Zombie Salvation

Zombie Salvation

by Sean Scruggs


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ISBN-13: 9781481703536
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/08/2013
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.97(d)

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Copyright © 2013 Sean Scruggs
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-0353-6

Chapter One


* * *

"Sit down Antilian. I want to tell you something about them," Kurilian said to the young man referring to the human race.

The master studied his pupil's mind carefully and listened to his thoughts. This was the first of many meetings that would take place to craft and execute a specific plan. Kurilian was already engaged in devious behavior that was designed to ruin an entire world if it was successful.

"Yes uncky, I want to hear all about how weak they are," Antilian replied. He impatiently tapped his pinky claw of his left foot on the warm rocks under his foot in anticipation of a crazy story.

"I need your help. In time I will tell you the full plan, but for now I want you to visit earth and bring me a boy," he said.

Kurilian had already seen the future, or at least one possible outcome of it and it didn't end well for him or Antilian, but he was a careless monster and was willing to risk everything just to have some fun.

"Yes Sir, I can do that. I want to visit earth. I heard they are strange," he said. Antilian was eager to help and to break rules like his famous uncle.

"Good, you know I have been watching them for a long time and soon they will wish they behaved like they were supposed to," Kurilian said to Antilian with an awful smile.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You see, they are an evil race and I'm going to give them what they want or what they fear the most," Kurilian laughed. He was so loud and evil his outburst almost scared the young man.

"What kind of things do they do?" Antilian asked with intense curiosity.

"Well a long time ago they created something called a zombie, only then they just called them the walking dead," the uncle told the young man.

"How do you mean?" Antilian asked.

The Lotilian race didn't have the same perspective and experiences with death as the human race, so it was difficult for the young alien to understand what his uncle was trying to tell him about.

"Well about the time you were born here the earth was going through a big change. I just happened to witness a few things about that race during one of my assignments," Kurilian told the young man a partial lie.

"What happened?" Antilian asked. He was like a little kid and couldn't wait to hear a cool story.

"There was this guy named Mark and a few others who were recording historical events, but there was something they cover up and left out of the history books," he said.

"Like what?" Antilian asked. His mind was racing with crazy thoughts trying to guess.

"Mark and these other guys were chasing and killing other humans that were already dead and doing horrible things to other humans," Kurilian said.

"Oh, that sounds bad," Antilian replied.

"It was, I was the dead men pulling men and women apart, breaking their limbs like sticks, and eating the flesh of the living," Kurilian smiled.

"Why are you smiling uncle?" Antilian asked.

"Those humans are so weak and they get so scared, what makes them so special?" he asked.

Kurilian watched Mark from space in his UFO as he and his friends found the walking dead and eliminated them one at a time. He wanted to see how creative they could get and what they would future generations about their encounters.

"Are they special?" Antilian asked.

"Yes, you haven't learned about all this in academy yet, but you will if they ever start it back up," Kurilian sneered and looked toward their now extinct planet.

"I don't know, I hope it's not here, I hate this place," Antilian told his uncle.

"I agree, I told them that we should take over earth, that is the place for us," Kurilian had already pleaded his case for making earth their new home.

"If they are weak, then we should take it over," Antilian replied.

"They are protected though and I am trying to find a way around it. You see, I have been talking with someone who has shown me how to do special tricks," Kurilian gave his nephew a devious smile.

"Who?" his nephew asked.

"I won't tell, but I can make the dead come back to life and make zombies like Jesus did," Kurilian said.

"What are you talking about," the young alien asked.

"He's the only one who might be able to defeat us. When he was on earth he made the first zombie and brought a dead man back to life," Kurilian went on to tell Antilian the story of Lazarus.

"Was he evil?" Antilian asked.

"It's a story for another time. But the ones that Mark and the others killed got sick from eating the diseased flesh of dying humans in the leaper camps," Kurilian again was only telling his nephew a half-truth.

"They sound awful, they shouldn't be allowed to live," Antilian began to play right into Kurilian's hands just as he hoped.

Chapter Two


* * *

"Antilian, you'd better not disobey father. He'll be angry if he finds out! He said they aren't ready for us yet," Zatilax told his older brother.

Zatilax crouched in the red dirt looking up at Antilian shielding his eyes from the sun with his right hand. He studied his brothers red stripes set against his scaly tan skin. He always wondered why his brother's stripes were red and not blue like his, but never asked.

"Father's away on business. He won't even know I'm gone. You worry too much brother. I just want to see what they're like," Antilian's purpose was sinister and so evil he dare not mention it to his brother.

"I won't cover for you if he comes to find you," Zatilax warned his brother. He stood up and went to inspect his spacecraft before his mission.

"You're not my keeper!" Antilian followed his younger brother. His tail swished back and forth smoothing the foot prints he left behind him in the soil.

"Look, we're on the brink of war with our relatives. If you go to earth and father can't find you, he'll be angry," Zatilax tried to warn his brother once again not to visit earth.

A ban on unauthorized travel came shortly after the fall of man on Earth. Although the Lotilian race had experienced sin, their civilization had evolved and learned over several millenniums how to keep good order and discipline on their planet, with a few exceptions.

Shortly after their planet entered an ice age it was necessary to evacuate to a neighboring as many inhabitants as possible to another plant in the galaxy. During the evacuation a long standing enemy attacked and threatened to enslave and torment the remaining population. Although a truce had been negotiated, Antilian and Zatilax's father had been summoned to establish a new agreement and traveled to attend a conference to prevent further conflicts. Their new home was harsh and desolate, nothing like the cool green and lush home their kind species once enjoyed.

"It's alright Zatilax. I wouldn't want to ruin your reputation or standing in the service. You'll be a great leader someday. I just want to do something different than you. I'm tired of this nobility bullshit. It's getting us nowhere," Antilian hated their new home and lot in life.

Antilian had already been warned by his father not to travel outside their galaxy. Tension was high within their system and travel violations carried a severe punishment. The family also had a marred history and a few, less than proud, moments.

"It's a miracle we survived our planet's horrible fate. I can't help the fact we were chosen to live because of father's position or service," Zatilax walked around his spacecraft performing a preflight inspection.

Antilian looked around and surveyed the desert. There were only a few dwellings in the valley. He remember their home planet before the evacuation, it was so lush and green. He hated to leave their mother and so many others behind to die.

"You make it sound so easy. Don't you miss mother, our family, and friends?" Antilian asked.

"I miss her every day, but it's our job to secure what we've got left before our relatives try to take it away from us," he said. Sometimes it was hard for Zatilax to believe he was the younger brother.

"You'll end up like uncle if you're not careful," Zatilax said as he disappeared into his smooth black arrowhead shaped spacecraft.

Their uncle Kurilian traveled to several galaxies violating the travel ban set for by the elders, but only recently got caught. When visiting Earth he witnessed human war, hatred and suffering. He liked it and saw an opportunity to exploit it to carry out a sinister plan.

Once Kurilian's disobedience was discovered, he was put on trial and banished from his planet. There were few places to go, so he took up residence with some relatives on another planet reserved for those who couldn't obey the rules, it was similar to a prison.

"Ah yes, uncle Kurilian, he was a great warrior too. He defended our home plant for thousands of years and look where it got him, nowhere! Now he lives worse than us," Antilian followed behind his brother into the spacecraft. It was an exact copy of his, except for a few equipment modifications.

Before imprisonment, Kurilian met with his nephew Antilian and told him of his adventures. He encouraged Antilian to break free and do what he wanted to do with his life. He essentially encouraged rebellion at its core and Antilian embraced it.

"He's a rebel. I'm surprised father allowed him to visit us. He must have known what Kurilian had done," he said. The blue glow of the navigation display illuminated Zatilax's face as he programed in coordinates for his mission.

"Take that back, he's a great leader. He said we should relocate to earth and take their planet for our own," Antilian said as he raked the sharp claws of his feet across the metallic floor of the spacecraft. The high pitch screeching noise sent shivers up and down Zatilax's skin.

"Hero's don't make plans to annihilate other races, even if it means a better place for us to live," Zatilax said as he turned and walked toward his brother.

"They won't listen to father. We'll have to fight and we'll lose," Antilian sneered at his younger brother with anger.

"You don't know that. We've survived against uncommon odds many times before. Our race is blessed and we need your skill to help win a battle if one comes," Zatilax looked at his brother with unforgiving eyes. It was difficult to sense or read his brother and it bothered him.

"You're so young and you've only been in a few battles. It would be easier to find a home away from our ancestors who wish to control us," Antilian said. He was 2,000 years older than his brother and survived more than 40 battles.

"I'll fight to the death. This is our new home and we've got to defend it. Now it's time for my mission. If you'll excuse me I don't want to be late," Zatilax said as he walked past his brother to finish preparing his spacecraft. He bumped into his brother knocking him backward a little. He was frustrated with him and didn't have time to argue.

"You'd better not be late to relieve me," Zatilax warned his brother and asked him to leave as the spacecraft reached max power.

"I don't know why you're so foolish my dear brother," Antilian shook his head.

On the way out, Antilian paused to look at Zatilax for a moment. They had been in several fights over the years and although Zatilax loved his brother, he never forgave him for the scar he left under his left eye the last time they fought.

"I'm loyal to a fault I guess. I'm sorry you don't feel the same. Goodbye Antilian," Zatilax shook his bothers hand.

"Goodbye Zatilax, good luck out there," Antilian left the spacecraft with every intention of leaving to visit earth as soon as his brother departed for his mission.

Moments after Zatilax's spacecraft disappeared into the sky, Antilian ran to his spacecraft, Phoenix, and plotted in a course for Earth. He powered up his spacecraft and plugged in the time coordinates his uncle had given to him during one of his visits.

"I'll show you ..." Antilian muttered under his breath as he departed for Earth.

Soon afterward Antilian's spacecraft entered earth's atmosphere. He flew through heavy clouds just as a storm began to brew over the skies of southern Georgia. The static discharge from his spacecraft interacted with the clouds and ignited a fierce lightning storm.

"This place looks weird," Antilian thought as he viewed his navigation screen.

He continued to fly through the weather that was alien to him, until he saw a small home off in the distance. Although it was pitch black, he could see perfectly and headed for the structure. Immediately his head flooded with thoughts and voices of humans from all around.

Antilian's race was so advanced they had developed the ability to sense one another's emotions and thought's to a small degree. But, compared to the human race, his ability to sense emotions, read thoughts, and memories was highly advanced. As a result, Antilian, and anyone from his race, had a significant advantage when dealing with humans. At any time of his choosing, he could develop a link with any number of individuals. That was one of the reasons why his uncle chose Earth as a plant to enslave and take over.

"Uncle didn't tell me about this," Antilian thought to himself while trying to single out his target.

The flood of human emotions and voices overwhelmed him at first. Quickly he focused on the individuals inside the structure he was headed for. It was the only home for miles around. As he flew by the house and prepared to land, static discharge leapt from his spacecraft and ignited an old oak tree nearby on fire. The fire spread slowly at first, but would later rage as storm winds increased and fanned the flames eventually setting the house on fire.

"I've never seen anything like this before," Antilian said as he hovered over the house for a moment looking for a place to land.

Inside the home a little boy named Mitch lay fast asleep in his bed. His father Henry woke to sounds of booming thunder. Lightning bolts struck outside sending flashes of light through the window that danced on the walls and floor of the bedroom as the man raced to get dressed. He shook his wife to wake her before leaving the room.

"I gotta' go check on the horses," Henry shouted to Emily.

"Be careful, it sounds like the end of the world out there," she tried to yell over the thunder.

"Get Mitch to the cellar in case it's a tornado," Henry shouted as he ran out the door.

Henry rushed down stairs of the two-story home fearing a tornado would soon tear through the farm. His first thought was to free the horses while his wife rushed to get their son Mitch to the basement.

"Hmmm, safe just like uncle said," Antilian quickly analyzed the atmosphere to make sure he could survive in it.

Antilian scanned the area using equipment similar to infrared sensors to scan for the life forms. A quick search revealed only three humans within a five mile radius. He didn't know what the other four legged life forms were. They didn't have cows, horses, or other such creatures like that back on his planet.

"Ah yes, just what I'm looking for," he focused his attention on the smallest life form in the house.

As Henry ran out of the house and sprinted for the barn he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that the old oak tree was on fire. Static discharge also set the barn on fire. It was nearly engulfed in flames as he reached it. He heard the horses whinnying in panic as he approached. It didn't even register to him that the house was on fire as wind blew dirt in his eyes and blurred his vision.

Once inside the barn Henry opened the doors to the stalls and rushed outside as the horses stampeded past him. Smoke overwhelmed him causing him to fall to the ground. As he gasped for fresh air, memories of his wife pouring lemonade for him and wiping the sweat off his forehead after working in the fields', filled his mind.

"Mitch!" Henry yelled into the moist air looking toward the house. He tried to stand, but was still coughing from the smoke. It took everything thing he had to start crawling toward the house.

Wind continued to blow smoke into his eyes. As they started to tear up, he caught an image of himself chasing his little boy around the yard and playing with their dog Sandy in front of the porch. He could see his wife sitting on a rocking chair on the porch laughing at them while she knitted.

"Emily, get him out of the house!" Henry tried to yell, but the thunder drowned out his voice in the thick Georgia air.

Once he could breathe again, Henry stood up and started to run for the house. In the distance he noticed a strange array of blue and purple lights. He stopped and stared at them for what seemed like hours. He had never seen anything like it in his life and tried to make sense of it, but didn't have time.

"What in God's name is that?" he asked himself.

Fire from the oak tree had spread to the house. As flames flickered in his eyes, he knew he needed to get his family out of the house but couldn't stop looking at the object in the distance. In shock and disbelief about what was happening he snapped out of his trance. As he moved toward the house he froze again in terror when a bright beam of white light became visible from the dark object beneath the mysterious lights.


Excerpted from ZOMBIE SALVATION by SEAN SCRUGGS Copyright © 2013 by Sean Scruggs. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 0 First Encounter....................1
Chapter 1 A Strange Land....................3
Chapter 2 Invisible....................26
Chapter 3 We Got One!....................39
Chapter 4 Jerry....................55
Chapter 5 Betrayal....................77
Chapter 6 The Beginning....................98
Chapter 7 Justice....................122
Chapter 8 Harvest Industries....................144
Chapter 9 Breakthrough....................167
Chapter 10 Element X....................191
Chapter 11 Silly Rabbits....................212
Chapter 12 Operation Restore Order....................236
Chapter 13 Subject Zero....................258
Chapter 14 Home Coming....................284
Chapter 15 Project Lazarus....................305
Chapter 16 Been There....................325
Chapter 17 Something's Licking My Neck....................349
Chapter 18 Cruel Kiss Of Fate....................377
Chapter 19 Breath Of Fresh Air....................404

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This book had some unexpected twists that kept me reading longer. I understand this is written by a new author and was impressed. If he has any more books written in the future I will definitely be reading them. Maybe a sequel?