Zombie Economics: A Guide to Personal Finance

Zombie Economics: A Guide to Personal Finance

by Lisa Desjardins, Richard Emerson
4.5 6


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Zombie Economics: A Guide to Personal Finance 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very helpful information inside this book. I feel like I can finally have financial freedom.
CJaneReid More than 1 year ago
Synopsis: Approaching personal finance as though it is the zombie apocalypse has to be one of the more unique ways to explaining how to improve your finances. This book assumes that while you may not be on death's door, financially, the fatal blow is not far in coming. This is not a book on how to get rich quick or how to build your financial outlook with sharp tips and clever strategies. No, this book is written for those of us living on the edge of ruin, the paycheck-to-paycheck types only one job loss away from bankruptcy. It gives clear, concise instructions on how to survive, without any sugar-coating. You are fighting off the zombie apocalypse, after all. There are worksheets to help you find your way through the horde, and best of all, each chapter is book-ended by a short story set during a zombie apocalypse, whose imagery is used in wonderful analogy throughout the chapter. Review: This book was written for me. It might as well have "To Carissa" written on the first page. I'm living this financial apocalypse and have been for the last few years, managing to keep the horde at bay with creative budgeting techniques and the occasional tax refund. There isn't a chapter in this book that didn't help me in some fashion. The analogy of the zombie horde is also fitting, given some of the books and movies I find amusing. But most importantly, this book has helped me see exactly where my financial short-comings are by showing me how to look for them and then how to shore them up against ruin. I've already used several of the tactics and have begun to implement more. It gave me both the courage to do what I knew needed to be done and the tools for how to do it. Recommendation: Unsure where your next rent money is coming from? Read this book. Like financial books and would love see more of the basics spelled out? Read this book. Can't afford gas money but seem to always eat out? Read this book. Living in fear of job loss? Read this book. Enjoy a good zombie story and could use a little more in your savings account? Read this book. I think I've made my point.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
sf77 More than 1 year ago
Zombie Economics imparts the fundamentals of financial stability through the metaphor of a zombie invasion. Through a compelling apocalyptic narrative in which you are one of the few survivors, you build an arsenal of skills and tools to withstand a zombie invasion and even fight back. As many educational systems completely overlook the subject of sane personal finance, there are too many people out there missing even the most basic concepts with which to establish a life where the bills are paid, the debts are few or none, and the future isn't filled with anxiety and dread. Instead, you can use the sane financial concepts from this book as tools and fortifications to safeguard your future and have confidence in the security that you have afforded yourself against what life throws at you - even zombies. Even if they're only imaginary ones. (But don't fool yourself, the brain-eaters *are* coming for you, eventually). If you're in debt and have bad habits that are spiraling your finances out of control, this will help you make rational decisions to recover and even eventually start building up those defenses for the rest of your life. After all, nothing mitigates the circumstances of unemployment, retirement, and emergencies like solid finances. If you're just starting out in life and haven't been tripped up, yet, this entertaining book will help you build behaviors that give you a fighting chance against the future. If you're a parent, I can think of few other simple ways to fill in the gaps your son or daughter (or any young loved one) may have. What better way to start them on a fulfilling life than to establish a wise financial sensibility? Something even their own parents may never have had the benefit of. For every time in your life that you were down on your luck and facing the future with a bottle of antacid in one hand and a clump of your own hair in the other, you could give them a cheap handbook on avoiding it. Of course, there is an endless pulp-sea out there made from all the books on personal finance that were ever written. All of the gimmicks and sage advice to do things right, if you'll heed them. They're just so damn *dry*. This is the only book of its kind that I have read on the subject, which sparks the imagination. Who doesn't love zombies? Who doesn't fantasize about surviving the hordes? This book entertains the reader all the way through, and inspires a certain confidence that what you've learned by the end can easily be done to your own benefit. That you *will* do it. And when the zombies come, you'll be sitting smugly in your fortification, as your neighbors are devoured, for all the good the boat and expensive car, and endless credit card debt did them. I'm giving a copy of this book to both of my siblings.
TC_Farrell More than 1 year ago
Recently, I got my hands on an advance copy of this book, and I was really impressed. A little bit about me: I'm just about one year from being done with school. Some time ago, when my debt passed the $100,000 mark, my parents began occasionally sending me personal finance books. Each of them claimed to offer a system which would help me manage my debt and avoid the kinds of problems which might lead me to bankruptcy. I tried to read the first two, but never made it very far. Both of them contained mostly a mix of complex math and patronizing language which made reading less fun than, say, jamming a hot fork in my eye. Eventually, I started bringing them down to my local used bookstore/coffee shop where I could exchange them in pairs for a small breakfast. This was not the economic benefit that my parents had envisioned. Then I got my hands on Zombie Economics. Why Zombie Economics worked for me: It's the spoonful of sugar theory. Personal finance information can be a bitter medicine. Most of the books on the topic that I've looked at seem to be written by people who think that bitter medicine is easier to swallow when mixed with garbage juice and goat feces. Zombie Economics, on the other hand, mixes this medicine with the sweet sugar of zombies and shotguns. And it's not just the fact that Zombie Economics provides an entertaining narrative which gave me the incentive to actually read the entire book. The fact is, the metaphor is dead on. When I look at the ever-increasing mountain of debt that I'm building, and some of the very stupid things that I've done with my money, it does start to feel like I am surrounded by an army of the undead and that I'm running out of ammo. This book gave me the right information in the right way without making me feel like I needed to be an investment banker in order to understand, and it was a fun read from beginning to end. If you are looking for a book that will help you solve your immediate financial problems and create a budget and a plan for the future, and if you want that book to entertain you as well, but I think you have only one option: Zombie Economics.