Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes: 150 Fast and Simple Healthy Recipes

Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes: 150 Fast and Simple Healthy Recipes

by Barry Sears, Barry Sears
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Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes: 150 Fast and Simple Healthy Recipes 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
First of all - don't get me wrong: I am a big fan of the Zone diet, and a large part of the reason for that is it's relatively easy to understand and to integrate into my lifestyle without any really onerous sacrifices. I have even been able to concoct Zone-friendly foods that are acceptable to my 12-year old son, who is a somewhat finicky eater. So all kudos to Dr. Barry Sears, the creator of the Zone principles. *** Furthermore, there is an obvious need for a Zone cookbook - As Barry Sears says in the introductory chapter, 'The biggest complaint about the Zone Diet is that it takes too much time. No longer. If you follow a few simple rules and use the recipes provided in this book, it will now take you only minutes to enter the Zone.' *** Just one problem: the guy whom Sears hired to put together this recipe book, 'Scott C. Lane, an exceptionally talented culinary expert who is also trained in the most advanced food technology,' has apparently done all his cooking in a laboratory, and never prepared a thing in a home kitchen. *** First off, because most of the recipes rely exclusively on the low-density carbs (vegetables & fruits), the resulting proportions are absolutely laughable. Ten of the 12 omelette recipes in the first 20 pages suggest making omelettes with 1/2 c. of egg white (I estimate you get a pan diameter of about 5 inches with that) and filling it with 6-8 cups of cooked vegetables - 'spoon vegetables onto half of omelette; fold over and cook 2-3 additional minutes.' Has Scott ever tried this? I'm thinkin' this 'omelette' looks like a mountain of vegetables with a little white lace doily on top. One recipe (p. 35) calls for 1/2 c. egg whites, and (I kid you not), 2 oz chicken, 1.5 c. onions, 3 c. bean sprouts, 4 c. mushrooms and 10 c. spinach ¿ a total of 19 cups of omelette fill. Yes, I know spinach reduces a lot in volume when you cook it, but come ON! Even without ANY of the spinach there are 9 cups of contents for the 1/2 c. of omelette wrap. *** And that's just for one single portion!! I'm cooking for three every night. I guess Scott has access to an industrial kitchen with restaurant-size pots, but I don't have the storage space for vats big enough to make these recipes for my family! If I followed the recipe on p. 35 literally, I would need room to cook 3 x 19 c. = 57 c. of vegetables. Lord help me if we were the typical family of four - we'd be talking about 76 cups! A little impractical, don't you think? *** The ridiculous thing is, these recipes didn't have to be so stupid. All you have to do is convert some of the low-density carbs into a small quantity of high-density carbs, like 1/4 c. of kidney beans or potato; and in fact, 2 of the 10 omelette recipes do just that. When I make one of the stir-fry recipes, I convert part of the pile of low-density carbs into 1/2 c. of brown rice or barley in the bottom of the bowl. Simple, obvious - inexplicably overlooked in this book. *** Second, Scott obviously has good help in his kitchen. Many of his recipes require sauteing 1/2 the recipe in one pan, mixing the other half of the ingredients in a bowl, sauteing them in a second pan, then combining the two halves of the recipe. Scott, honey - get a clue from Kraft and Betty Crocker: people prefer to minimize the number of dishes they do after dinner. We don't all have kitchen assistants to clean up after us like you do. *** Third, lots of his recipes have way too many ingredients (e.g., p. 83 - 18 ingredients) and far too much chopping, mincing and slicing thinly to be made speedily. And since that is supposedly the reason for this cookbook (remember the ¿Meals in Minutes¿ title)... one has to wonder what they're doing in here. *** Finally, some of his seasoning is a bit 'precious.' For example, on p. 48 - 1/8 teaspoon of red wine. I don't think I've ever SEEN a 1/8 teaspoon measure, let alone would I bother to ow
Guest More than 1 year ago
after following the zone carefully my blood sugar levels came back to normal and this was after being diagnosed as a diabetic.I was amazed and cant recommend the books enough
Guest More than 1 year ago
After reading a Week in the Zone and all those very easy menus I just had to get this book. Much more gormet-ish than in the Zone. What I soon realized as easy to prepare as they are, if you don't own a supermarket or grow your own veggies and fruits year around well, better think twice. I found out with no less than (for example), most lunches and every dinner calls for at least 3 different veggies AND in quantities of 1 cup of one kind,1.5 cup of another &/ or 2 cups of something else...... on a fixed income, no garden, no ownership of a supermarket it became far to expensive per meal. The good news is, I do follow the premise of what he is saying, I still try to keep my protein, carbos (favorable and not favorable lists of) and the fat as he suggests but on my own financial means. Again, the menus are a tad bit too gormet-ish for me. I do prefer the meals in the Week in the Zone. The layout of the book spiral binder is great but.$$$$$$$$$$ I think not.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a beginner to the 'Zone' I thought I would get this book for ideas. For anyone that at all knows their way around the kitchen, you are better off on your own. Also, the recipes are all for the 'typical male' and there is no suggestion for alteration. I would not recommend this book to many people at all. You are better off just making combinations of things from the food blocks in the book. I only wish I had not thrown out the receipt so I could return it!