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Brandywine Brides - A Blackwood Legacy Anthology

Brandywine Brides - A Blackwood Legacy Anthology

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by Terri Brisbin, Mariah Stewart, Martha Schroeder, Kate Welsh, Cara Marsi

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A Blackwood Legacy Anthology
One Family – Seven Generations – A Legacy of Love

Almost three centuries ago, a Scottish convict was sold into indentured servitude in Philadelphia and given a second chance at a life far from the country of his birth. In the years since, the farm secured by Finlan Blackwood's efforts would grow and


A Blackwood Legacy Anthology
One Family – Seven Generations – A Legacy of Love

Almost three centuries ago, a Scottish convict was sold into indentured servitude in Philadelphia and given a second chance at a life far from the country of his birth. In the years since, the farm secured by Finlan Blackwood's efforts would grow and thrive in the Brandywine River valley just as his family and descendants did. Today, Blackwood Farm is one of the largest and most successful farms in Chester County. But it took the sacrifices and best efforts of each generation to make it so.

1721 – In A Traitor's Heart by Terri Brisbin, a convicted traitor from the Jacobite Rising must find a way to rescue a widow from an unscrupulous man's plans for her. . . and for the lands she holds.

1779 – In A Patriots' Heart by Gwendolyn Schuler, a wounded British officer hiding a secret puts the daughter of Blackwood Farm's owner in danger by his presence in their home.

1865 – In Wounded Heart by Martha Schroeder, a damaged Union soldier arrives home to find his childhood sweetheart is the one trying to save his family's farm.

1919 – In Heart's Song by Georgia Dickson, when the current owner of Blackwood Farm returns from the Great War, everything looks different to him, even the possibility of love.

1943 – In Painted Promises by Kate Welsh, the Blackwood heir, working for the war effort at home, is the only one who can help a woman who fought with the resistance in Europe before she escaped the horrors of war.

1971 – In We've Only Just Begun by Cara Marsi, the Blackwood son, suffering from the effects of Vietnam, meets exactly the kind of woman he needs, even if she doesn't want to be the one.

2017 – In Finn's Legacy by Mariah Stewart, when a writer comes to Blackwood Farm to interview the family matriarch, the last thing she expects is a reunion with the man who broke her heart before he left for Iraq four years ago.

Seven Blackwood generations. Seven loves worth fighting for.

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Meet the Author

The authors began as friends and then the Writers-Who-Lunch include:

A New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly best-selling author, Mariah Stewart has published 40-plus novels, short stories, and novellas in women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense.

USA Today best-selling author Terri Brisbin, is a mom, a wife and a dental hygienist and has sold more than 2.5 million copies of her historical and paranormal romance novels and novellas since 1998. Visit www.terribrisbin.com for more info.

Gwen Schuler, born in Salem, Massachusetts, loves history and the sea. A welcome combination for her position as associate editor of Seeboat.com at its inception. Traveling and writing for the Chesapeake Bay's Nor'easter magazine brought her readers unique glimpses of Chesapeake and Bahamian life. "A Patriot Heart" is Gwen's second anthology.

A lawyer by profession, Martha Schroeder’s books have been published by Kensington, Ballantine and Harlequin.

Debut author Georgia Dickson is delighted to contribute to the Brandywine Brides. By day, Georgia works for a Philadelphia-based foundation. By night, when she's not writing or reading lots (and lots) of romance novels, Georgia enjoys the many cultural attractions Philadelphia has to offer. You can write to Georgia at .

Author of twenty-seven romances, with over one- million in print and in multiple languages, two time RWA Golden Heart winner and Rita nominee, Kate was also nominated several times by RT reviewers for best book in her category. When not creating happily-ever-afters, she lives her own happy-ever-after in suburban Philadelphia.

An award-winning and eclectic author, Cara Marsi is published in romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She loves a good love story, and believes everyone deserves a second chance at love. Sexy, sweet, thrilling, or magical, Cara’s stories are first and foremost about the love. Visit www.caramarsi.com

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Brandywine Brides - A Blackwood Legacy Anthology 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Joana_Varela 24 days ago
3.5* I've received an eARC in exchange for an honest review It’s a bit hard to talk about an anthology without addressing the individual stories. I’m going to try not to elongate too much, just say a few words about each of them and then a general appreciation. The only author I had read before is Terri Brisbin, and with her books, I’m used to reading Regency romances, medieval romances or romances with Highlanders, in Scotland, so this first story was a bit different. In A Traitor’s Heart, Finlan Blackwood is sent to the USA after the Jacobite rising, as a traitor to the king. Here, he meets a Quaker, an American part of the Society of Friends. He buys Finlan but above all else, he’s a friend and an employer, not an owner. Finlan’s sentence is for 5 years. After that time, he’s a free man, available to start a new life in America. And it’s near the end of his 5 years sentence that he’s forced to make a decision. Elizabeth, a widow he knows and for whom he did small jobs, has an immense debt and is going to lose her farm. Finlan volunteer to take her to his Scottish relatives far away, where no one knows her, until he finishes his time and meets her. Desperate and without any other options, Elizabeth says yes and the internal struggle they both fight to accept how much they like each other, but both think they don’t deserve one another is very visible. Richard Montgomery, the Quaker, has an important role, which I’m not going to talk about, but everything works the best possible way and Finlan and Elizabeth have their happy ending. The only negative point in this plot was the fact that we didn’t get to see them falling in love, we don’t know a lot about their story, how they met… I thought it was a bit sudden, but apart from that, is a very soft and sweet romance. In A Patriot’s Heart, by Gwendolyn Schuler, we have a story that has a base in the Florence Nightingale effect, meaning the nurse/doctor falls in love with the patient (and vice-versa in this case). It was, despite it, my favourite story. All because it showed a crescendo of emotions, of mutual knowledge. It hooked my attention much more than the previous story (and the next ones); it was also quite interesting to see how someone who had learned from Finlan Blackwood the ideals of the Society of Friends (even though he was not part of it) deals with a war at his door, trying to stay neutral and yet stay true to his convictions – Elias Blackwood is a complicated yet honourable and generous man. I really liked Margi and how this strong woman helps even though she thinks the person she’s helping might be on the “wrong side” of the war. Captain Hamilton is very charming and ends up winning over the entire family, which by consequence wins over the reader fairly easily. It was without question my favourite story. In Wounded Heart, by Martha Schroeder, we also have an interesting story, a plot that involves a family torn apart by war and a young lady who is tricked by her brother. It’s all about family drama, intrigue and gossip that helps the reader to sympathize with the main characters, Charles Blackwood and Tessa. It’s an easy and likeable read, but I wish I could have learned more about Charles’ sister, Louisa Blackwood and how she ended up marrying Tessa’s brother, a horrible man. I wish I could have seen a few more plot points developed, still, even though it was a bit sounded, I liked Charles and Tessa’s romance. In Heart’s Song, by Georgia Dickson, Ethan Blackwood c
Anonymous 24 days ago
LisaAnneKeller3 28 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed Brandywine Brides! From A Traitor's Heart to Finn's Legacy, each love story invites you in to become a member of the Blackwood family. Set amid the charm of Chester County, the stories reminded me of many places I had visited growing up nearby. I loved how the authors were able to keep the integrity and strength of the Blackwood family running through each story. The men were strong and charming and the women resilient and independent. A true delight!
Angela-Kaye 28 days ago
This anthology was an amazing read and I didn't want to put it down for anything! I really loved how it started before the Revolutionary War and ended in the present day. Writing it this way was an awesome bridge between the stories. I also enjoyed all the books having the same family, but a different generation be the focal point! I love happy endings and this way let me know that they really did live happily ever after! There was a lot of romance and I would definitely recommend this anthology to everyone who loves to read!!