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A Very Exclusive Engagement (Harlequin Desire Series #2228)

A Very Exclusive Engagement (Harlequin Desire Series #2228)

4.5 11
by Andrea Laurence

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"What happens in the elevator, stays in the elevator, right?"

Trapped between floors with his spitfire employee, media mogul Liam Crowe can't control the chemistry. First, Francesca Orr is calling her new boss names in the boardroom; next, she's kissing him! Now Liam has some choice names for Francesca: fiancée, maybe even wife.


"What happens in the elevator, stays in the elevator, right?"

Trapped between floors with his spitfire employee, media mogul Liam Crowe can't control the chemistry. First, Francesca Orr is calling her new boss names in the boardroom; next, she's kissing him! Now Liam has some choice names for Francesca: fiancée, maybe even wife. Because the only way to keep control of the scandal-plagued news network he's just acquired is if he settles down, and Francesca is perfect fake-fiancée material. But when she goes along with the plan, things get real—really fast—because there's nothing fake about Francesca….

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Publication date:
Harlequin Desire Series , #2228
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4.40(w) x 6.50(h) x 0.53(d)

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Figlio di un allevatore di maiali.

Liam Crowe didn't speak Italian. The new owner of the American News Service network could barely order Italian food, and he was pretty sure his Executive Vice President of Community Outreach knew it.

Francesca Orr had muttered the words under her breath during today's emergency board meeting. He'd written down what she'd said—or at least a close enough approximation-in his notebook so he could look it up later. The words had fallen from her dark red lips in such a seductive way. Italian was a powerful language. You could order cheese and it would sound like a sincere declaration of love. Especially when spoken by the dark, exotic beauty who'd sat across the table from him.

And yet, he had the distinct impression that he wasn't going to like what she'd said to him.

He hadn't expected taking over the company from Graham Boyle to be a cakewalk. The former owner and several employees were in jail following a phone-hacking scandal that had targeted the president of the United States. The first item on the agenda for the board meeting had been to suspend ANS reporter Angelica Pierce for suspicion of misconduct. Hayden Black was continuing his congressional investigation into the role Angelica may have played in the affair. Right now, they had enough cause for the suspension. When Black completed his investigation—and hopefully uncovered some hard evidence—Liam and his Board of Directors would determine what additional action to take.

He was walking into a corporate and political maelstrom, but that was the only reason he had been able to afford to buy controlling stock in the company in the first place. ANS was the crown jewel of broadcast media. The prize he'd always had his eye on. The backlash of the hacking scandal had brought the network and its owner, Graham Boyle, to their knees. Even with Graham behind bars and the network coming in last in the ratings for most time slots, Liam knew he couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy ANS.

So, they had a major scandal to overcome. A reputation to rebuild. Nothing in life was easy, and Liam liked a challenge. But he'd certainly hoped that the employees of ANS, and especially his own Board of Directors, would be supportive. From the night janitor to the CFO, jobs were on the line. Most of the people he spoke to were excited about him coming aboard and hopeful they could put the hacking scandal behind them to rebuild the network.

But not Francesca. It didn't make any sense. Sure, she had a rich and famous movie producer father to support her if she lost her position with ANS, but charity was her job. Surely she cared about the employees of the company as much as she cared about starving orphans and cancer patients.

It didn't seem like it, though. Francesca had sat at the conference room table in her formfitting flame-red suit and lit into him like she was the devil incarnate. Liam had been warned that she was a passionate and stubborn woman—that it wouldn't be personal if they bumped heads—but he wasn't prepared for this. The mere mention of streamlining the corporate budget to help absorb the losses had sent her on a tirade. But they simply couldn't throw millions at charitable causes when they were in such a tight financial position.

Suffice it to say, she disagreed.

With a sigh, Liam closed the lid on his briefcase and headed out of the executive conference room to find some lunch on his own. He'd planned to take some of the board members out, but everyone had scattered after the awkward meeting came to an end. He didn't blame them. Liam had managed to keep control of it, making sure they covered everything on the agenda, but it was a painful process.

Oddly enough, the only thing that had made it remotely tolerable for him was watching Francesca herself. In a room filled with older businesswomen and men in gray, black and navy suits, Francesca was the pop of color and life. Even when she wasn't speaking, his gaze kept straying back to her.

Her hair was ebony, flowing over her shoulders and curling down her back. Her almond-shaped eyes were dark brown with thick, black lashes. They were intriguing, even when narrowed at him in irritation. When she argued with him, color rushed to her face, giving her flawless tan skin a rosy undertone that seemed all the brighter for her fireengine red suit and lipstick.

Liam typically had a thing for fiery, exotic women. He'd had his share of blond-haired, blue-eyed debutantes in private school but when he'd gone off to college, he found he had a taste for women a little bit spicier. Francesca, if she hadn't been trying to ruin his day and potentially his year, would've been just the kind of woman he'd ask out. But complicating this scenario with a fling gone wrong was something he didn't need.

Right now, what he did need was a stiff drink and some red meat from his favorite restaurant. He was glad ANS's corporate headquarters were in New York. While he loved his place in D.C., he liked coming back to his hometown. The best restaurants in the world, luxury box seats for his favorite baseball team…the vibe of Manhattan was just so different.

He'd be up here from time to time on business. Really, he wished it was all the time, but if he wanted to be in the thick of politics, which was ANS's focus, Washington was where he had to be. So he'd set up his main office in the D.C. newsroom, as Boyle had, keeping both his apartment in New York and the town house in Georgetown that he'd bought while he went to college there. It was the best of both worlds as far as he was concerned.

Liam went to his office before he left for lunch. He put his suitcase on the table and copied Francesca's words from his notebook onto a sticky note. He carried it with him, stopping at his assistant's desk on his way out.

"Jessica, it's finally over. Mrs. Banks will be bringing you the paperwork to process Ms. Pierce's suspension. Human Resources needs to get that handled right way. Now that that mess is behind me, I think I'm going to find some lunch." He handed her the note with the Italian phrase written on it. "Could you get this translated for me while I'm gone? It's Italian."

Jessica smiled and nodded as though it wasn't an unusual request. She'd apparently done this in the past as Graham Boyle's assistant. "I'll take care of it, sir. I have the website bookmarked." Glancing down at the yellow paper she shook her head. "I see Ms. Orr has given you a special welcome to the company. This is one I haven't seen before."

"Should I feel honored?"

"I don't know yet, sir. I'll tell you once I look it up." Liam chuckled, turning to leave, then stopping. "Out of curiosity," he asked, "what did she call Graham?"

"Her favorite was stronzo." "What's that mean?"

"It has several translations, none of which I'm really comfortable saying out loud." Instead, she wrote them on the back of the note he'd handed her.

"Wow," he said, reading as she wrote. "Certainly not a pet name, then. I'm going to have to deal with Ms. Orr before this gets out of control."

A blur of red blew past him and he looked up to see Francesca heading for the elevators in a rush. "Here's my chance."

"Good luck, sir," he heard Jessica call to him as he trotted to the bank of elevators.

One of the doors had just opened and he watched Francesca step inside and turn to face him. She could see him coming. Their eyes met for a moment and then she reached to the panel to hit the button. To close the doors faster.


He thrust his arm between the silver sliding panels and they reopened to allow him to join her. Francesca seemed less than pleased with the invasion. She eye-balled him for a moment under her dark lashes and then wrinkled her delicate nose as though he smelled of rotten fish. As the doors began to close again, she scooted into the far corner of the elevator even though they were alone in the car.

"We need to talk," Liam said as the car started moving down.

Francesca's eyes widened and her red lips tightened into a straight, hard line. "About what?" she asked innocently.

"About your attitude. I understand you're passionate about your work. But whether you like it or not, I'm in control of this company and I'm going to do whatever I have to do to save it from the mess that's been made of it. I'll not have you making a fool out of me in front of—"

Liam's words were cut off as the elevator lurched to a stop and the lights went out, blanketing them in total darkness.

This couldn't really be happening. She was not trapped in a broken elevator with Liam Crowe. Stubborn and ridiculously handsome Liam Crowe. But she should've known something bad was going to happen. There had been thirteen people sitting at the table during the board meeting. That was an omen of bad luck.

Nervously, she clutched at the gold Italian horn pendant around her neck and muttered a silent plea for good fortune. "What just happened?" she asked, her voice sounding smaller than she'd like, considering the blackout had interrupted a tongue lashing from her new boss.

"I don't know." They stood in the dark for a moment before the emergency lighting system kicked on and bathed them in red light. Liam walked over to the control panel and pulled out the phone that connected to the engineering room. Without saying anything, he hung it back up. Next, he hit the emergency button, but nothing happened; the entire panel was dark and unresponsive.

"Well?" Francesca asked.

"I think the power has gone out. The emergency phone is dead." He pulled his cell phone out and eyed the screen. "Do you have service on your phone? I don't."

She fished in her purse and retrieved her phone, shaking her head as she looked at the screen. There were no bars or internet connectivity. She never got good service in elevators, anyway. "Nothing."

"Damn it," Liam swore, putting his phone away. "I can't believe this."

"So what do we do now?"

Liam flopped back against the wall with a dull thud. "We wait. If the power outage is widespread, there's nothing anyone can do."

"So we just sit here?"

"Do you have a better suggestion? You were full of them this morning."

Francesca ignored his pointed words, crossed her arms defensively and turned away from him. She eyed the escape hatch in the ceiling. They could try to crawl out through there, but how high were they? They had started on the fifty-second floor and hadn't gone very far when the elevator stopped. They might be in between floors. Or the power could come back on while they were in the elevator shaft and they might get hurt. It probably was a better idea to sit it out.

The power would come back on at any moment. Hopefully.

"It's better to wait," she agreed reluctantly.

"I didn't think it was possible for us to agree on anything after the board meeting and that fit you threw."

Francesca turned on her heel to face him. "I did not throw a fit. I just wasn't docile enough to sit back like the others and let you make bad choices for the company. They're too scared to rock the boat."

"They're scared that the company can't bounce back from the scandal. And they didn't say anything because they know I'm right. We have to be fiscally responsible if we're going to—"

"Fiscally responsible? What about socially responsible? ANS has sponsored the Youth in Crisis charity gala for the past seven years. We can't just decide not to do it this year. It's only two weeks away. They count on that money to provide programs for at-risk teens. Those activities keep kids off the streets and involved in sports and create educational opportunities they wouldn't get without our money."

Liam frowned at her. She could see the firm set of his jaw even bathed in the dim red light. "You think I don't care about disadvantaged children?"

Francesca shrugged. "I don't know you well enough to say."

"Well, I do care," he snapped. "I personally attended the ball for the past two years and wrote a big fat check at both of them. But that's not the point. The point is we need to cut back on expenses to keep the company afloat until we can rebuild our image."

"No. You've got it backward," she insisted. "You need the charity events to rebuild your image so the company can stay afloat. What looks better in the midst of scandal than a company doing good deeds? It says to the public that some bad people did some bad things here, but the rest of us are committed to making things right. The advertisers will come flocking back."

Liam watched her for a moment, and she imagined the wheels turning in his head as he thought through her logic. "Your argument would've been a lot more effective if you hadn't shrieked and called me names in Italian."

Francesca frowned. She hadn't meant to lose her cool, but she couldn't help it. She had her mother's quick Italian tongue and her father's short fuse. It made for an explosive combination. "I have a bit of a temper," she said. "I get it from my father."

Anyone who had worked on the set of a Victor Orr film knew what could happen when things weren't going right. The large Irishman had a head of thick, black hair and a temper just as dark. He'd blow at a moment's notice and nothing short of her mother's soothing hand could calm him down. Francesca was just the same.

"Does he curse in Italian, too?"

"No, he doesn't speak a word of it and my mother likes it that way. My mother grew up in Sicily and met my father there when he was shooting a film. My mother's Italian heritage was always very important to her, so when I got older I spent summers there with my nonna."


"My maternal grandmother. I picked up a lot of Italian while I was there, including some key phrases I probably shouldn't know. I realized as a teenager that I could curse in Italian and my father wouldn't know what I was saying because he's Irish. From there it became a bad habit of mine. I'm sorry I yelled," she added. "I just care too much. I always have."

Francesca might take after her mother in most things, but her father had made his mark, as well. Victor Orr had come from poor beginnings and raised his two daughters not only to be grateful for what they had, but also to give to the less fortunate. All through high school, Francesca had volunteered at a soup kitchen on Saturdays. She'd organized charity canned food collections and blood drives at school. After college, her father helped her get an entry level job at ANS, where he was the largest minority stockholder. It hadn't taken long for her to work her way up to the head of community outreach. And she'd been good at it. Graham had never had room to complain about her doing anything less than a stellar job.

But it always came down to money. When things got tight, her budget was always the first to get cut. Why not eliminate some of the cushy corporate perks? Maybe slash the travel budget and force people to hold more teleconferences? Or cut back on the half gallon of hair gel the head anchor used each night for the evening news broadcast?

"I don't want to hack up your department," Liam said. "What you do is important for ANS and for the community. But I need a little give and take here. Everyone needs to tighten their belts. Not just you. But I need you to play along, too. It's hard enough to come into the leadership position of a company that's doing well, much less one like ANS. I'm going to do everything I can to get this network back on top, but I need everyone's support."

Meet the Author

Andrea Laurence is an award winning contemporary author who has been a lover of books and writing stories since she learned to read. She always dreamed of seeing her work in print and is thrilled to be able to share her books with the world. A dedicated West Coast girl transplanted into the Deep South, she's working on her own "happily ever after" with her boyfriend and five fur-babies. You can contact Andrea at her website: http://www.andrealaurence.com.

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A Very Exclusive Engagement 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Pretty good. I loved the idea of the story. Marriage of convenience stories always interest me, however this one felt rushed. I wish we could've gotten to know the hero and heroine a little better. I loved their chemistry together. They definitely had it going on in the bedroom. But the heroine fell too quickly and the hero was fond of her one minute and then BAM "I'm in love with you". It just seemed fake. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
In this fifth book in the Daughters of Power: The Capital series, Andrea Laurence takes us on a whirlwind journey with a high-powered media mogul and one of the VP's he inherits when he buys a company. Liam Crowe is determined to turn around the scandal-plagued news network he just bought and make it successful and reputable again. Butting heads with one of his fiery tempered employees might not be the best way to accomplish that! Francesca Orr throws insults at her new boss under her breath in a foreign language one minute and then is kissing him while stuck in an elevator together the next! Will she agree to a fake ... or maybe real ... engagement with him if it means helping the network succeed?
sweeterica0712 More than 1 year ago
Oh gosh, this book was way too cute! I loved everything about it - Franscesca with her habit of swearing in Italian when she's angry and all her superstitions and Liam who is fairly private with his life. The pair of them together work so well, and I loved watching the two of them figure out they were actually perfect for one another, despite the circumstances that originally pushed them together. Everything about A Very Exclusive Engagement was just so right. I started reading, and I never wated to put any of it down for a moment! I was all about the secondary characters in this book - I totally want to check out the prior books in the series to see how those characters and their relationships came to be, as there seem to be some true winners in there. Andrea Laurence always writes such great stories, and this was no exception to the rule. I cannot wait to crack open another Andrea Laurece read!
MaryL2 More than 1 year ago
A Very Exclusive Engagement Andrea Laurence Trying to save the news network brings Liam Crowe to make budget cuts that Francesca Orr doesn't want him to do. Tempers flare!!! If he does then her charity function will be hurt. Liam knows he needs help to save the scandal plagued network. He tries to get his aunt to sell him her shares. Instead she comes up with a proposition for him to earn them, but is the price too high? Again strong characters and an intriguing storyline makes this a must read Andrea Laurence book.
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
A Very Exclusive Engagement is the 5th book in the series Daughters of Power: The Capital by Andrea Laurence. This book had me from the first pages. The tension felt in the boardroom between Francesca Orr and Liam Crowe is palpable and then the next thing you know they’re stuck in an elevator with nowhere to go. And it’s hot in there and they both have way too many clothes on…And then, the electricity comes back on they are forced to quickly re-clothe themselves. This whole scene was full of hotness. Next, Liam is dealt a blow by his Aunt Beatrice better known as Queen Bee. To keep his company, is forced to marry within the year. And who does Liam turn to…Francesca, of course. This book is the perfect one for anyone who loves fake engagement stories. Add to it a little superstition and an added twist by Queen Bee and A Very Exclusive Engagement is a delightful story. I highly recommend it.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
This book was very intriguing. You have Liam who is the new owner of the company and Francesca who wants to save her charitable program. Tempers are flaring in the boardroom then fate laughs at them by getting them both stuck in an elevator. Now sparks are flying for a whole new reason, but reality rears it's ugly head. Then Liam's aunt gives him an ultimatum to secure his ownership of the company. Now Liam must convince Francesca the perfect candidate for a fake engagement. What starts out as fake soon becomes feeling more real and real. What are these two going to do when hearts are on the line instead of business? Read and find out! It's a very enjoyable read with characters who have boundless chemistry. The ending was perfect and makes you realize that's why you read romance for the good to your heart feeling you get.
Trinley More than 1 year ago
A great series Daughters of Power: The Capital. Andrea Laurence's book a Terrific Read!!!, June 20, 2014 A Very Exclusive Engagement is the 5th book in the series Daughters of Power: The Capital, and even though this book can stand alone it is good to have some background information on the secondary characters. A Very Exclusive Engagement has sizzle from the start and just kept on sizzling. Liam Crowe's hot encounter with Francesca Orr when they were stuck in the elevator kept him wanting more. Liam's Aunt Beatrice wanted to see him married within the year and Francesca was just the person for him to coerce into tricking his Aunt the Queen Bee into thinking he is in love and engaged to be married. I really enjoyed Liam and Francesca story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
yazmin593 More than 1 year ago
In A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence, Liam Crowe has bought the network after the previous owner was arrested for being involved in a phone hacking scandal. But Francesca Orr is giving problems because she is standing up for her projects and she will not back down. Only after being trapped in an elevator with her, things get very heated, for now she has gotten his attention and it will not go away that easily. So when Liam gets threatened by his aunt, by selling her shares of the network, if he doesn’t settle down, he knows he needs help and the person that comes to mind is Francesca is his best option. Liam believes that he can fake himself through an engagement and get his aunt off his back. But no matter what he does, he will have a hard time remembering that this is a fake relationship. Only soon he ends up marrying her and he is still fighting his feeling for her, which will make their relationship very complicated. Especially since Francesca descends from an Italian mother and an Irish father, making her very passionate and with a strong personality. But the toughest thing will be for Liam to accept his feelings before he looses Francesca, even if she herself was a little at fault with her superstitions which led her to almost giving in to loosing him without a fight. If you like a fun, entertaining and delightful read full of chemistry and meddlesome family members, you will like A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence.
Love_Books50 More than 1 year ago
"What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator" or does it?  Another great book by Andrea Laurence.  A fake engagement turns into an engagement of the heart.  As with all of Andrea's books, her characters draw you into their lives and you want the book to keep on going.  Don't miss out on this one. 
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
I finished reading A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence. Who doesn't love a quick read with a fake engagement or a conniving aunt? I for one love enjoy a good fake engagement. From the first moment Francesca Orr and Liam Crowe were stuck in the elevator the steam from that encounter hadn't evaporated. Boy was that a hot moment. Now Liam was give an ultimatum from his Aunt Beatrice (the Queen Bee) to be married within the year. Fortunately, he found the perfect co-conspirator to trick the Queen Bee. Yet, nothing ever works out according the plan. The goal is to make it through this farce unscathed, but it seems the heart doesn't understand the goals. Francesca is one of the most fascinating heroine I have read so far. Taking her nona's superstitions to heart she looks for signs to guide through her life. One of those signs helps her decided to go along with Liam's plan. Liam is definitely a yummy hero with his blue eyes and dark hair. Yet he is willing to do whatever to get American News Service (ANS) back on track. Even take on a fake fiancée to secure the controlling shares of the company. The fake fiancée troupe is a lot fun to read. I mean you know they are going be force to marry, no matter what. However, you always wonder who will be the first to cave and fall in love or wonder if both characters fall in love at the same time and don't want to admit it. See a lot of fun. Plus, Liam and Francesca have a lot of heat to begin with and this adds to the complication of their liaison. I actually found A Very Exclusive Engagement delightful to read. I enjoyed the chemistry between Liam and Francesca and how it was compounded with the fake engagement. Add the Queen Bee into the mix, and you know it can only lead to trouble. So, if you love fake engagements with meddlesome family members, you might like to read A Very Exclusive Engagement. Copy provided by the author