ZONTORIA Star Riders: Where Reality Is Timeless

ZONTORIA Star Riders: Where Reality Is Timeless

by Donna J Setterlund
ZONTORIA Star Riders: Where Reality Is Timeless

ZONTORIA Star Riders: Where Reality Is Timeless

by Donna J Setterlund

Hardcover(3rd ed.)

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ZONTORIA Star Riders is the second in a series of adventures in Zontoria. [This version 3 features text.]
Chesley, a young man dealing with the questions and frustration of being adopted, had uncertainties and felt disconnected from people, and yet, he found comfort and solace in nature. He was confused and uncertain about his future until he was forced from his home in the middle of the night, by one who knew his story. He was taken to a strange and frightening place, and out of that trauma, he began to learn where he came from and eventually why. Finding courage to overcome his fears and confusion, he became a leader and helped resolve the threat that faced mankind. An Immersive Family Experience. ZONTORIA represents a collection of writings and illustrations by Donne J. Setterlund, featuring an Amazing Adventure With Life. There is something cathartic and healing about the progressive stories that take you beyond the normal, into the nitty-gritty of actively engaging one's senses in a wonderfully magical experience. Open a portal into a world explored by the author's younger self. Jeannie meets old and new friends, shares stories, and learns a different perspective for understanding the unexplained. This intriguing world is filled with simple stories holding a powerful positive energy that touches the heart of each of us as we find a piece of ourselves in the laughter, and the pain. Feel the very soul of humanity as the delightful characters live and talk about all the wonderful, confusing, traumatic and glorious things of life in a manner that offers hope and understanding. Jeannie leads us into a wonderful world of light and enlightenment filled with imagination, surprises and Everyday Magic.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987012590
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Donna J. Setterlund was a woman searching for the magic to make sense of her tumultuous complicated life. Inspiration came in the form of an amazing woman named Margaret, who was the studio model for “Tinkerbell” in the original movie “Peter Pan.” Tinkerbell took Donna by the hand and sprinkled her with pixy dust, encouraged her to look for the things she didn’t know she needed, and shared her serendipitous personality. This fortuitous magic ignited the curiosity that started everything, and led to a lifetime of writing and illustrating the stories that Donna now shares with families and children everywhere.

Donna is strong resource for family and children’s book authoring and illustration with more than three dozen completed children’s books, which include the “Zontoria” Series. She has also published five area promotional books, advanced coloring books, and now continuing the “Expression” series, all fully illustrated. Donna is an experienced creative design and visual communications specialist, concentrating on conceptual imaging and illustration. Having creative diversity and understanding design depth, Donna presently owns and operates “Zontoria Productions”, a youth organization “Good Habit Kids”, and the “Setterlund Ranch” with “Setter Town” an Old West Animal Therapy Ranch for Veterans, Families, and Mentored Children.

When you pick up a book by Donna J. Setterlund and flip through the pages, the vivid colors will capture your interest immediately. The simple complexities of her personality and life are mirrored in her words and art as she creates from the heart touching the core of being alive. All of her books are illustrated offering the reader an opportunity to discover their own insights and inspiration. Donna was born with the creative gift of seeing ideas come together and develop into something complete and wonderful long before a pencil is even picked up or a computer is turned on. Her overactive imagination and desire to create pieces of beauty and value have stimulated a very colorful and exciting life to say the least. Her publishing adventures with writing, illustrating, formatting and completing her many projects have been an incredible experience with their ups and downs, intertwined with large portions of serendipity and every day magic.

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