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Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love

4.4 5
by Kara Leigh Miller

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He's fighting to forget his past while she struggles to remember hers...

Doctor Josh Parker lives with guilt about his wife's death every day.

He believes himself incapable of ever loving again, but when a mysterious woman arrives in the Emergency Room, brutally beaten and left for dead, he starts to feel something he hasn't felt in far too long:


He's fighting to forget his past while she struggles to remember hers...

Doctor Josh Parker lives with guilt about his wife's death every day.

He believes himself incapable of ever loving again, but when a mysterious woman arrives in the Emergency Room, brutally beaten and left for dead, he starts to feel something he hasn't felt in far too long: hope.

Alessandra Matthews has no memory of the events that led to her being hospitalized. Worse, she has no idea who hurt her or why. Although she's uncertain of who she is, she is fully aware of one thing-she's falling for her doctor.

Sometimes, what you don't know can kill you...

As Josh and Alessa work to solve the mystery surrounding her past, she soon realizes just how much danger she's really in, but Josh refuses to let her face the darkness of her memories alone. With each of them struggling to put their pasts behind them, theirs is a DANGEROUS LOVE.

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Anaiah Press
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Dangerous Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
lsnlj More than 1 year ago
This is my first book from these authors so I was not sure what to expect. It is full of a quick moving romance, mystery, suspense, difficult situations and action. I enjoyed the characters and their dialogue, however there are a few curse words throughout this novel. Alessandra Matthews has no idea what landed her in the hospital, her memory loss is a huge battle for her. She wants to remember her past, at the same time is afraid what she may discover. When Doctor Josh Parker enters her life she wonders if he is to good to be true. Will her past destroy her future? Doctor Josh Parker is trying to forget his past, yet when Alessandra Matthews shows up in his ER he is drawn to her in ways he can't understand. While trying to protect her will he be able to guard his heart or open it up in ways he never thought possible. He has many decisions to make and a past to overcome, while trying to help Alessandra uncover her past. I was given a copy of this book from the authors for my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's so hard these days to find a well-written romance that is also a clean romance...but DANGEROUS LOVE gets it done. I loved the characters from the very beginning and truly felt for them in their tragic situations. It's so easy to root for them. The tension in this book is perfectly taut, well-paced, and satisfyingly concluded. Each chapter leads you to the next before you even realize that you'd reached a stopping point---you don't want to stop reading! Romance, mystery, and humor all combine to make this book a must-read for a happy heart and to put a smile on your face.
AnnE42 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book.  it was a really good combination of mystery and romance that I didn't want to put down after I had started it.  It is an intriguing story of woman brought into the ER after being beaten and left for dead and then suffers from amnesia and the ER physician that treats her and is drawn to her in a way he didn't expect to be and hopes that he can keep her safe.  The story certainly builds to a action filled climax that had me on the edge of my seat.  I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review, and it is one that I certainly recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A wonderful and fast paced read! An engaging story filled with angst, love, attraction, and thrills. It will have you quickly turning the pages until the very end. And Dr. Josh…*sigh* I was immediately drawn to him and rooting for his HEA. I am looking forward to what comes next for these authors!!
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a great read with danger, love, heartbreak, sorrow, suspense, thrills and even a few chills. Two authors come together to make a wonderful read that will touch you with one lady who was beat up to almost death and the doctor who saved her. This has a wonderful plot with fast pace action. One man who lost it all and a women who is about to are drawn together in an adventure to find her past before it comes back to killer her. Doctor Josh is a kind passionate man who lost the women he loved in a most painful way. He is a handsome doctor who lives one day to the next never taking a day off trying to outrun his past. He has given up on life just working long hours so he can fall asleep. He is a shell of a man until Alessa is brought in beaten almost to death. There is something about her that he can’t walk away. She gives his life meaning again and if he has his way she will never leave him again. Alessa remembers her name and nothing else. She doesn’t know who has almost killed her, she has no clue and no one to turn to. When she wakes up her handsome doctor is the first things she sees. She is pulled to him and doesn’t know why. He makes her feel safe, she wishes she could stay with him forever. The two are pulled together the attraction is strong and neither is willing to give that up as danger falls they are in a race against the clock to find out who she is and what she knows before they come to kill her again. I thought this story had a wonderful plot, the authors do a wonderful job keeping you interested. I thought it was a wonderful refreshing clean read with many wonderful characters. It was a story you could relate to and for the most part believable. I did have a hard time believing a hospital would let someone go who had no memory and no one without giving them in contact with someone to help them. I would have thought the Josh would have given the cops that he didn’t trust a name of a shelter that was open. She might have changed her mind and not went to it. What I truly loved about this story was the compassion everyone had for Alessa. The love, understanding that Josh has for her that he was willing to help her and ask nothing in return. His family took her right in and loved her as if she was one of their own. Josh has wonderful family and friends that stood beside him. The book is full of excitement, danger and unanswered questions. There are times your heartbreaks for both of them as they live one day at a time learning to depend on each other. I did find this book hard to put down and thought the authors did a wonderful job keeping me hooked as they twists and turned their way to find the clues of who she was and what she was running away from. I found the humor of the characters to be wonderful, I even found myself chuckling a time or two. I know a lot of people are going to find this an outstanding read.