funny to me was the reaction of Doris about them not cleaning up. The other thing that i found amusing was when Zeke, made that comment about Lazlo, holding himself in the corner. I HATE the ending, I notice this author have no problem describing graphics detail of rape and abuse. But shy away from the love making details. I don't think i'll be reading anything else from them, this is my second book and last. Its just too disturbing for me (sorry I just can't stomach it).