Zur Vermittlung der Extreme in den Meiningen

Zur Vermittlung der Extreme in den Meiningen

by Johann Peter Friedrich Ancillon
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NOOK BookDigitized from 1828 volume (eBook - Digitized from 1828 volume)

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BN ID: 2940033584611
Publisher: Duncker und Humblot
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Zur Vermittlung der Extreme in den Meiningen 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Grim Reaper firmly planted the bottom of his scythe into the deep snow, flicking through a list of names on his beat-up iPhone 5.<br><br>Gregor Denton, a weapons-craftsman remotely linked with the Shadowforthman'rath-Archman insurgency in the Underworld months ago. Apparently he had designed a number of weapons for them, and had not shown any allegiance to the insurgence force, but all loose ends had to be shed.<br><br>There was a warning on the cracked screen of the iPhone under Gregor's profile. Liches had been spotted during the night coming and leaving, and there was a high chance the craftsman was also a necromancer.<br><br>But that was no matter. Samael, or The Grim Reaper, had it all covered. There hadn't been a job he hadn't botched since his first kill, Adam, millenia ago. Plus, he had gone up against fallen angels before and won with ease. Golems, ghosts, gargoyles, whatever Denton would throw at Death, he would be ready to face.<br><br>The entrance to Denton's underground facility was masked as a dillapitated barn, complete with rotten, splintered wood and broken down wagon. The phone disappeared into a pocket as the skeletal being approached the large double-doors covered in faded red paint. The lock perched upon a small shelf on the door was intricate, but The Grim Reaper simply slashed it in half with his scythe, dropping the chain to the ground.<br><br>Dusty darkness clouded the inside until Death's eyes adjusted, revealing a room filled with old tractor machinery covered by tan canvas tarps. Stepping between the misshapen lumps, Samael approached the center of the barn, where a larger object, easily fifteen feet tall, stood. A flick of the hand sent the tarp to the dirt floor, revealing a living rock golem.<br><br>Dodging the first blow thrown, a clumsy punch, by the huge creature, The Grim Reaper vanished into the shadows. The golem attempted to locate him with thermal vision, but unfortunately its opponent was literally as cold as death.<br><br>This left the giant momentarily unguarded as it recovered from the vision change, and Death sped from the darkness, his molecular-sharp blade slicing a deep groove in the beast's ankle. Ducking between the golem's legs, he turned and skidded backwards to a stop, hunched over slightly.<br><br>The rock giant attempted to spin and use its momentum to deliver a smashing blow, but its right foot snapped off, making it stumble awkwardly to the side. Jumping straight up, close to the surface of the giant, The Grim Reaper dug his scythe into the rock, making a large crack on the beast's torso.<br><br>The monster, however, roared out in pain and spun on one leg, flames gushing from its mouth and setting the barn alight. Dodging the fiery exhalation, Death swung his scythe and beheaded the creature in a single motion. The headless statue froze, the cracks made by Samael's previous torso-slash expanding, shattering the entire giant.<br><br>Landing perfectly on the ground, The Grim Reaper Reaper continued on.