Zombie Mage

Zombie Mage

by Jonathan J. Drake

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Zombie Mage by Jonathan J. Drake

Life isn't too grand for Olligh Selthnik. When he wakes from his slumber, all he can remember is his name. With his memory vague, and now having to live life in a decrepit body, he doesn't envision things could get much worse. Join Olligh as he begins his journey on a quest for knowledge.

A horrifying adventure of intrigue and deception awaits but, will he find the answers (and the soap) he so dearly requires? With black humour from the off, prepare to be taken on a ghastly, stench-ridden journey into the unknown.

Zombie Mage, The Fleshed Out Edition, is Jonathan's first book edging on the darker side of fantasy and, as such, it may not be suitable for children.

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BN ID: 2940011341045
Publisher: Jonathan J. Drake
Publication date: 04/13/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 279 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

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I'm somewhere but nowhere but anywhere but here.

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Zombie Mage 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
With Zombie Mage Jonathan Drake has moved beyond the tiered story lines of your basic flesh eating zombies and brings a fresh take to the zombie genre. Zombie Mage is the story of Olligh, who is known as a Walker. He is a zombie that can travel the cosmos and transcend time and space. A group of cultists, called the Dark Cloaks, have trapped the Walkers claiming to be helping them find finial death and peace. They enlist Olligh to help them bring back five Walkers that have gone missing in exchange for his and his wife Laura’s final death together and an end to this life as zombies. I found it difficult in the beginning to understand what was going on. There was a lot of shifting from one location to another as well as change in time periods. Going from ancient times to modern and then into the future. I was thrown off a bit at first because there is not much context given. But the story really starts to pick up after we are introduced to the characters and the order of the Dark Cloaks. This brings the story into focus and kept me flipping pages. I was fully invested in the story once we discover that Olligh is a mage and the possibility of magical zombies or, zombie mages, existed. This was unique to me and is a novel approach to the zombie genre. Olligh's one goal is to reunite with his wife Laura who is also a zombie. She wants nothing more than to be with Olligh as well and makes life difficult for the Dark Cloaks on several occasions in her insistence to be reunited with her love. I felt that this was similar to Romeo and Juliet where they want to be together but circumstances keep them apart. It is sweet that they were so dedicated to one another even in death. Marvin is probably my favorite of the missing Walkers, all that remains of him is a skull, one disconnected eye, and his brain in a jar. This doesn’t stop him from having a great sense of humor and a love of playing practical jokes. His sarcasm adds much needed comic relief to the novel at a time when Olligh is so serious and focused. The novel does a famtastoc job showing Olligh's internal emotional struggle. I felt that Olligh’s struggle was an example of humanities constant struggle to find balance a balance between good and bad while fulfilling ones own selfish desires. The love story that develops throughout the book is well developed and adds a another romantic layer to what is otherwise a bleak genre.  Zombie Mage by Jonathan Drake is a fresh twist on the zombie genre. It has all the ingredients of a great story and combines them into a tale that is consistently entertaining. Don't worry, there isn't too much gore; Drake often uses humor and sarcasm to accent the gruesome parts of the novel. Overall a fantastic new take on the zombie genre. 
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for Readers' Favorite Readers will find a hidden gem, oddly enough, in Jonathan J. Drake's Zombie Mage. There is a dark and chilling tale within the fantastical plot, but it isn't as grotesque as one might expect from a novel that includes zombies. Olligh Selthnik awakens in a world that is no longer his own. He seems to have lost most of his memory, though he does recall his name. He's viewed as a zombie, but he's convinced he is not such a monster. Upon finding a way to speak once again, he is able to begin asking questions as he searches for answers to his dilemma. Unfortunately, most people he encounters are deathly afraid of him. He has better luck conversing with others who are dead, but that is a challenge for Olligh as well because he doesn't believe it's possible that he is dead, too. The truth is possibly far more disturbing...from the beginning of Zombie Mage to the very last line. Jonathan J. Drake has crafted a very well-written tale of horror, with a touch of humor, fantasy and magic in Zombie Mage. The cover doesn't do the story justice and, sadly, potential readers do still judge books by their covers. But, if readers move past the barrier of a so-so cover, they will find a unique perspective on the traditional zombie horror novel. In fact, Drake's use of magic in the story steps far away from the modern tales of magic and the fear magic evokes in those who don't understand it or use it. Zombie Mage has just enough creep factor and gore to keep horror fans interested, while Drake brings in a deeper plot surrounded in fantasy and mystery. Jonathan J. Drake's Zombie Mage is not one to be missed!
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite A story that starts with a man waking up beside a corpse, flies buzzing around his nose, creates a keen interest and the reader immediately wants to know what happens next. Zombie Mage by Jonathan J. Drake is a delightful read for fans of horror stories with creepy characters and creatures. Olligh Selthnik wakes up beside a corpse, feeling weird, barely able to remember his own name. He couldn’t remember much, and now he has to live in a decaying body. Can he find answers to questions that plague his mind? This is a beautifully crafted story, loaded with grim humor and a setting that reveals great sights and disturbing scenes. Right from the start, the reader wants to know more about the protagonist and the transformation that has brought him to the point he is when they first meet him. Jonathan J. Drake is a great storyteller and it isn’t an overstatement to say that he has a gift for prose and character. His writing seems to contain a spell that keeps readers’ eyes riveted on the pages, even when the scenes described are hurting the senses. The story is well-plotted and, at every moment, the reader has the feeling that something could happen any time soon. This is not usually my genre of choice, but the author has succeeded in making me care about his characters. Zombie Mage stands out in its originality and its entertainment, a gripping story that will transport readers into a reality that feels strangely familiar, thanks to the riveting nature of the narrative and the author’s compelling voice.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Olligh Selthnik wakes up, only to find himself in a pit with corpses and body parts all around him in Zombie Mage by Jonathan J. Drake. As if that’s not bad enough, two men come along and want to put him out of his misery. Before that can happen, though, he realizes that his body is decrepit and his mouth is sewn shut and he disappears in a swirl of green mist. Olligh then finds himself straddling a female corpse in a stone-walled room. Olligh manages to escape from this room and tries to go to town, but his memory just doesn’t want to cooperate. In his undead condition, everyone tries to kill him and, each time, Olligh is transported to another place in the green mist. After a while, he encounters the Dark Cloaks, the leader of which, Sebastian Denlik, proposes a way for Olligh to be reunited with his undead wife and succumb to a ‘normal’ death. All Olligh has to do is bring back five more undead people to Denlik and the cult that worships Chektri, the lord of death. The search takes Olligh to supermarkets, circuses and forts in strange worlds, even back to his home where he finds one of his old tomes about the magic of the cosmos. Will Olligh’s adventures bring him what he wants, or are there secrets left to uncover about what is really going on? Zombie Mage certainly takes you on a creative, demented adventure that is surprisingly full of dark humor as well as horror. Jonathan Drake’s second novel centers on a unique character which, if you can’t like him, at least you can sympathize with him. For the first 50 pages, you follow Olligh around with no idea what the point of the story is – just as Olligh has no clue where he is or what he is doing. Getting past that point, though, the plot becomes clear and the action does any great saga justice. The characters are wonderful, and their interactions really interesting - both the good and bad. Each character offers plenty of their own surprises and personalities, and the outcome is certainly not what you may have come to expect! You simply have to read it and find out what madness is lurking behind the strings pulling Olligh through his adventure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Started slow..some confusing parts specially ending
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jumps into the pond and swims around