Justice League - Season 2
  • Justice League - Season 2
  • Justice League - Season 2

Justice League - Season 2

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Justice League's sophomore season boasts even more splendid animation, compelling stories, and iconic characters who reveal heretofore unexplored aspects of their personalities, whether it's a vengeful Superman who is loath to help his nemesis Darkseid or a developing romance between Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. Heroes need villains, Lex Luthor tells Superman in "A Better World," and Season 2 offers a stellar gallery of villains both old (Brainiac, the Joker, Vandal Savage, Gorilla Grodd) and new (Doctor Destiny, Despero). Another of this season's most memorable episodes is the two-part "Hereafter" (located on Disc 4, not Disc 3 as the box erroneously states), in which the Man of Steel is seemingly vanquished and a grieving League faces life post-Superman. The holiday-themed stand-alone episode "Comfort and Joy," an Annie nominee for Outstanding Writing, finds the League off on various holiday activities: Green Lantern shows Hawkgirl how to make snow angels; the Flash zooms across the planet in search of a sold-out toy for the kids at an orphanage; and Superman takes J'onn home for a Kent family Christmas. The season culminates in the three-part "Starcrossed" (also available separately on DVD), in which an unwitting betrayal will compel one Leaguer to resign, leading to a "rebuilding" of the League and the series, to be renamed Justice League Unlimited in Season 3. DC diehards will savor the illuminating commentaries for the finales of "Twilight," "A Better World," and "Starcrossed," which are anchored by producer Bruce Timm. Also welcome is a behind-the-scenes featurette. For devoted fans, this four-DVD set does full justice to the animated series that is in a league of its own.

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Special Features

Twenty-six episodes on four discs; commentary by creators on four episodes; and Justice League Declassified, a featurette in which Phil Lamarr (the voice of Green Lantern) takes viewers behind the scenes with the show's creative team.

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