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Black Rose

Black Rose

4.4 9
by Kris Thompson

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Lillian Locke had the perfect life in Boulder, Colorado. She had the boyfriend of her dreams, a wonderful family, awesome friends, and a spot on the track team at a great college. There wasn't anything life could throw at her that she couldn't get through . . . until he found her.

Lillian never could have imagined being abducted and chained up in the dark. Worse yet


Lillian Locke had the perfect life in Boulder, Colorado. She had the boyfriend of her dreams, a wonderful family, awesome friends, and a spot on the track team at a great college. There wasn't anything life could throw at her that she couldn't get through . . . until he found her.

Lillian never could have imagined being abducted and chained up in the dark. Worse yet, being just one of many girls kidnapped and held captive by a madman. All she can do now is hope that she survives the brutality of their captor long enough to find a way to free herself and her new captive friends.

When Richard Haines' girlfriend goes missing, he makes it his personal mission to find the woman he loves and bring her home to the safety of their loved ones. Seeking the help of friends and family, Richard abandons everything except for his pursuit of Lillian. But when someone else close to Richard goes missing, and the bodies of the abducted girls start showing up in the hills outside Boulder, the only thing he can do is hope that he finds her before it is too late.

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Black Rose 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
RWilkins More than 1 year ago
For a debut book, this author has you on the edge from the very beginning. You have a psychotic man who take young women and declares them "his". The suspense is grabs you immediately. Kris Thompson brings you right in to the story and you find yourself right there with each person. The story shares the day to day events from both the victim and the family. The ending screams sequel.
Alexisraehudson More than 1 year ago
WOW! This book had me on the edge of my freaking seat. The opening chapter was so chilling, it almost sounded like he was in love with everyone of his girls.  I guess in his mind he was, until they messed up.  Seven beautiful and athletic girls are taken from their lives and thrust into the hands of a demented captor, each girl serves a purpose for him. However, when he abducts Lillian Locke aka Lee.  She gives him a run for his money and tests his boundaries and give the girls hope of getting away from the life they are now leading with him in his underground dungeon of sorts. The strength and bravery these woman show in the story is outstanding, Kris Thompson did an excellent job with her characters. They are strong and well rounded considering the things they are forced to endure. Recommend this book for those who love a good thriller! 
Byrd009_ More than 1 year ago
This story blew my mind! I loved, loved, loved this book!! I had previously read a different version of this story, and was happy to learn Kris Thompson was publishing this book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since it’s Thompson’s first book, but let me tell you; it was superb! This crime-thriller had me on an emotional roller coaster. I felt sadness, worrisome, fearfulness, and relief. For Thompson to evoke all these emotions from me, through Lillian and Richard’s journey, had me not wanting to put my book down at all. It was incredible. Lillian, a.k.a. Lee, was abducted and was so strong through it all. Not just physically, but mentally, as well. She was so selfless; she was a much more better person than I. This isn’t only Lee’s story, either. What the other women who were taken go through, was a huge part of the story as well. And let’s not forget Richard, Lee’s boyfriend. He and both their family members go through hell, trying to find Lee too. Also, when one of the family members lands up missing as well, they need to find the abductor NOW, more than ever. Kris Thompson knocked it out of the park with Black Rose and I give it 5 stars!
krissysbookshelf More than 1 year ago
If you want to read a book that will totally blow your mind then Black Rose is your book. This is one of those Along Came a Spider, and The Cell put together kind of twisted complexity thrillers. Kris Thompson comes out strong in a novel filled with suspense and crazy hair raising mystery. I am blown away by the confidence that the author puts into her work and I am glad because it pays off. She masters her story all the way to the end. I can't wait to see what Kris Thompson has planned for the future.
Bloggabook More than 1 year ago
This was a tough book to stick with at the beginning. Any book dealing with this subject matter should be tough. I admit to almost giving up on it after about a quarter of the way in. I was worried about the graphic details that I felt would be coming as the story progressed. Luckily, I hung in. Kris Thompson approaches this subject with as much detail as needed to keep you feeling very much at ease but without overwhelming you with brutality. There is a fine line to be walked, and this book does it well while still staying true to the nature of the story. Another aspect I found myself liking was that this story didn't end with the typical ending you would expect. I'm trying to not give away anything but suffice it to say that this story is more about victims and the way an ordeal is ongoing for the rest of their lives. The only reason for 4 stars on this is one is I felt the male boyfriend/brother characters were a bit under formed and their speech was a bit nonchalant for the situations. 
Lori_Zalewski More than 1 year ago
Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews! Debut author Kris Thompson pens an intense psychological thriller in Black Rose. Thompson has a graceful writing style that draws you into her story told through the eyes of protagonists Lillian “Lee” Locke and Richard Haines. Even though college girls have been going missing for months, Lee never thought it would happen to her until it did. Lee wakes up chained to a wall in a dark room and realizes she is not alone. All of the missing girls are chained in rooms next to each other. Lee is a smart, strong, and capable young woman who immediately tries to figure out a way to escape. All of the taken girls have been starved, beaten, and raped repeatedly. Although the descriptions of these events are graphic and explicit, I didn’t find them to be more extreme than other dark books I’ve read recently. But, Black Rose would not be an appropriate choice if you are faint of heart. Lee quickly discovers ways to torment her captor, playing head games with him like he does with the girls all while providing a bit of hope to the other girls. The captor definitely bit off more than he could deal with in Lee. He thought that she would break easily. But, Lee steadfastly refuses to break. More importantly, she has a plan to escape and free the other girls too. At the same time, Richard is frantic to find Lee and hopes that Lee’s brother Noah, a policeman, will make sure she is found. While dealing with his own feelings about Lee’s abduction, Richard also observes how his family and Lee’s family are all reacting to the situation. It is gut wrenching to see how Lee is suffering and how those that love her are suffering in their own way too. When Richard learns that Noah is withholding information about the suspects, Richard takes matters into his own hands, and with his friend, Adam, he follows the suspects. With perfect timing, Richard and Adam uncover what they think is the spot where the girls are being kept just as Lee executes her escape plan. With the surviving girls recovering in the hospital, the story turns to highlighting the struggles Lee has returning to a normal life and the upcoming trial of her captor. Thompson does a masterful job of making the reader empathize with Lee and Richard as they work to put their lives back together. I was so completely captivated by this book that I read it in one sitting. Some things I loved about Black Rose were Thompson’s dueling points of view coupled with the day count of how long Lee had been missing. I liked being able to see and feel what each character was going through on the same day. This technique kept me glued to my e-reader and really built the tension between Lee’s struggling to survive and those trying to find her. The only drawback for me was that I did figure out who the captor was before the big reveal. With a memorable heroine and a pulse-pounding plot, Black Rose is a stunning debut novel, making Kris Thompson an author to watch. I received an eBook copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
histgirl More than 1 year ago
Black Rose is a dark psychological thriller that details the story of a college student named Lillian Locke and her abduction by a psychotic sexual predator who has been kidnapping young women in and around Boulder, Colorado. Now she’s one of a few women chained up in a basement at the mercy of a man who sees her and the others as objects in his personal harem. Lillian isn’t one to sit back and let someone control her destiny. She gives hope to the other young women and fights back against her captor. Will her desire to take him down be the solace and key to their freedom?  Lillian’s strength of character really makes this story stand out. Her emotional investment in protecting the other women and her push to make sure their abductor and torturer gets exactly what he deserves created an emotional connection that had me completely invested in the outcome of the story. I cringed at the painful and dark moments but I also cheered every time Lillian pushed her captor’s buttons. While Lillian fights back her boyfriend Richard is on the outside doing everything in his power to find her. His determination and love for Lillian was heart warming as well as heart wrenching. I felt his helplessness and pain as he searched relentlessly for the love of his life.  Any good psychological thriller worth reading has a villain that keeps you on the edge of your seat and this storyline had just that. The villain in this storyline takes psychotic to another level. Every time he was in a scene I couldn’t help but shiver uncomfortably. I was biting my nails, holding my breath and clenching my jaw. This book was a page-turner with action and a fast paced storyline.  The content is intense and gripping and may not be for everyone. However, while some readers may find some of the scenes too intense the intensity paints a visual glance into the mindset of the characters and Thompson carefully maintains the integrity of the storyline without exploiting the graphic nature of the material. Every word felt necessary in order to build up the story to a satisfying and truthful ending.  Copy provided for review. Reviewed by Joy for Crystal's Many Reviewers
Itlnbrt More than 1 year ago
Wow, I'm almost speechless. Kris Thompson wrote a raw, emotional, and (at times) extremely difficult to read tale about a psychopathic kidnapper and rapist. I swear I my eyes teared up starting in the prologue and then I cried for the second half of the book.  Lee, she was a kick ass heroine. Strong beyond belief and amazingly written. Her boyfriend, Richard, was loyal and strong. I'm blown away at how well all of the characters were written and even the smallest character had a lot of meaning.  The journey was tough to read, but extremely important to the story. The survival and strength of victims of kidnapping and rape is different for everyone, and here we got to see a few different point of views. It was real and raw, but so well written. I don't usually willingly read this genre, I almost have to be forced into it. And when the writing is as well done as this, I always find myself so glad I allowed myself out of my comfort zone.  Black Rose is no exception. It was an incredibly written messed up (in a good way) journey with a heroine you'll cheer for, cry for, and comfort by hugging her so tight. You'll want to thank her whole family for loving her so much, and cherish her boyfriend for being strong, patient, and determined.  So many times I wanted to jump through my screen and kick the kidnapper's butt. The story was just so real and the characters felt real, which made the experience so real.  This is one book you won't want to pass up. 
Lindsey_Gray11 More than 1 year ago
The tag line for this novel really sums up the determination of Lillian Locke throughout the story. "It's better to die on your feet than beg on your knees." This story is the gritty depiction of the life of a kidnap victim and the people who fight to find her. Lilly is the typical co-ed with a busy life, great friends, and a doting boyfriend. Unfortunately, she was exactly the challenge a madman thought he needed. One moment she's in her car, the next she's locked up in a darkened room with only the voices of five other victims to comfort her. Richard is the love of Lilly's life and is determined to get her back at all costs. With the help of his friends, family, and Lilly's police officer brother, Noah, Richard begins to decipher all the elements of Lilly's disappearance. After a body is found, they have more clues, but more questions as well. Reading about the hell these women went through as they fought against the whims of a deviant was difficult to say the least. Bone quaking chills, colossal twists, and unexpected turns left me breathless at times. The way Thompson entwined each element in this psychological thriller shows the talents of an epic storyteller. This is Thompson's debut novel and if her further work is as captivating as this, I can't wait to read it. Thanks so much to Kris Thompson and The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House for granting me a Copy of Black Rose in exchange for an honest review.