Zen Medicine for Mind and Body: Using Zen Wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zen Medicine for Mind and Body: Using Zen Wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine


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A truly remarkable story of Zen medicine and how you can bring its practices into your own life.

Author Shi Zxinggui began studying Zen medicine—a combination of meditation, gentle physical activity and medicine—as a child under the tutelage of the Shaolin Temple's Master Dechan. She carried it with her, eventually going on to lecture on the subject in both China and abroad for several decades. When she was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, Zxinggui returned to the Shaolin Temple, hoping the Zen medicine she'd spent so long teaching others about would help her. After careful nursing and appropriate mind and body exercises, her cancer went into remission.

Since her own cancer battle, Zxinggui has helped many other cancer patients, devoting her life to this work. This book, which draws on the author's 20 years as a cancer fighter, 50 years as a doctor and life-long wisdom as a Zen practitioner, provides insight into how readers can implement these strategies, which emphasize daily health care and cultivation of the body and soul, into their own lives—not only to help with physical diseases, but also to ease mental anxieties and inspire others to live a clean, healthy life.

Ailments addressed in the book are varied, and include:
  • IBS
  • Lumbar disc herniation
  • Back and leg soreness
  • High blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • And many others

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ISBN-13: 9781602201651
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 05/19/2020
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 410,988
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Shi Zxinggui was once a chief physician in a hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is now abbot of the Foguang Temple and Guchan Temple in China's Shanxi province and Henan province respectively.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Chapter I Curing Mental Anxiety to Prevent Physical Disease 11

1 Maintaining Good Spirits 12

2 Not Enslaved by Material Gain 13

3 Being Yourself 14

4 Prevention Is the Best Cure 16

5 Keeping Fit through Exercise 17

6 Avoiding Anger 18

7 Controlling Your Emotions 19

8 Not Focusing on Your Illness 22

9 What You Do for Others Will Eventually Benefit Yourself 23

10 Living a Slower Life 24

11 Happiness in Contentment 26

12 Cherishing What You Have 28

Chapter II Curing Mental Anxiety through Zen Medicine 30

1 Managing Your Life with Industry and Frugality 31

2 A Calm Mood Brings Good Luck 32

3 Breaking Away from Constraints 33

4 Forgiving Others 33

5 Learning to Be Grateful 35

6 Thinking from Others' Perspective 36

7 Unburdening Your Mind 36

8 Giving Help without Expecting Returns 38

9 Disregarding Personal Gains or Losses 39

10 Being Ready to Cooperate with Others 40

11 Harboring Fewer Worldly Desires 41

12 Keeping a Low Profile 42

13 Being Thankful for Criticism 44

14 Accepting the Reality and Changing Yourself 45

15 Playing up Strengths and Avoiding Weaknesses 47

16 Being a Good Listener 49

17 Being Modest 50

18 Having a Clear Conscience 51

19 Ridding Yourself of Bad Habits 52

20 Persevering in Medical Treatment 53

21 Time Management 54

22 Venting Negative Emotion Where It Is Due 55

Chapter III Preventing Physical Disease with Zen Medicine 57

1 Shaolin Internal Exercises 57

2 The Six-Word Breathing Technique 60

3 Taking a Walk in a Forest 68

4 Going to Bed Before 11 PM and Taking a Nap at Noon 70

5 Achieving Balance between Yin and Yang 72

6 The Shaolin Breath-Holding Technique 74

7 Countering Illness with Willpower 75

8 Sleeping in a Warm Environment 76

9 Maintaining Childlike Innocence 76

10 Relieving Fatigue through Poetry and Meditating 77

11 Practicing Mental Suggestion 78

12 Simple Food Therapies 79

13 A Cup of Lukewarm Water 84

14 Relaxation Exercise 85

15 Shaolin Standing Exercise 87

16 Taking a "Happy Walk" after Each Meal 90

17 The Day's Plan Starts with an Early Morning 92

Chapter IV Curing Physical Illness with Zen Medicine 94

1 The Digestive System 94

2 Orthopedic Disorders 106

3 Cardio-Cerebral Diseases 114

4 Respiratory System 124

5 Other Diseases 136

Appendices 141

Illustrations of Meridians 142

Index 143

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