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4.0 23
by K.I. Lynn

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Delilah Palmer has always maintained control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth that's just below the surface. Using a façade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood, she's made a good life for herself. Becoming a successful lawyer, she is finally free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks


Delilah Palmer has always maintained control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth that's just below the surface. Using a façade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood, she's made a good life for herself. Becoming a successful lawyer, she is finally free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks open the cracks.

Nathan Thorne has a haunted past of his own. On the surface, he is personable, extroverted, and loved by everyone; everything Delilah isn't. However, hidden beneath his charming smile is a dark and tormented man that only Delilah has the power to unveil.

Forced into a small office together, they begin to see through each other's masks, and the magnetic attraction ignites an explosive relationship. Their firm, Holloway and Holloway Law, has a strict non-fraternization policy, forcing them to conceal their breach. But despite their efforts, separation becomes impossible, deceptions escalate, and Nathan begins to teeter on the edge of being overtaken by his past demons.

What dark secrets does Nathan harbor that stop him from giving in, and what is it that keeps him from healing and moving forward? And more importantly, where does Delilah fit into his turmoil? Will they be able to accept love and deal with all the trials that develop as their secrets are exposed, or will they fall through the cracks of their pasts and be consumed by all that haunts them?

An exciting new romance, Breach will hook readers from the very beginning. With smoldering romance and captivating erotica, this enthralling story is perfect for all. Using shrouded secrets of the past and a combustible relationship that borders on taboo, this thrilling novel ramps up the tension and romance at every turn.

Editorial Reviews

Goodreads - R.E. Hargrave
The journey is filled with passionate explosions of need that will leave you panting and squirming, yet with a breaking heart over their pain and suffering. Everything seems against these star-crossed lovers: their pasts, their almost non existent friendships, and above all, the rules of their employer. They shouldn't be more than friends, but Nathan and Delilah soon discover that brief moments of peace can be theirs if they give in.
Goodreads - Lori Economos
Call me crazy, but I love love love stories about broken and damaged characters with dysfunctional relationships. Breach is a love story filled with raw passion, very dark pasts, secrets, need, healing, and a WHOLE LOT OF DIRTY TALK and WICKED HOT SEX . You may want to keep a fan, bucket of ice, or whatever you need to keep the temperature down handy. It's dark, sexy, intense, captivating and simply wonderful .

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K.I. Lynn
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Breach , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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K.I. Lynn spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn't until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about.

Since she began posting stories online, she's garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination...or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain... Usually it's cheese.

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Breach 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
ysar More than 1 year ago
Delilah is a closed off lawyer who avoids the courtroom as surely as she avoids her memories of a dark childhood. She’s no good at relationships, in part because her confidence and self-image was shattered during her formative years. So when she can’t deny her attraction to her new office mate, she raises her walls and tries to ward him off with sharp words. Nathan is not without his own dark past. As charming and flirty as he comes off with his many admirers, there’s something underneath that isn’t so pretty. His dominant take on sex seems to be what Delilah needs, even if they’re both fighting that realization, & no little non-fraternization policy at the office is going to keep them away from each other. Unfortunately, the book started to lose me in the first few chapters, specifically during the first sex scene. While the prude in me thought it was a little early for wall sex, I just figured it was a catalyst for something that would pull me in sooner or later, so I kept reading. And then Nathan opened his mouth. I don’t think it was the dirty talk that ruined it for me. It was simply how far it went before I felt like I knew the characters enough to understand its necessity. I recently read a book where the characters had a a lust-hate relationship going from the start. They quickly jumped into sex, didn’t keep the dialog clean or even respectful, & yet had me hooked immediately. When I think about it, it’s because the authors gave me enough insight into their personalities and situation to convince me before it happened that things were going to be messy, rough, & a bit angry. Not only was I fine with it, but I looked forward to it. Breach didn’t do that for me. I felt I knew so little of Nathan in the moments before he called Delilah a whore (in the heat of angry sex, that is) that she should have at least slapped him. I’m sure his words were meant to illustrate his dominance/darkness and her wanton need (and probably hint at some of those issues from her childhood), but for me, it just killed the moment. I really didn’t know her well enough to comprehend why she responded to it the way she did. I kept reading, but the more they hooked up, the more I didn’t like either character. Once I realized I wasn’t going to get behind either one of them, it was time to move on to another book. The other issue I had was the editing. It wasn’t awful; in fact, it was spot on most of the time. But then the missing commas began to add up, & I found myself noticing little mistakes just enough to distract me from the story. That, & a glaring bit of confusion between a common noun and a proper name that offended me on a personal level kind of did me in. A glaring difference between fanfic and original fic is the depth with which the characters must be introduced. Even when fanfic characters are written out of character (compared to the originals), readers go in with a sense of already knowing them. Traits can be mentioned, & personalities can be illustrated, but since we’re reading about characters we already love (or hate), full introductions are rarely necessary. Not so with original fic, & that’s where this book failed to resonate with me. Since I never read this one in its fanfic form, I went in not knowing what to expect, & I didn’t get enough insight to reel me in by the time things got heavy. I’m not surprised to see so many glowing reviews from fanfic readers — after all, if they loved
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dislike: $3.99 for 155 pages (total, I don't know the actual reading length). While I knew it ended in a cliff hanger, I bought it thinking it would be fairly long. I find cliffhanger books under 200 pages very frustrating - take the time to complete the story instead of just pushing out a 155 pages quickly. Like: overall it was a good book. Once I got past the length I did enjoy the storyline.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
This story is about two broken people that come together. Delilah is working in a law office and putting in a ton of hours because they are short-handed. She is alive but not really living. She is insecure and anti-social because of her upbringing. Then they hire Nathan to work in her tiny office with her. He is drop dead gorgeous but also anti-social. However all the woman in the office flock to him which annoys Delilah to no end but Nathan doesn’t accept any of their offers. Lila (Delilah) knows that Nathan is hiding but doesn’t know from what. They start bantering back and forth and appear to hate each other but there is also sexual tension. One night they are working late and end up having hot wall sex. Lila thinks it was the best sex of her life while Nathan storms out and leaves her there. He doesn’t want to have a relationship with her but they cant stay away from each other. He has demons that he is trying to hide but is slowly letting Lila in. Their sex is very rough and he leaves bruises not because he is trying to hurt her just because he is so passionate. I don’t mind dirty talk but not sure I like the names he constantly calls her. They have been together for about four months when Nathan starts to pull away. He decides he cant continue with her and Lila doesn’t take it well. Will they be able to get past both of their demons and learn to love each other? We didn’t learn what is in Nathan’s past but hopefully they will be able to overcome it in the next book of this trilogy. Rating:4 Heat Level: Hot Reviewed by: Donna McClaugherty
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
Upon finishing, my initial reaction: Oh... my... god... there are no words. I mean, I just... I can't... holy whoa. Full review to come. My Thoughts: I had no idea when I picked this book up how intense it would be. The intensity of it was just so much, I was reeling by the end. If there was ever a time I had a book hangover, this would be it. It was powerful, and it stirred up all sorts of feelings in me, sometimes even bringing me to tears. That's how intense it was. Delilah and Nathan have tortured pasts, and it becomes something that draws them even closer. The insane attraction between them is dangerous since they're not allowed any sort of relationship due to company policy. But neither one can hold back, and they can't stop seeing each other no matter how hard they try. The passion between them is so hot, it leaps off the pages. The danger doesn't stop at the policy issue, though. There are things in Nathan's past that could ruin their relationship dramatically. Emotions run deep, deeper than they imagined possible or even wanted, which makes everything worse. Every time it seems they're getting closer, something pulls Nathan back just a little. Breach caught me by surprise and completely blew me away. I didn't even know what to think when I finished--my mind was so thrown about I couldn't form words for it. It was just so raw, so emotional, so heartbreaking... everything. I will say, though, that not everyone's going to like this book--there's a lot going on when it comes to the secrets and the cliffhanger might cause some book throwing. For me, that was what kept me there in the moment. I loved every minute of this roller coaster and you better believe I'm anxiously looking forward to reading the rest of the series by K.I. Lynn. My Rating: Exceptional
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* This book caught my attention for several reasons but mostly I was intrigued by the forbidden aspect of the relationship. It seemed like a great setting for this kind of mature story. I think that readers who enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy would really like Breach.  Personally, I would've liked less sex scenes and more of the story but I still thought the sex scenes were well written. Then again, there are 2 more books in this series so I suppose the plot will thicken in the next book and hopefully we will learn more about Nathan and Delilah as the series progresses.  Our main characters are both broken, each in their own way and due to different reasons. Their pasts still haunt them and they're somehow able to find solace in each other, at least temporarily. Of course their "relationship" is a roller coaster ride and as the reader, your heart just breaks for both of them at times. However, the author does a great job of adding a little humor here and there to lighten up the mood -my favorite being the appearances of the so-called Boob Squad. It was also fun when Nathan and Lila were in a "playful" mood.  I think Breach was a really nice start to a promising series. I can't wait to see how it ends!
FromTheSouth More than 1 year ago
(This review is based on ARC e-book received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.) A way over the top sexually explicit book with little to no plot. At 33% into the book, I found myself wishing it would just end. The hero, Jake, had mental issues due to some tragic events that were only hinted at. He was seriously perverted in how he acted/talked to Lila, the heroine, during their sex capades, which took up most of the book. Lila, who also had mental issues due to her abusive childhood, degraded herself time and time again by enjoying and even encouraging Jake’s demeaning behavior. In my view, abusive terms being used in place of endearments is just wrong and shouldn’t be in a romance book. Would not recommend this book unless you want an abusive erotic read with little to no plot.
KrisD9 More than 1 year ago
**received an ARC copy on Netgalley for an honest review** In the first book of the series, we follow Delilah as she meets her new colleague Nathan who is the apple of everyone’s eye. The moment that they meet, sparks collide and they begin an explosive relationship but when the ghosts of their pasts threaten what they are building, they will see if they have what it takes to make it last. The story has all the makings of a good, sexy forbidden romance because obviously there will be a ‘thou shall not have sex with someone else at the office’ rule. Deliliah is the goody-too-shoes who has been groomed her whole life to think that she is not good enough so when hot stuff Nathan not only finds her beautiful but chooses her above all the other women at the office, she falls fast. Nathan himself has his own problems. We slowly get to see the bipolar nature of his personality as the story goes on. At first you are thinking that he’s just a jerk off who is getting off on the fact that Delilah has low self-esteem, but once you find out what happened to him you see that there is more to his story. It’s those things that make the story so interesting and gives the series hope that it will be an epic series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Still reading, but if you like hard & dirty...this will blow you away! The story of Lilah & Nate and their tortured souls connecting through sex is heart wrenching. I am excited to see where this leads them. I think there are two more books in this 'series'. I will adjust the star rating if need be.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read all three books in the series that are out now. When I started the first book, I almost stopped reading after the first few chapters because it was all sex and not enough storyline for me. Well I'm glad I hung in there because I ended up liking it alot. I got into the characters and had to know what was going to happen with their relatioship. Oh my gosh, their is some serious dirty talk and dirty sex in this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for the reveal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has hardly any plot, 90 percent of it is sex scenes. Way over the top!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago