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The eBook Reader for people who love reading.

Meet nook.

Choose from more than a million books, newspapers and magazines delivered to you wirelessly in seconds. Sample ebooks for free.

Enhanced reading.

nook's screen uses E Ink , made to read as crisp and clear as a printed page. Its full-color touchscreen encourages you to bookmark, add notes, and highlight passages.

Get eBooks in seconds.

Download eBooks instantly with nook's Wireless 3G connection. There's no set-up required, just turn on your nook and start browsing. All your airtime fees are on us. It's that simple.

Endless shelf space.

nook comes with 2GB of storage. That's enough room for about 1,500 eBooks, plus your favorite newspapers, music and personal files. Need even more space? Just add a memory card and store up to 17,500.

Read for days.

Long battery life means you won't need to worry about recharging your nook, even on the longest flights. nook runs for about ten days on a single charge.

Make it yours.

Personalize your nook with custom screensavers using your own photos. And keep your nook safe and looking stylish with colorful back covers and designer cases.

Over one million titles.

Get your favorite books, newspapers and magazines, plus exclusive reads from Barnes & Noble all delivered via fast and free wireless.

A better reading experience.

Choose your next book via nook's beautiful color touchscreen, then watch it appear instantly on an easy-to-read E Ink display, where text appears as crisp as a printed page. Make the text bigger, and easily bookmark, highlight, and make notes as you go.

Save time, money and space.

Store as many as 1,500 books, newspapers, and magazines on your nook, so you'll never be without your favorites. And with an added memory card you can store up to 17,500. eBooks download in seconds. Many bestsellers and new releases are just $9.99, so you can enjoy more for less.
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