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Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful Series #1)

Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful Series #1)

4.3 167
by Yvonne Woon

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On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Renée Winters was still an ordinary girl. She spent her summers at the beach, had the perfect best friend, and had just started dating the cutest guy at school. No one she had ever known had died. . . .

But all of that changes when she finds her parents dead in the redwood forest, in what appears to be a strange


On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Renée Winters was still an ordinary girl. She spent her summers at the beach, had the perfect best friend, and had just started dating the cutest guy at school. No one she had ever known had died. . . .

But all of that changes when she finds her parents dead in the redwood forest, in what appears to be a strange murder.

After the funeral, Renée’s wealthy grandfather sends her to Gottfried Academy, a remote boarding school in Maine, where she finds herself studying subjects like Philosophy, Latin, and the “Crude Sciences.”

It’s there that she meets Dante Berlin, a handsome and elusive boy to whom she feels inexplicably drawn. As they grow closer, strange things begin to happen, but Renée can’t stop herself from falling in love. It’s only when she discovers a dark tragedy in Gottfried’s past that she begins to wonder if the Academy and its students are everything they seem. Little does she know that Dante is the one hiding a dangerous secret, one that has him fearing for her life.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
For a girl who has just lost her parents, her home, and her friends, 16-year-old Renée Winters is an unusually analytical and composed narrator in this supernatural tale from first-time author Woon. A lifelong denizen of California public schools, Renée adjusts with effortless aplomb when her grandfather sends her to the private Gottfried Academy in northernmost Maine, where she joins the most exclusive clique and starts dating the most handsome boy on campus. Renée does have one quirk she keeps secret, though--her knack for finding dead things, from the corpses of her parents ("The redwood forest covers more than three hundred square miles," Renée's grandfather tells her, "yet you were able to find them within half an hour") to a desiccated mouse under a library table. She's also noticed that her boyfriend Dante's skin is unusually cold, and why are so many of the senior students fluent in that dead language, Latin? It's a Harry Potter start and a Twilight finish for this competent but somewhat predictable tale, which is told in a style that is more efficient than evocative. Ages 12–up. (Sept.)
Children's Literature - Cara Chancellor
The day would have been perfect. It was Renee's sixteenth birthday, and she spent it at the beach with her best friend, Annie. Renee was not sure why she convinced Annie to drive home through a gloomy state forest, but when she saw her father's Jeep parked under the redwoods, she did know something was wrong. Then she found the bodies. Both her parents are dead, seemingly from simultaneous heart attacks, surrounded by strewn coins, and with their mouths stuffed with gauze. Renee keeps trying not to think about how unnaturally old they looked, nor how she found their bodies within minutes, as though she was drawn straight to them. When her estranged grandfather arrives as her new guardian and immediately transfers her to a remote school in Maine, Renee is torn between heartbreak and relief to be leaving behind so many memories. As she quickly learns, however, Gottfried Academy offers its own share of mystery, danger, and maybe even love, in the form of darkly handsome Dante Berlin. When Renee uncovers a "Gottfried Curse" that sounds eerily similar to her parents' deaths, she realizes that she will have to dig deeper into her family history if she wants answers...or to stay alive. Woon plays with a now-familiar love story between the living and undead in this book, but it receives fresh treatment at the hands of a fictional seventh meditation from philosopher Rene Descartes. Instead of rotting corpses, "zombies" here are children who died before age twenty-one and failed to be buried, each of whom now is in search of his/her reborn soul. On this premise, Woon creates a series of haunting images, a deliciously dark school, and a captivating story that will be embraced enthusiastically by fans of this genre. Reviewer: Cara Chancellor
VOYA - Stacey Hayman
Renee turned sixteen the same day she found both of her parents dead in the Redwood Forest. The official report listed heart attack as cause of death but no one could explain the coins scattered around their bodies or the gauze that had been pushed into their mouths. Now, her estranged grandfather has arranged for Renee to attend Gottfried Academy, the traditional family boarding school, for her safety. Starting her sophomore year on the east coast in a place where they don't allow electric lighting, and have scheduled her for archaic classes like Latin and horticulture, is challenging—but nothing is as hard as trying to figure out who to trust in a place so full of secrets. When Renee meets reclusive Dante, and he appears interested, it may be her heart that is in the most danger. Dead Beautiful is difficult to read. Ideas and characters are introduced and then abandoned, leaving readers to wonder what's actually important to the story. Characters are not developed past the point of stereotypes and the mysterious secrets develop so slowly, they lack any punch of surprise once revealed. If the focus had remained on the intricacies of soulless children searching for a second chance at life, and the potentially horrible acts that opportunity might require of them, or if the tormented, impossible love of Dante and Renee had been more fully developed, this would have been a stronger novel. The open ending implies there will be more to follow. Reviewer: Stacey Hayman
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up—A Twilight-esque plot is rehashed in this romantic horror story (Hyperion, 2010) by Yvonne Woon. Renee Winters, 16, is sent to the Gottfried Academy in a remote corner of Maine after the brutal murder of her parents. She's drawn to and puzzled by Dante Berlin, the school loner. He never eats or sleeps, is cold to the touch, and seems to be hiding something. Within weeks, Renee has recovered from the loss of her parents and is falling in love with Dante. As the school year progresses, Renee and Dante begin to investigate the "Gottfried curse"—the mysterious deaths and disappearances of classmates. Renee is slow to pick up on the fact that Dante is actually one of the undead, having lost his soul after an airplane accident that left him unburied. Caitlin Davies completely voices the women, but fails to authentically portray the males. Her voicing of Dante sounds like a parody of the husky male hero. The characters and language of this story aren't interesting enough to sustain the very lengthy narration, and listeners will become impatient for the end. Instead, suggest Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2010; Simon & Schuster Audio, 2010) to those clamoring for romantic horror.—Tricia Melgaard, Centennial Middle School, Broken Arrow, OK
Kirkus Reviews

Anyone who reads knows that vampires are in. But this hefty novel takes a new and unconventional look at the undead, focusing on story and interesting characters and leaving gore and mayhem hidden in the background. Renée Winters is a sunny California teenager who has a rude awakening when both her parents die mysteriously in the woods. Suddenly in the care of a grandfather she doesn't know, she's forced to leave her friends, her school and everything she knows behind. Sent to an exclusive and very private academy in a desolate part of Maine, she makes new friends, discovers new abilities and cannot help but be drawn to a handsome and enigmatic loner, Dante. Feeling as Alice must have when she fell down the rabbit hole, Renée keeps trying to find answers to questions she's not even sure are real, struggling to reconcile past and present if she is to have any hope of a future. Well written, intriguing and, above all, different, this story ends with much to explore in what one hopes will be swiftly forthcoming sequels.(Paranormal romance. 12 & up)

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Disney Press
Publication date:
Dead Beautiful Series , #1
Product dimensions:
8.80(w) x 11.30(h) x 1.41(d)
HL730L (what's this?)
Age Range:
12 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

YVONNE WOON grew up in Massachusetts, where she attended Worcester Academy. She is currently a graduate student at Columbia University, obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction. Dead Beautiful is her first book.

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Dead Beautiful 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 167 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absloutly adore this book. Yvonne woon develops the characters so well i feel as if i am in the book with them. I love the suspense and how she makes every page a new surprise. I highly reccomend this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I walked into the library one day and this was the first book i saw. I thought it looked interesting and desided i would give it a try... then i read it in about two days and couldnt put it down! It was so descriptive and well written that itwas hard to believe that everything in this novel wasnt real. I have no idea how yvonne woon came up with this! It was a verry creative book unlike anything i haveread before (nothing like twilight at all. Dont listen to the other reviews) that left me wanting more. I really hope that there is a second book coming out soon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book and ive even reread it. Why do ppl always say it's a repeat of twilight if there isnt anything from twilight to relate it to? It doesnt have vampires No werewolves No love triangles No emo people ECT It has no real connection in anyway to twilight. I really hate it when ppl say "It's like reading twiliht again!" Some ohe books have comments like that then i see that they were made BEFORE twilight was even made! Its craazzzyy. Sorry for ranting and rambling like a hater. Cuz im not. Im just trying to make people stop saying that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I just finished it yesterday. It took me only two days to read it was so good! It was super fantastically amazingly great! I really suggest that you buy it right now! C:
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recommend this to everyone. It was so much more different then those sappy teen paranormal romance novels. It went into dark gothic literature, Latin and whole bunch more. Awesome. Just AWESOME!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the best book i have read other than the hunger games!!! It is awesome! I luv the romance and just the whole story! If you dont like this book you better go to a docter and get your brain checked and make sure you did not hit it hard onsomething recently! Read it!!! Amazing! :) ************************************ i would give it that many stars if i could!
rmn125 More than 1 year ago
The joys of working in a bookstore mean that I get to read some books before others!!! A co-worker suggested I read this and it only took me 3 days! If you liked Twilight (even just a little bit) you'll really enjoy this! It seems like it was what the Twilight series was meant to be and was written by someone with talent! An excellent start for this new writer. Though the ending does stop A LOT sooner than you would ever want it to, it is definitely worth the read. Once you start, you will be completely enthralled in the story and the characters and when you are finished you will be aching for more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book!!!!!!!!
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Dead Beautiful - Dead Beautiful Series Book 1 Author: Yvonne Woon Published: 9-21-2010 Publisher: Disney Book Group / Disney-Hyperion Pages: 465 Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy Sub Genre: Horror; Teen & Young Adult; Scary Stories ISBN: 9781423119562 ASIN: B004774J9A Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars . Up until her sixteenth birthday was just like every other teenage girl. Going to the beach, spending time with her friends ad dating the cutest guy in school. Then her world is blown apart. Drawn into Redwood Forest she finds both her parents dead from apparent heart attacks. The strange thing is the gauze in their mouths and coins scattered around the bodies. Directly after the funeral she is placed into the care of her estranged grandfather who immediately ships her off to the Gothic styled Gottfried Academy in Northern Maine. A place where the curriculum includes Philosophy, Latin and the "Crude Sciences". She meets the handsome fellow student Dante Berlin. As the attraction between the two grows, so does the strange happenings at the Academy. Students are dying, then 10 days later they are reanimated. As she & Dante investigate, Renee realizes Dante is keeping secrets of his own. Looking for answers she keeps digging until she finds the answers she is looking for. Even Dante is unsure he can keep her safe. What is Dante hiding? What really happened to Renee's parents? Who is killing the students and why? Yvonne Woon has written a tale of intrigue and suspense, with elements to appeal to the teen and young adult reader. With comparisons to Myers Twilight series (I was thinking more of Cast's House of Night series when it comes to the Academy environment). This was a surprisingly interesting read with characters that are well rounded and complete individuals. The plot has a few slow spots, but on the whole flows quickly and smoothly from scene to scene without the abrupt stop and go of some fantasy novels. Do not be surprised if you are pulled into the story quickly. Woon's descriptive prose draws a mental picture for the reader and you will be able to imagine the scenes you are reading. My rating is 4 out of 5 stars. \
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love it. How she has a talent of finding the dead and now for the next book she will be dead.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Renee has a normal life just like any other teen. She has the eye of the guy she likes on her and they are just beginning to talk. She has great friends and a loving family. On her sixteenth birthday that all changes. She finds her parents dead in a forest. They say they both had heart attacks but she notice strange things about their bodies. Now she is moving in with her estranged grandfather and about to start a new school. At Gottfried Academy she sees this school is a little different than others. She makes some friends and even manages to catch the eye of Dante. As they begin a somewhat friendship she notice more and more strange stuff at the school and more about things about her self. This isn't a normal school and as she is about to find out she isn't normal her self. Every secret she learns just opens up more questions. Dante isn't everything he seems as well but as they fall in love she won't give him up. I really enjoyed this tory as it is dark and mysterious. The academy and her grandfather's place seem gloomy to me. Renee does good adjusting to the changes in her life. She and Dante grow close even when he tries to keep his distance. He is always cold and is part of a different group than she is. He always seems to know what she is thinking. He seems sweet and he tries his best to protect her and while he does keep secrets from her he has to. Renee isn't one to let things go and keeps digging till she gets the answers she needs. The book has a lot going on with surprises and turns. I love Renee and Dante together as well as getting to know others in this book. The ending I didn't see coming. If you want a darker YA paranormal that is a joy to read try this one.
ABookVacation More than 1 year ago
Talk about a swift kick in the gut, Woon leaves readers frantic at the end of her engaging novel, Dead Beautiful. Although carrying many similarities to both Harry Potter and Twilight, Woon makes her novel stand on its own with her creation of the undead in a manner unlike any I’ve read about before. Steeped in mythology and lore, the novel really comes to life as Renee learns of her heritage and figures out just what exactly is wandering the halls of her prestigious boarding school, and though it certainly isn’t any secret to readers, as Renee begins to slowly figure it out, the novel sinks its hooks into the reader. Yes, there were instances where I shook my head due to a lack of originality, points where the text was so eerily similar to others I’ve already mentioned that I was wary, but as the novel unfolds, if you stick with it, it becomes a beautiful, enticing story that will captivate readers to the very end–to the point where s/he’ll drop the books and demand the second book straight away. At least, that’s what happened with me, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Along the way, I fell in love with the characters, and though I thought Renee was a little slow on the uptake, I did absolutely adore Dante, and the final revelations floored me; I immediately googled the series to make sure the second book was available, and thankfully, both books two and three are out. Seriously, that ending. Wow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review. Renée Winters is a fantastic character. She is a normal teenager, full of angst and insecurity. I liked this character a lot; she deals with a terrible tragedy that has her moving from her friends and everything she knows, to a private school full of secrets and mystery. There she meets Dante, who has his own secrets. Will she be able to discover the mystery surrounding the school, or will fate clash with her destiny? I started to read this book and was quickly drawn into it. However, the further I got into the story, the more I was reminded of another YA book I had read previously. The story was somewhat similar, although there were differences too. I will not name the book, because it wouldn't be fair to both these authors. I am not suggesting there was any impropriety by either of these authors. It was just that the story arcs were very similar and, although the characters and plot were slightly different, reading this story gave me a sense of déjà vu. This story may seem morbid to a few readers, as it deals with death, but I was intrigued with the use of the dead language Latin (the language of the dead, as the author describes it in her book) and the concept of being undead (a type of sentient zombie). However, this book is also about life. The author has taken the concept of soul mates and given it a tweak with a huge twist!  The story is told from Renée's point of view, but there is a chapter at the end with a switch to Dante's point of view, which actually had me in tears. There are several characters in this book, and they are all very lifelike. Renée's grandfather is quite a daunting character, and seems to be a strict disciplinarian (thankfully, not physically). He actually scared me! Dante is mysterious and secretive, but when I found out his secret and how he is tied to Renée, I was very surprised and slightly shocked. The suspense and mystery surrounding the school, and Renée's ability of being drawn to dead things (people and animals) kept me hooked and, although this book is 512 pages long, it still felt too short! There are several twists and turns that kept me guessing! The ending made me feel happy and sad at the same time; I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series as soon as I can. Yvonne Woon has written a dark, mysterious and suspenseful young adult novel that is compelling and thought provoking. I loved her writing style, which although not as fast paced as some of the other authors I have read, is very descriptive and flowed wonderfully.  Due to the dark subject of death, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I recommend this book to teenagers aged 15+ or to those adults who love to read the YA genre. - Lynn Worton
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
I would like to thank both NetGalley and Hyperion for granting me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Though I received the e-book for free that in no way influences this review. On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Renee Winters was still an ordinary girl. She spent her summers at the beach, had the perfect best friend, and had just started dating the cutest guy at school. No one she'd ever known had died. But all that changes when she finds her parents dead in the Redwood Forest, in what appears to be a strange double murder. After the funeral Renee’s wealthy grandfather sends her to Gottfried Academy, a remote and mysterious boarding school in Maine, where she finds herself studying subjects like Philosophy, Latin, and the “Crude Sciences.” It’s there that she meets Dante Berlin, a handsome and elusive boy to whom she feels inexplicably drawn. As they grow closer, unexplainable things begin to happen, but Renee can’t stop herself from falling in love. It’s only when she discovers a dark tragedy in Gottfried’s past that she begins to wonder if the Academy is everything it seems. Little does she know, Dante is the one hiding a dangerous secret, one that has him fearing for her life. Dead Beautiful is both a compelling romance and thought-provoking read, bringing shocking new meaning to life, death, love, and the nature of the soul. Renee Winters is your typical California teenage girl; she and her best friend Annie share all their secrets, discuss all the important details of their lives with each other, endlessly analyzing comments or looks from certain boys, what clothes to wear, etc. She loves her parents, who are both teachers. All her life they have taught Renee to be more comfortable outdoors than in, and prefer having a house that they can 'live in' rather than a place where one must always worrying about breaking anything, dressing comfortably rather than fashionably - all lessons that Renee has learned well. And life is good, almost too good in the world of teenage girls where life is usually one giant emotional roller coaster. Her life changes in the blink of an eye - she discovers not one, but both, of her parents dead. Though the coroner eventually declares they each died of a heart attack, Renee simply refuses to believe that. Especially when she recalls the way she found them, some she doesn't have to try very hard to do, as she can't get the image out of her head. She discovers a grandfather she has never met, is 'relocated' to his palatial estate, conveniently far from everything & everyone she knows and loves. And most surprising of all, she begins to learn all kinds of things about her own parents, especially about her mom, things that she never knew. Things she never even had an inkling of. Things like her father being obscenely wealthy. What I Like About This Book: Renee is a decent girl, and a well crafted character. Even after her entire world is flipped in end, she still finds the strength to keep going. And when things start getting strange she doesn't run scream but dives headlong into trying to solve the mysteries that surround her. She sticks by her new friends and does her best to support them, and protect them. The mysteries are well developed and not transparent, with small hints and clues being dropped throughout the arc of the story, keeping the characters and reader on the same page as it were. And then there is her romance with Dante. It is sweet, full of chivalry, longing, and more of those unending mysteries. And of course the culmination of her relationship with Dante is unbearably sweet and tender, and a perfect fit for a girl her age. What I Didn't Like About This Book: Oddly many of the things I liked also frustrated me. The relationship with Dante started out feeling so "Twilight-ish" I almost wanted to scream. The new girl who doesn't think she's anything special attracts the campus hottie who is a total mystery to all? So over that. And the mysteries - once Renee figured a few things out everything else should have just neatly dropped into place for her as it did for the readers, but she seemed determined to remain in the dark about some crucial things for as long as possible. Finally, as much as I enjoyed the ending it also left me totally confused, as certain things took place that kind of seemed they shouldn't have been possible. My Overall Impression: If you are looking for a sweet romance, some creepy events, a few murders, and a whole lot of mystery, then this is the book for you. It is an enjoyable read, just be prepared to suspend your disbelief more than you normally would. Though the ending left me somewhat confused, it also left more than enough room for a sequel if Ms. Woon elects to do so.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was beautiful in its own way. It was good book anf many readerd who enoy some paranormal activity and romance, then this book is book for you!
Thoughts_and_Pens More than 1 year ago
Slow but it's quite engaging. This review first appeared on my blog at Thoughts and Pens. Okay, you may want to scoff at me if I tell you that I only picked up Dead Beautiful from NG because it was free and I’ve seen it on almost every bloggers’ STS posts. Hahahaha.  And I don’t even know what it’s all about since the synopsis is really vague.  So you can say that I went into it blindly and without any expectations.  And after reading it, I have to CONGRATULATE myself big time because I’ve just read my first zombie book. Bwahahahaha. So what can I say about my experience with Dead Beautiful? Well, I can’t deny that it was really slow. Half of the book was dedicated to giving us an elaborate walkthrough of Renee’s life before going to Maine and after she got enrolled in Gottfried Academy. And there’s also a very detailed narration of her day to day life as a new student of the school. However, I was surprised that the story managed to engage me until the end.  I love Renee’s voice. I love how she told the whole story that never for once I lost my patience reading Dead Beautiful. I even found myself enjoying attending their strange lessons. Aside from Renee, the other characters are also adorable and they managed to absorb my attention all throughout the story. The only thing that infuriated me was that Renee sometimes loses herself when she’s obsessing over Dante.  But still, she’s generally a likable person most of the time. I must tell you though that the greatest asset of Dead Beautiful was its plot. As I’ve mentioned, I never had an idea that it’s a zombie book and I only got an inkling after reading 60-75% of story.  The mystery was gradually revealed building tension as the story advanced. And when everything has unfolded, I was creeped out and at the same time, sad… sad for Renee and Dante.  The romance was also nicely crafted and never became overbearing. But I have a suspicion that it’s going to be the major plot driver for books 2 and 3. Though the mysterious events mostly occurred in Gottfried Academy, I think it’s the perfect setting for the story to unfold. It’s just like Harry Potter where the most exciting things happen inside the school. Though I enjoyed Dead Beautiful a lot, I have two regrets about it. One is that, it doesn’t have a lot of gore. Hahaha. I mean, it’s a zombie book, right?  Things should be extremely bloody and gross.  And second, there aren’t a lot of action scenes to make me pant.  Am I right to assume that zombie books should have a lot of adrenaline pumping scenes? Overall, despite my unfulfilled assumptions for Dead Beautiful, it was undeniably an engaging read. It was creepy, mysterious and heartbreaking. As my first zombie book,  Dead Beautiful manage to deliver and made me decide to start picking up a lot of zombie stories in the near future. And it’s one series I would certainly follow until the last instalment. I hope books 2 and 3 will be able to maintain the goodness of Dead Beautiful or exceed expectations. What about you?  What was your first zombie read? ***I received a free e-copy of this book from Disney-Hypersion via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you***
Crytal More than 1 year ago
I was given a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley, in return for an honest review. This book held my interest all the way to the end. Too bad the end wasn't really an ending. I don't mind reading books that are part of a series, but I'm a firm believer that each of the books needs to wrap up its own story. Dead Beautifu just ended. I liked the characters, felt like we got to know each of them the right amount. They weren't too vague, nor too deep. And hopefully they'll delve just a bit deeper in the next book. Overall, it was "ok +" or 3.5 stars. It was nice to read a teen paranormal that didn't have to do with vampires, zombies or angels. i'd recommend it to anyone who just needed a bit of filler or fluff.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
After finding her parents dead in the Redwood Forest, sixteen year old Renee is sent to Gottfried Academy by her cold and distant grandfather. Gottfried is an elite private boarding school with a rather unique and unusual curriculum and there is something just “off” about the place, from its students to its faculty. Enter Dante, dark and mysterious, and like a moth to a flame, Renee finds herself drawn to him, in spite of his evasiveness about himself, they seem inexplicably destined to be with each other. Meanwhile Renee is discovering that Gottfried holds dark secrets within its walls, students are disappearing, some dying and the public cause of death feels far too wrong. Will the truth prove too much for Renee? Will her budding romance with Dante be threatened? How is her family connected to Gottfried’s history? Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon is truly an amazing young adult paranormal read filled with a dark sense of foreboding, a secluded setting and a uniquely detailed set of supporting characters that each seem to hold their own secrets. Some are dangerous, some seem completely harmless, but are they? Renee is strong, determined and resourceful, a little overly daring, but a wonderful reprieve form the angst-filled teens so often portrayed. Dante is the mysterious bad boy who isn’t really “bad,” and his protective nature around Renee just screams romantic in a dreamy way! Ms. Woon has carefully concealed the mystery throughout, there is no obvious ending early on, no clear and direct path to the story’s resolution, but an incredibly detailed and inviting trail to follow that forces the reader to become completely immersed in her world! If you’ve ever wondered about destiny, love, life or life after “death,” you need to read this thought-provoking and engaging tale! As the foundation for the Dead Beautiful Series, it promises even greater things to come! I received this copy from Disney-Hyperion in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I work in a middle school library and this book caught my eye. I read it in one day, and yes, the similarities to "Twilight" are heavy, from sitting next to each other in science class, to touching his cold hand to discovering what he is by reading a book. No vampires, or werewolves but did have what you would call "paranormal". It makes me somewhat sad that people cannot come up with thier own unique ideas. Still, it kept my interest, and was "swoon" worthy enough that I feel okay recommending it to kids to read. I also ordered the second one in the series, just as I am curious enough and I know middle school girls will eat this up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dead Beautiful is a suspenseful story that keeps you guessing throughout the whole book. I think it is a good read for people who like supernatural creatures. It is a bit like Twilight, but I think the romance is more realistic. I think Renee is more outgoing and resourcefull than most female romance leads. So if you were thinking about reading Dead Beautiful, I would strongly agree with you. I can't contain my excitement after finishing it, and I am looking forward to reading Life Eternal, and Love Reborn in 2014.
KikiD870 More than 1 year ago
Dead Beautiful is the first of a new series by the same name, a YA novel that centers around the undead.  Not zombies, not vampires, but the Undead.  Having had my fill of vampires for the moment and wondering what being Undead entailed, I was interested! Renee has lost both of her parents in a mysterious death and is shipped off to live with her grandfather, a man who seems cold and elusive and someone she doesn't even really know.  He ships her off to a very Gothic and exclusive, and mysterious, private boarding school... Gottfried Academy.  This is where Renee meets Dante and the attraction and the mystery and the intrigue begins. Dante was a great character, but I didn't initially get that Book Boyfriend feel for him, that I wished real guys were like him.  Over the course of the story, though, he grew on me.  For the most part, I enjoyed Renee, although there were times where she came off as so rude and so obnoxious that it was hard to care about her.   I loved the story and its premise, but there were aspects to it that seemed very "YA paranormal romance" cliché to me which kept me from giving it a full 4 mugs.  It got a little too simpering and sappy for me at points.  There was definitely a bit of the Twilight goes to Hogwarts feel to it.  Although I am a Potterhead, it is a whole different beast when in the context of Harry Potter.  Despite these things, I enjoyed the story enough that I want to read the next in the series, Life Eternal. Things to love about Dead Beautiful...    --The Undead versus Zombies.  I have a questionable relationship with zombie fiction... some I love, some I hate, some just creeps me out.  While there are definite zombie aspects to this, it is clearly pointed out that the Undead are not zombies.   Things I wanted more of...    --Well-rounded, likable characters.  I wanted Dante to be a bit warmer (ironic, I know) and Renee to be a little more compassionate. My recommendation:  A good read, but one that I hope is improved upon in the next book,  My rating:  3.5 mugs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago